Media Circled the Wagons on Las Vegas – All Federal, State and Local Governments Have Fallen to Communists – FBI Running Fast and Furious Part 2 on ISIS

Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist


1. The shooting happened right at the concert. There are many videos out there now, and they prove the shooting was much louder inside the concert venue than anywhere else. Even in the video of it all starting that I posted on this web site, the shooting clearly comes in at a level much louder than the concert speakers.

2. The singer performing at the time was lip synching. This is actually an important point, because in a couple of the videos, when the shooting starts, people are seen laughing. Some people commenting on subsequent videos says that proves the shooting was fake, because no one would laugh when being shot at. The reality is that they were laughing because the singer ran off stage, leaving the mic behind, and his voice kept going. At that point people still thought the shooting was fireworks.

3. There are a lot of videos out there now, many in HD and a lot of them show the hotel in the background and not a single one shows any muzzle flash from the hotel at all, even when the hotel is crystal clear.

4. I found this super high definition image taken with a great camera and it proves that after the shooting was done, and the lights were out on the stage, there were no broken windows in the hotel and there was no ongoing investigation.

There was no emergency response, the media used shutter stock.

5. All the people who got badly shot were left on the field to die overnight (to maximize the death toll) because there was absolutely no EMT response. There are videos where a lone man who stayed on the field rather than run was going around from person to person desperately, shouting WHERE ARE THE EMT’S

IMPORTANT, VERY IMPORTANT: All venues of that size are required to have EMT’s on site. Yet even those did not respond, and no one at any point came in from the outside either. They simply closed off the field and let everyone die. Just like old time Communist Russia would do.

There are two choices for people to believe with a photo like that.

1. They are crisis actors and this is purely a psy op.

2. The Jewish controlled government and Jewish owned media were so heartless they’d do this, and block any and all medical help afterward. Since they have a history of this type of thing, (just ask Ukraine) I’ll say #2.

There is no place whatsoever for the story line “Lone Muslim nut case” in that photo.

The scamming media claims they shut down the strip so the EMT’s could set up an emergency response center. That’s a lie, there are no pictures of this on social media despite thousands of people having a birds eye view from hotels, AND THE SCAMMING MEDIA USED SHUTTER STOCK PHOTOS!

FACT: This operation was carried out by heartless communists after everyone’s guns. The fingerprint of what was done matches perfectly! Only this time there’s the internet to counteract, so an army of trolls has been released to explain the lack of emergency response, because according to them it “took hours to secure the scene“.

HEY LYING TROLLS, the shooting lasted 9 minutes and 15 seconds. According to the official story, that’s when the scene was secured because the police took the “lone nutcase” out. There are radios and cell phones, the EMT’s would have been notified within 10 minutes of the shooting starting that they could enter. So 12 minutes max for EMT’s on the scene.

Yes, agendas here, agendas there, fat troll paychecks EVERYWHERE.

6. The patsy had plans to move to the Philippines [sic], as evidenced by the fact that he wired $100,000 there days before. You don’t do that if you plan to die shooting up a place. No word on what else he wired, but he probably wired more. And his little Philippine chica knew nothing about the plot, despite being with him immediately before it! Ha, she was not with him during it because FBI sponsored fast and furious deals are private!

7. As it turns out, the patsy was an FBI agent who was assigned to run guns for ISIS fast and furious style who at all times had more people in the room with him as proven by room service receipts. The FBI obviously knew that he was running guns, and assigned him to do it. Most likely the two guests that show on room service were the ones who killed him before six other people showed up, as shown on security, only to have none of the other (total of 8 people) make the news after the FBI did a show bust and kicked in the door. All 8 additional people were in the room during the shooting. None did anything to stop it. All left later in FBI uniforms. Obviously with no broken windows there was no shooting from that room, and it is all a hoax at that level, but it just goes to show how filthy the FBI and the rest of American intelligence are, they can take their pretty face Hollywood TV drama series (all of them) and shove them.

8. The FBI did more than set up a patsy, the FBI actually carried out the shooting at the concert. Once you see the high def photo that proves there were no missing hotel windows, you know the FBI did it, because if they are not pointing their fingers at anyone outside that room, and no bullets came from that room, THEY HAD TO HAVE DONE IT.

9. None of the windows on the large hotels in Vegas open. I have stayed in several. My joke about it was that “They had to keep the people contained because too many would suicide jump after losing their butts.” Destroying windows in a place like Mandalay Bay is no small task, they are super strong windows that are extremely resistant to breakage. There’s no way an old chap like our patsy would take the time to break out two, and the lack of muzzle flash in any of the videos, plus the very clear picture showing them in place after the fact but before sunrise, says it all.

10. The main stream media, from top to bottom, including even Drudge and Infowars, is as filthy as hell. The facts I pointed out here are for all to see, they can’t possibly be so stupid they overlooked the obvious.

11. Most likely the people at the FBI who did the shooting are all Jews, because an Israeli paper had the shooter connected to Islam before any investigation could be done, and the high def photo that shows the room after the shooting and before the windows got kicked out proves the lights were off, so there was no ongoing investigation in progress for that Israeli paper to get it’s facts from. So a fully compromised FBI is what did this.

12. Someone took the effort to block all emergency exits and several gates, to trap people inside the venue. There are many accounts of people scaling 10 foot walls to get out (this is done often in panic scenarios) which begs the question, WHY WERE SO MANY EXITS CLOSED? It was against the law to have them closed, inspectors come through to make sure they work and are open, yet they were closed and locked. WHY? ANSWER: The number of people in on this op had to have been quite large.

13. This is not related to the shooting, but in the high def photo there is a coca cola sign some people thought had the devil hand symbol in it. However, if you look at the hand, the thumb is pointed out. That makes the hand symbol sign language for “I love you”, which means the graphic is actually showing love for Coca Cola as the two tucked in fingers hold the bottle while it is being drank. Remember the “A&W root beer has that frosty mug taste” ad campaign, that had people holding the A&W cans with their thumbs and pinkeys like the handle on a mug? the Coca Cola sign is in fact similar to that.

The writing is on the wall with Vegas. With Vegas, we have proof that:

1. The FBI is rotten to the core and is now simply doing the job of the KGB.

2. The MSM is absolute crap from start to finish, and is now doing the job of Pravda and Tass. WHO CARES if FOX sometimes offers a differing opinion when Fox will circle the wagons along with the rest of the media, to drive home a lie like this?

3. All levels of government, Federal State and Local, have fallen to the Communists in many places, and they will cooperate to keep their mouths shut. I HAVE A QUESTION HERE: How many people who could have blown the whistle on this are dead? Probably lots. But they will be buried in the suicide/car accident stats. That’s how communists roll.



“Never let a huge crisis go to waste” – Rahm Immanuel

Department of Homeland inSecurity (DHS) Prime Contractors – MGM Stocks Descend While OSI Systems Stock Ascends


Who is this and is there a relationship? Is this the guy who was alleged to have been in Steve Paddock’s Mandalay Bay Hotel room on September 27, 2017 shown with the two dinner receipts that showed up?

Johnson City man arrested after loaded pistols, two machine guns, 900 rounds found during traffic stop


What is this and where did this “stolen” equipment end up? In criminal hands on the black market? In America? In Las Vegas? Speculation of course but come on? Weapons and ammunition “stolen” out of an IDF controlled armory?

Explosives, Other Weapons Stolen From IDF Base in Northern Israel


What types of weapons were these and where are the forensic images of them? Did these “stolen” weapons and ammunition come out of the armory in Israel that was “broken” into and weapons and ammunition allegedly “stolen?”

Millionaire Vegas gunman who killed 59 people and hurt 527 took TWENTY THREE guns in TEN bags into Mandalay Bay sniper’s nest where he put legally converted full-auto assault rifles on tripods


Speculation of course, but could these above mentioned “stolen” weapons and ammunition used in Los Vegas have been transported out of Israel though the new US military base which opened in Israel in September, 2017?

US establishes first permanent military base in Israel


Las Vegas Doctor and Resident Analyze the Tragedy


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  • Las Vegas Doctor and Resident Analyze the Tragedy — Interesting they mention Pete Santilly . Pete Santilli, primary internet radio host on the Rense Network , has been exposed as an informant for the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI).

    In a fax dated the 28th of October, Santilli contacted the FBI Field Office in Sacramento, California for help in fear of becoming “the scapegoat” in what is entitled “Operation Outruck” (OOT).

    Verification that Santilli sent the fax to the correct number can be found here .

    A search of this operation turns up a document that was taken down from the internet. As of this writing, there is no information about OOT other than the mention in the fax from Santilli to the FBI.

    According to Santilli, his contact at the FBI is Daphne Hearn .

    Hearn was hand-picked by former director of the FBI, Robert Mueller, in 2012 to become the “special agent in charge” of the San Diego division of the FBI.

    Hearn worked under operations for the FBI such as:

    • Infiltrating the La Cosa Nostra families in Buffalo, New York
    • Organized Crime Task Force out of Chicago division FBI office
    • Managed national initiatives for the Organized Crime Section of the Criminal Investigative Division of the FBI headquarters
    • Special Operations Group out of the Kansas City field office
    • Oversight of the Heart of America Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory (HARCFL), and the Cyber Crime Task Force (CCTF)
    • Assistant chief of the International Operations Division (IOD) Just so you know .

  • FauxScienceSlayer > Disqus_OXiXSPOuK5

    On Oct 4 I posted this in Breitbart comments….

    “Shocking Mandalay taxi video,”

    comment was quickly REMOVED….Andrew would be ashamed !

  • individuals concerned for the “mental hygiene” of their friends and neighbors
    might make a sincere effort to call things what they are….
    instead of what they are not.

    an example…the word “government”, …. presently many refer to the
    Hijacked Global Crime Syndicate {{{{FRONT OFFICE}}}} as the US GOV,
    when in fact the Global “JEWISH” Crime Syndicate is not really
    a “government” as defined by the “constitution” and other peculiar
    “American” contrived documents…

    no one on Earth HAS to stay in the stool sculpture deity cult compound
    knowing the truth is the exit strategy…

    According to Zephaniah 3:9…a “PURE LANGUAGE” will develope…
    wherein two exact opposites cannot be the same “thing”.

    looks kinda like a mucho grande big can of W.A. is being opened

  • drudge signals his Chabad Lubavitchiness with trademark fedora.

  • No one died. The hospital photos prove the “victims” weren’t even hooked up to IVs and the electronics weren’t turned on.

    See item 5:

  • “OutRUCK” is curious as “RUCK” is the promo printed all over the Boston Marathon Cowboy Crisis Actor. An esoteric nod, no doubt.

  • Roland Edgar Dent

    Well DarkMath innocent people did die in this incident on July 17 2014. 296 people were mudered here. AD has done extensive work on this crime. AD has also offered this information to many people and they have gratefully accepted. Thank you AD.

  • Roland Edgar Dent

    The Ukraine government has requested, via the European Union, to derestrict the airspace over east Ukraine. This has been closed to commercial traffic overflights since July 2014.

    What is the worry? Surely we can allow commercial over flights, the Ukraine is a civilised place” The people on the streets are as good as you will find anywhere on this planet.

    They did not ask or deserve this: commercial aviation cannot over fly this: