Middle Templars Briefing – Mad Cow Sisters – Eve of 9/11 – Matrix 5 Plan – Overthrowing the US Government – Pedophile U.N. Officials – New York

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August 12, 2011

Middle Templar Mad Cows, United Nations pedophiles on the eve of 911

Abel Danger believes that Middle Templars briefed Crown Agents’ Mad Cow Sisters – Hillary Clinton, Heather Mills and Sarah Ferguson – on the eve of 911 on a Matrix 5 plan to overthrow the United States government with pedophile U.N. officials in New York.

A Master of the Middle Templar Bench with his Mad Cow homophobic Mistress of the Revels

In 1602, with Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night and, a few years later, with a co-authored Pericles, the Middle Templars began commissioning Matrix 5 playing companies – later snuff-film production companies – to organize pedophile-based man-in-the-middle propaganda attacks which have allowed client Livery Companies to eliminate interlopers and control global supply chains for some 400 years; cf. alleged Templar contract hits of ‘Honest Abe’ Lincoln in 1865 and JFK in 1963.

Mad Cows – need we say more?

Mad Cow takes a bribe

Mad Cow shaking her leg

Mad Cow Skyhacker

Mad Cow’s Little Red homing-beacon doll which was on the 101st floor of WTC# 1

A Mad Cow pedophile entrapment and extortion victim

United Nations’ genocidal designer of Mad Cow Mau Mau pedophile oath ceremonies since 1950

Mad Cow pedophile entrapment and extortion victim with examples of Middle Templar FC-Ku crime scenes where IMDb snuff-film production-company members are presumed guilty by virtue of spoliation of evidence

Some clues to follow; buried in some chaff for some OODA loops somewhere

PKI = Public Key Infrastructure

Matrix 5 communities = Banker + Anglophone + Francophone + Lesbian + Pedophile

Rebekah Skyhack September 11 2001

Rebekah Skyhack 9 3 2007

Rebekah Skyhack 17 1 2007

Rebekah Skyhack 21 10 2008


Mad Cow Associates – Julian Assange’s FC-KU Hackers – Matrix 5 PKI – Middle Templar Snuff Films and/or Bomb-For-Debt Swaps – Olympic Member States


New Captain Sherlock eBook


Abel Danger Mischief Makers – Mistress of the Revels – ‘Man-In-The-Middle’ Attacks

“[CSI and Spoliation inference suggest that Middle Templars had ordered Mad Cow Hillary Clinton – a patent lawyer – to reconfigure patented Onion Router public key infrastructure to allow her Mad Cow colleagues, including Sarah Ferguson and Heather Mills, to transfer U.S. government authority from Congress to Matrix 5 pedophile officials at the United Nations] NEW YORK, Sept. 10 /PRNewswire/ — On Monday, September 10, 2001, Redbook in conjunction with Chevy TrailBlazer will present its fourth annual Mothers & Shakers awards at Avery Fisher Hall. This year’s 12 honorees including Hillary Rodham Clinton, Christy Turlington, Sarah Ferguson, Marlo Thomas, Heather Mills and Lilly Tartikoff, have made extraordinary contributions to health .. This year’s Mothers & Shakers recipients include: Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton — During the first year of her husband’s presidency Hillary Clinton succeeded in focusing national attention on one of the most pressing questions of our time: How do we guarantee adequate medical care for everyone? Now the junior senator from New York State has continued the battle for equal access to medical care. Her legislative initiatives include bills which would make more uninsured children eligible for Medicaid, give patients the right to sue their HMOs, and extend Medicare coverage to prescription drug .. Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York — Sarah Ferguson modeled her U.S. foundation for kids in desperate situations, Chances For Children, on her charity in England, Children in Crisis, which she founded when she witnessed huge numbers of children in Poland who were dying of environmentally-caused cancers. Chances For Children has helped homeless kids as well as the victims of the [Mad Cow] bombing in Oklahoma City where it built a sheltered backyard play area for a little boy so badly burned he couldn’t be out in the sun. Children in Crisis has arranged to have thousands of tents delivered to refugees in Kosovo and has built schools in Sierra Leone for the orphans of parents who’ve died of AIDS. .. Heather Mills — Mills, a former model in London, was being fitted for a new leg after her leg had been amputated as a result of a motorcycle accident when she discovered that old prosthetics were simply being discarded. That prompted her to set up the Heather Mills Trust to provide prostheses, often recycled, for landmine victims around the world. Today, with the help of her fiance, Sir Paul McCartney, Mills is a spokesperson for Adopt-A-Minefield, the nonprofit organization that clears landmines and raises awareness about the global landmine crisis.”

“[CSI and Spoliation inference suggest that Middle Templars had ordered Mad Cow Hillary Clinton – a patent lawyer – to reconfigure patented Onion Router public key infrastructure to secretly transfer authorities from Congress to the United Nations pedophiles during a phony continuity of government exercise beginning 3 pm Monday, the eve of 911] The Special Routing Arrangement Service (SRAS), which is run by the National Communications System (NCS), is turned on for “exercise mode,” meaning it is ready to be utilized the following day in response to the terrorist attacks. [9/11 Commission, 3/16/2004 pdf file] The NCS, which is part of the Department of Defense, is a relatively small agency established by President John F. Kennedy in 1963, and which is intended to ensure the uninterrupted availability of critical communications networks during times of national crisis. It is mandated to insure that critical telephony and data continue to flow, even when the US is under attack. [Verton, 2003, pp. 136; Clarke, 2004, pp. 20; National Communications System, 10/21/2007] System Is ‘Miraculously’ Ready to Function on September 11 – Brenton Greene, the director of the NCS, will tell the 9/11 Commission that “[o]n the 10th of September, miraculously, the SRAS. system was turned on for exercise mode, and thus it was ready to function on September 11.” A summary of Greene’s interview with the Commission will indicate that the SRAS is related to the highly secret Continuity of Government (COG) plan. [9/11 Commission, 3/16/2004 pdf file] This plan aims to ensure that the federal government will continue to function in the event of an attack on the US, and it will be activated for the first time on September 11 (see (Between 9:45 a.m. and 9:56 a.m.) September 11, 2001). [Atlantic Monthly, 3/2004; ABC News, 4/25/2004] The SRAS reportedly provides “a vehicle for continuity of operations by providing survivable communications linkages to federal and defense end users over the public network.” [Department of Homeland Security, 5/2007 pdf file] Whether the SRAS is turned on for “exercise mode” because the NCS or its National Coordinating Center (NCC) in Arlington, Virginia, are conducting or participating in a training exercise is unstated. SRAS Relates to Continuity of Government Program – Greene will tell the 9/11 Commission that one of the NCS’s three main programs relates to COG. “The main communications system of the country must be kept going or no one can communicate,” he will say. Therefore, “There is a separate network linking the National Coordinating Center and the major carriers and networks as a backup.” According to Greene, “In the situation where Continuity of Government is put into play, there is a communications system where no one can trace the site of the call on either end.” (Presumably this is a reference to the SRAS.) This backup communications network, according to Greene, will prove “its value as a separate link on 9/11, because it coordinated network use between Network Operations Centers while the network was saturated.” [9/11 Commission, 3/16/2004 pdf file] NCS Plays Important Role on 9/11 – Robert Kenny, the director of media relations for the Federal Communications Commission’s Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau, will later recall, “We found that [the NCS] program was very helpful during September 11.” [CNET News, 1/16/2009] The NCC will be activated that day in response to the attacks (see (8:48 a.m.) September 11, 2001) and will support subsequent recovery efforts. [9/11 Commission, 3/16/2004 pdf file] Earlier that morning, the CIA will actually be giving a briefing to the NCS about the international terrorist threat to the US’s telecommunications infrastructure (see 8:00 a.m.-9:03 a.m. September 11, 2001). [Verton, 2003, pp. 135-139]”

“[CSI and Spoliation inference suggest that Middle Templars had ordered Mad Cow Hillary Clinton – a patent lawyer – to reconfigure patented Onion Router public key infrastructure to secretly transfer authorities for the double agents in the CIA to switch from spying on foreign pedophile diplomats at the United Nations to spying on legitimate officials in the U.S. government prior to having them arresting for treason, putting them in front of a military tribunal to be convicted and executing them by firing squad cf. terror trials Anna Louise Strong, possible mother of genocidal pedophile Maurice Strong] The 47-storey WTC7 fell straight down, at almost free-fall speed, largely into its own footprint: all the hallmarks, the sceptics say, of a controlled demolition. Building 7 had some fascinating tenants. The main occupant was Salomon Brothers, the bank, but on floors nine and 10 was the secret service. On the three floors above that was the Securities and Exchange Commission. The New York Times reported that the building also housed a secret office operated by the CIA dedicated to spying on and recruiting foreign diplomats based at the United Nations. The station’s loss had “seriously disrupted” intelligence operations, it said. The CIA shared a floor with an office of the Defence Department and the Internal Revenue Service.”

“[CSI and Spoliation inference suggest that Middle Templars had ordered Mad Cow Hillary Clinton – a patent lawyer – to reconfigure patented Onion Router public key infrastructure to secretly transfer authorities for the OEM functions in WTC#7 to pedophile officials in United Nations] Before 9/11, New York City was scheduled to have a major terrorism training exercise on this day, in a large commercial warehouse on the Hudson River. Called Tripod, it was intended to test how well the city’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM) could administer treatment in the event of a biological-terrorism attack. More than 1,000 Police Academy cadets and Fire Department trainees were recruited to act the parts of terrified civilians afflicted with a range of medical conditions. Various individuals were invited to watch, including Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, the police and fire commissioners, and representatives of the FBI and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Presumably many have already arrived for the exercise when the 9/11 attacks occur (see 7:00 a.m. -9:03 a.m. September 11, 2001). Because Pier 92, where Tripod was due to take place, has been set up ready for the exercise, OEM staff are able to move there and quickly convert it into a large emergency operations center when their original command center (in WTC Building 7) is evacuated and later destroyed during 9/11. Thus, within 31 hours of the attacks, OEM has a functional facility able to manage the search and rescue effort, just four miles north-northwest of the WTC site. [New York Magazine, 10/15/2001; Jenkins and Edwards-Winslow, 9/2003, pp. 20; 9/11 Commission, 5/19/2004] Tripod is the follow-up to a previous training exercise in New York, called RED Ex (see May 11, 2001). [New York Sun, 12/20/2003] Due to the 9/11 attacks, Tripod is called off, but will eventually take place on May 22, 2002. [City of New York, 5/22/2002]”

“Heather Anne Mills [Matrix 5 principal and former wife of allegedly extorted man-in-the-middle Paul McCartney, whose Beatles group and its manager Brian Epstein were targeted by pedophile extortionists acting on the orders of the Kray Twins; she allegedly worked with Krayleigh Enterprises to extort the transfer and control of Beatles IP and affairs to Middle Templar clients in 100+ City & Guilds Livery Companies, including the Worshipful Companies of Musicians, Information Technologists and Stationers and Newspaper Makers; she allegedly had evidence from Kray agents relating to the sexual activities of the Beatles by which they could be entrapped and extorted; she is the former wife of allegedly extorted man-in-the-middle Alfie Karmal (married 6 May 1989 – divorced 1991); she is a former lover of allegedly extorted man-in-the-middle Miloš Pogačar, a ski instructor in Croatia in 1990, whom she allegedly used to trigger events which led to the Croatian War; she allegedly organized weapons shipments to Croatia and used modeling (?) assignments in Austria SOS Children’s Villages to entrap and extort pedophile leaders on both sides into contrived atrocities; she claims she was kidnapped and sexually assaulted by a swimming pool attendant when she was eight years old; her next door neighbour, Margaret Ambler, alleged that Mills’ story was “nothing what she made it out to be”, that Mills was never a victim, and the pool attendant did not commit suicide; she went to live in Paris in 1987, telling Karmal that a cosmetics company had given her a modelling contract; she was the mistress of allegedly extorted man-in-the-middle millionaire Lebanese businessman George Kazan for two years; he claims she was always determined to marry a very rich man but for nearly two years, he rented her a luxurious Parisian apartment, paid some of her bills and helped to fund a fabulous jet- set lifestyle; ‘She twisted me around her little finger; she is very clever and she always knew exactly what she wanted – she wanted to be famous and she wanted money And now Mr McCartney has provided her with everything that she ever wanted.’; she met Kazan through a modelling agency when she was 19 and he was 47 in the Cote D’Azur resort of Cannes; he was then a diplomatic representative of the ruler of Qatar and allegedly persuaded the Emir of Qatar to adopt and adapt the BBC’s Middle East Service to become the al-Jazeera propaganda arm of Matrix 5 through the 911 attack; she participated in photo session for a stills-only German sex education manual called Die Freuden der Liebe (The Joys of Love), in which she was photographed explicitly simulating sex with an equally nude male model, Peter Wilson; in 1995, she got engaged to British media executive Marcus Stapleton, after being together for only 16 days; she was then engaged to documentary filmmaker Chris Terrill in 1999, after only 12 days in Cambodia, where they were making a film about landmines; she allegedly blackmailed Terrill into using the then-new digital technology to become the first front line filmmaker to operate as a self shooting/self recording director in the early 1990s; she allegedly blackmailed Terrill into directing Soho Stories as cover for Kray-style pedophile snuff films; she allegedly blackmailed Terrill into training the Naudet Brothers in a docu-soap style of snuff filmmaking as broadcast live through Onion Router PKI, Sohonet, Tuvalu .tv and IMDb on 911; she ended the relationship with Terrill five days before their planned wedding day; she told friends in the media that she had called the wedding off because Terrill was gay, an MI6 agent, and that his mission was to undermine her anti-landmine work; he told her that he had been interviewed by the intelligence services when he was thinking of a career with the Foreign Office, but later said, “I soon realised that Heather had a somewhat elastic relationship with the truth, which she was able to stretch impressively sometimes”; she was, according to Rebekah ‘Skyhacker’ Wade, the former editor of the News of the World, a principal provider of escort services to Adnan Khashogi, the Saudi billionaire businessman and Kerry Packer, the Australian media tycoon; an affidavit from escort girl Denise Hewitt (who was paid ?50,000 for the story), said Mills provided sexual services and boasted of earning up to ?10,000 in a single night; Hewitt said that Mills often requested to work with two girls at a time “… to do a ‘girlie scene’. By this I knew she meant lesbian sex” said Hewitt “I thought at the time that Heather may have been bisexual”; ‘Skyhacker’ Wade published through The Daily Mail accounts of another escort girl, Petrina Montrose, and from other friends confirming that Mills had worked with them as an escort girl on many occasions. Montrose said that once “when all three of them were in the bedroom, Heather had ‘tried it on’ with [escort girl] Joanna and suggested lesbian sex”; Mills denied through her lawyers, ever having been an escort girl and said she would sue as soon as her divorce was concluded but this has not happened; Rebekah ‘Skyhacker’ Wade questioned Abdul Khoury, who was Khashoggi’s personal secretary from 1977 to 2005, and published Khoury’s affirmation as to the veracity of reports that Mills “had sex with him [Khashoggi] on a number of occasions in return for money. Mr Khashoggi was always very pleased with Heather’s performance. She was very athletic in bed”; she allegedly aided Adnan Khashogi in a joint venture with genocidal, pedophile Canadian Privy councilor and U.N. insider, Maurice Strong, to set up pedophile oath taking centers around the world such as SOS Children’s Villages, where U.N. officials could be entrapped and extorted into supporting the attack on the United States of 911; allegedly, on the eve of 911, Mills was one of the Middle Templars’ Mad Cows best qualified to order extorted pedophiles in the international community to co-operate with the violent transfer of U.S. Congressional authority to the United Nations and a future ‘Ecocide’ where the earth’s population is brought down to 500 million; cf. One Crown Office Row]”


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