MH370 – BOEING UNINTERRUPTIBLE AUTOPILOT – 5 Critical Questions – Sir Tim Clark – Don’t Be Surpised to Lose Another B777

MH370 went missing 8 March, 2014. On the following day I published a youTube titled:



Note date published was 9 March, 2014. Days later, “Malaysia” called me to come to Kuala Lumpur to explain this to government and MAS personnel. I flew out of Minneapolis on Delta 58 to Amsterdam where I boarded MH17 for onward journey to Malaysia. I was in Malaysia 17-20 April, 2014. I returned to Minneapolis via MH16 to AMS and a Delta flight to MSP. In June when CEO Tim Clark asked publicly for an explanation of MH370’s whereabouts I answered CEO Clark with this video…


…titled CEO Tim Clark of Emirate-5 Critical Questions. On March 30th I advised Malaysia, in writing, that if they did not report the BUAP and ATI they should not be surprised to lose another B777 before 1900 hours, 17 July. Before that deadline, MH17 went down in Ukraine.

Field McConnell

Source: Mail Online 

‘MH370 was under control, probably until the very end’: Emirates CEO 

Sir Tim Clark reveals doubts over official view of missing airliner’s fate 
Sir Tim Clark questions current thinking about the fate of flight MH370
Sir Tim said if the jet crashed into the ocean then wreckage would be found 

He said the somebody took control of the aircraft before it vanished 
The Emirates CEO said the industry must not accept MH370’s a ‘mystery’ 

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