McConnell Links Sister’s SES Anthrax Letters To Femme Comp Federal Bridge

Presidential Field McConnell has linked his sister, Kristine Marcy to the Senior Executive Service whose members allegedly helped her to conceal and coordinate the post-9/11, anthrax letter attacks on America through the use of encryption keys transmitted across Femme Comp’s Federal Bridge Certification Authority.

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EMP Conference – Video 09 of 20 – Bronius Cikotas [Kristine Marcy’s SES and Femme Comp agent who allegedly authorized Federal Bridge users in the United States Post Office to deliver the anthrax]”

Marcy’s SES and Femme Comp agents allegedly authorized Federal Bridge users at the United States Post Office to send anthrax letters

[Anthrax crime scenes have all been ‘dressed’ using Kristine Marcy’s Joint Automated Booking Station (JABS) to move actors, extras and clean up crews through Femme Comp’s Federal Bridge]

“Let us [Femme Comp Inc – founded 1979 by Marcy’s SES associates] dedicate the right people to meet your enterprise architecture requirements. Our professional Enterprise Architects can provide innovative technical approaches that will improve operations, reduce overall risk, and provide greater agility in responding to emerging analytical requirements and adapting to new technologies. FCI’s EA competencies include: – Network Architectures – Process and Requirements Definition – Army Net-Centric Data Strategy – Army Enterprise Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Foundation – Army Software Transformation (AST) – Software Blocking (SWB) and Integrated Architectures – DoD Architecture Framework (DoDAF) Certified Architects [spoliation inference Femme Comp designed and operated Federal Bridge through anthrax attacks]

“[Marcy’s SES agent] Bronius Cikotas has over 38 years of government leadership experience, and served as a member of the Senior Executive Service at the U.S. Department of Defense” .. “Since his retirement in 1997, he has consulted for Battelle Memorial Institute, FEMME COMP Inc., ENSCO and SARA on infrastructure vulnerabilities .. As an expert witness, he testified before Congressman Saxton’s panel on terrorism. He has briefed and served in an advisory capacity at all levels of Government, National Security Council Staff, White House Military Office, White House Communications Agency, The President’s Office of Science and Technology Planning, and the Joint Staff. He was a guest lecturer on Survivability and Endurance for seven years at the Armed Forces Staff College. He is currently working for Decisive Analytics and serving as a consultant on EMP and infrastructures for the US EMP Commission.”

“ Technical Intelligence in Retrospect: The 2001 Anthrax Letters Powder
Authors: Dany Shoham; Stuart M. Jacobsen DOI: 10.1080/08850600600889027

Published in: International Journal of Intelligence and CounterIntelligence, Volume 20, Issue 1 March 2007 , pages 79 – 105


Another key technology is the use of additives to prevent spore agglomeration or clumping. Here, too, the presence of an exosporium is meaningful, and substantial technical intelligence was obtained, thanks to the defection of a masterly Russian military scientist. The gold standard additive for Russian dry powder bioweapons (BW) was silica nanoparticles. The former Soviet Union used silica at the military BW plant in the former Sverdlovsk (now called Yekaterinburg), where weaponized anthrax leaked from military Compound 19 in 1979 killing up to 100 people. Subsequent to the Sverdlovsk accident, and until he defected to the U.S. in 1992, Colonel Kanatjan Alibekov (now known as Ken Alibek [Consultant for Marcy’s SES anthrax letter attack]) and a research team had taken the product that was leaked and made it even more deadly. He developed a process to coat each particle of anthrax spores in silica and resin. This kept the anthrax aloft four times longer, thus increasing the likelihood that it would infect people. Actually, Alibekov had paved the way, from 1975, in two other Soviet anthrax plants – ostensibly civilian ones (at Berdsk and, later, at Stepnogorsk) – that were operated parallel to the Sverdlovsk military anthrax installation, systematically using large scale processing of powdery exosporium-bearing Bacillus thuringiensis (BT) spores, for both anthrax simulation and camouflage.” Terrorist Threats to the United States May 23, 2000 — House Special Oversight Panel on Terrorism Opening Statement of Chairman Saxton Dr. Kenneth Alibek, Chief Scientist, Hadron, Inc. Former First Deputy Chief, Biopreparat (USSR) Mr. Bron Cikotas, Former EMP Division Chief, Defense Nuclear Agency Dr. Dorothy E. Denning, [Designed a Clipper hack into the Federal Bridge for use in the anthrax attack by Marcy’s SES Femme Comp agents] Professor of Computer Science, Georgetown University .. STATEMENT OF [Kristine Marcy’s SES agent] BRONIUS CIKOTAS THE PROGRESSION OF TERRORISM AND THE USE OF NUCLEAR AND NON NUCLEAR ELECTROMAGNETIC PULSE (EMP) … While terrorism, whether against individuals, groups, nation-states, has been around since the beginning of history, the tools of terrorism were generally limited in their ability to inflict injury or death. In the past it required an army, a state of anarchy, or a group of citizens acting in unison to cause significant death or injury to a segment of the population and to cause a state of fear or panic to prevail. Inhuman acts of terrorism can and do occur today, using knives/swords/machetes, supplemented by explosives, automatic rifles and grenades as happened in Communist Cambodia where millions were slaughtered and hundreds of thousands died in Rhwanda. It took a state-supported army and an insurrection to successfully perpetrate these acts of terror. … I would contend that today, the �Threshold of Use� has not been successfully crossed by terrorists into the area of weapons of mass destruction. Whatever we may say about terrorists, they are most likely motivated by mission success and self preservation. They would like to be assured that whatever tools they use will lead to a successful achievement of their goals and to their survival, unless it’s a suicidal mission such as often perpetrated by the Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka. To succeed at their goal terrorists want to stay in familiar territory, use tools they understand, i.e. explosives and that they know will work. This premise sets up a line which has to be crossed when attempting to use new techniques, tools or to cross into the area of Weapons of Mass Destruction. The potential of massive damage and large psychological impact, may tempt them to move across the threshold into the Weapons of Mass Destruction area. Because it may be difficult to obtain a nuclear weapon or to build their own and to deal with the complexity of use, these first attempts to cross the threshold are likely to be made by well financed and well organized, state sponsored terrorist groups that have the resources to acquire and use nuclear devices. Although biological and chemical agents are easier to obtain, the same issues apply in dealing with the complexity of effective use and avoidance of self- contamination. Then there is the issue of traceability and retaliation. Even Osama bin Laden might think twice about the risks of a nuclear, biological, or chemical attack where potentially the rewards for capture or efforts to destroy his organization may reach astronomical levels and that there might not be a place on the earth to hide. After all, his attacks against the U.S. embassies in Tanzania and Kenya were effective using conventional means. For a terrorist group, the prospect of massive destruction and death may be enticing, but the threshold to use Weapons of Mass Destruction is high. The problem with these assumptions is that they sound rational and while they may apply to many terrorists, there are exceptions, they are real and they are dangerous.

A plan to cross that threshold using chemical warfare agents was being prepared by the Aum Shinrikyo Cult in Japan. It had the resources, scientific talent and an organization that could carry out an extensive attack that would kill tens to hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world. Simply stated, their plan was to shake up the world, start insurrections, wars and conflicts so they could rise to the top. Their plan might have succeeded in killing large numbers of people, had it not been for their attempt to rush into the attack mode by staging the Tokyo subway attack, using sarin gas, a nerve agent, which killed 12 people and injured some 5000. It also blew the cover off their organization, caused widespread arrests and seizure of some of their assets. In effect, Aum Shinrikyo hurriedly crossed the threshold into chemical warfare area against a civilian population without achieving its objectives for a dispersed well coordinated attack. Aum Shinrikyo, in terms of its financial backing, resources, organization and scientific talent today could be equated to the resources available to a narco cartel, crime syndicate or other transnational or state sponsored organization. It is important to consider that if Aum Shinrikyo was planning to kill a hundred thousand people, why not a million or ten million given the opportunity . Aum Shinrikyo took the world and terrorism watchers by surprise with its great potential for causing massive deaths and injuries. It was a wake-up call to the world. There are predictions that attempts to cross the threshold will be made against the United States and the issue appears to be not if but when. Even Secretary of Defense William Cohen talked about how simply an anthrax attacks could be carried out against U.S. cities, causing massive casualties. Justifiably there are major efforts under way to prevent, mitigate and prepare for these types of attack.

Presidential Field invites you to check the links and enter his sister’s SES/Femme Comp OODA loops to thwart an anthrax attack on the NATO Summit, May 20-21 in Chicago.

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