Meet Mike & Ronnie, The Paedophile Hunters, The Men Who Confront & Catch Online Child Abusers

Source: Richie Allen

DO NOT listen to the interview with Richie Allan above and not listen to this related and follow on discussion:

Patent Theft Steals From All Americans


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  • Charles Christensen

    i need help with saving a 7 year old boy whos “father” is a pedophile don’t trust child protective services, they took the child without cause. fake stuff. please get ahold of me you have my email address

  • Tell me Mike ” , have you confonted the advocate in power T. MAY who signed her name to make 3yr old rape legal ??? While what your doing is right , however ,it also allows the crooks in power to do the same with everything including terror , which they do already . People who are not the full quid could be talked into doing anything . The Pedo’s are the ones in power . It is a bit like hang the pirates while decorating their own , like Sir Francis Drake . iN OTHER WORDS they allow you to do this in order to take the heat away from the real scum IN POWER and that goes all the way to the top /.

  • This program is Trauma Based Mind Control that uses Remote Neural monitoring, EEG BRAIN MAPPING, Brain to Computer technology in Real Time, electromagnetic frequencies, ELF otherwise known as Extremely Low Frequency, Brain Entrainment frequencies, Voice to Skull technology, Synthetic telepathy, Narrative comprehension network, neurolinguist programming,
    Silent Sounds Subliminal System,
    White noise, Pavlovian hypnotic triggers, and Brain entrainment signals, Radio Hypnosis and Electronic Dissolution of Memory,
    These technologies are pattented
    And research will reveal the extent of their use.