#MeToo is Beginning of a Female Power Grab


January 11, 2018

(Left, Greta Gerwig gets Golden Globe for Ladybird)

#MeToo is an opening artillery barrage to pathologize males.
The real battle will supplant males, especially white males, as
much as possible.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

The headline was like a lightning strike which illuminates the road ahead on a pitch black night.

Hollywood: “Women held 18% of the behind the scenes jobs in 2017.”

Among the report’s findings: In 2017, women made up 18% of all directors, writers, producers, executive producers, editors, and cinematographers working on the top 250 domestic grossing films, up 1 percentage point from 2016.

The article which goes on to document female unemployment in Hollywood comes on the heels of the Harvey Weinstein et al scandal which shows actresses were routinely extorted for sex in order to land jobs. This, of course, is wrong but “sexual harassment” is a tried-and-true feminist strategy to destroy opponents or rivals. #MeToo should be seen as part of a hidden larger agenda to impose “gender equity” on the film business, i.e take jobs away from men.

Women used to share in a man’s success by virtue of being wife and mother of his children. But now that feminism has “liberated” women from this bondage, they need to get fame and fortune by their own efforts. Where before they supported men, now they must compete with them. And if they can’t compete, they must impose quotas.

#MeToo is an opening artillery barrage to pathologize males. The real battle will supplant males, especially white males in Hollywood, but white males anywhere.

Sure they’ll say, we only want parity. That’s what they said when it came to university enrolment. It is now 2-1 female in many fields yet we no longer hear about “gender parity” in academia. Similarly, we will not hear about it in other areas once they achieve dominance.

The Masonic Jewish (Communist) bankers have always exploited differences in race, class, and gender to debilitate and degrade Western society. They don’t care about social justice. They want to undermine and dispossess the white Christian heterosexual majority whom they regard as rivals. They will replace them with their political acolytes, a traitor class of liberals, feminists, homosexuals and migrants.

“Gender parity” is already used to usher grateful Illuminati pawns to the front of the line. Justine Trudeau’s Cabinet is 50% female. White male tech workers say they are discriminated against.

Google fired James Damore for stating some simple gender truths. But Communist mouthpiece, The Guardian, calls him a “bigot and bully.”

They claim to oppose “discrimination” when in fact they routinely discriminate against their target demographic. Genuine equality would be race and gender blind, based totally on merit. But now merit increasingly is disparaged as a tool of “white privilege.” They can’t compete on the basis of merit. Even punctuality is considered “racist.” But it’s OK to stigmatize Whites in a racist fashion. “Whites” are being blamed for the wars engineered by Freemasons and Jewish bankers.

Why? The Illuminati empowers “minorities” in order to dispossess the European Christian population, beginning with the white male.

And if they can’t do it legitimately, they will use quotas, propaganda and social engineering.

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First comment from Edin-

It’s a power grab alright, but it’s more than that too. It’s about making it as difficult as possible for men and women to interact and possibly start relationships. When I read that even just looking at women is being put on the same level as rape, I see not only an attempt to prevent men and women from getting into relationships, getting married AND procreating but also an attempt to push people towards homosexuality.

Men are confronted daily with good-looking young and adult women, so many of them tight-strapped and half-naked in order to proudly parade their goodies (guess it is a way for a modern, ‘strong’ woman to show her feminist ‘power’). Nature wired men to feel attracted to good looking women and the sight of them arouses men and loads them up sexually. If men fear to look at women – because looking at them can get you into trouble – they will eventually end up with a huge sexual load they can’t release.

If it goes on for too long, men will increasingly find their release with other men; ‘thanks’ to our rulers’ sodomy has been normalized among straights, which makes the step towards homosexuality easier. I mean, if a guy loves doing women anally, why wouldn’t he do guys too or have another guy do him, right? Women, no longer able to find their release with men – because guys fear to look at them – will find it more and more with other women.



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