McConnell Links Harper’s Imperial Backdoor to Exxon Valdez, Boeing 9/11

The Abel Danger White House Group announced today that it has linked Stephen Harper’s design of backdoors into Imperial Oil computers to autopilots installed on the Exxon Valdez in 1989 and the hijacked Boeing aircraft of 9/11.

Abel Danger Global Operations Director, Field McConnell, claims that, in 1979, Harper designed backdoors into Imperial Oil computer systems to support man-in-the-middle attacks on autopilots and conceal the remote navigation of passenger-carrying and fuel-transporting assets susceptible to insurance frauds .

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Imperial Oil – University of Calgary – Computer-Based Dictator Game – Profits From Emission Reductions – Genocidal Killings – Carbon Disclosure

“Stephen Joseph Harper 1959- economist, politician, 22nd Prime Minister of Canada, born April 30, 1959, in Toronto, Ontario, the eldest of three sons of Margaret Johnston and Joseph Harper. Harper attended Richview Collegiate Institute; 1978 the top student in his graduating year with a 95.7% average; represented his high school on the TV quiz show Reach for the Top; first became involved in politics as a member of his school’s Young Liberals Club, but switched in opposition to the Trudeau government’s National Energy Program (NEP), which he thought was harming Alberta’s energy industry.
Personal/Early Career 1978 moved to Alberta to work as a computer programmer in the oil fields, then with Imperial Oil in Calgary. … 2001 August resigned from the NCC and in December stood as a candidate when Stockwell Day resigned as Canadian Alliance leader; had criticized the Canadian Alliance for shifting “more towards being a party of the religious right”.”

“The threat of backdoors surfaced when multiuser and networked operating systems became widely adopted. Petersen and Turn discussed computer subversion in a paper published in the proceedings of the 1967 AFIPS Conference. They noted a class of active infiltration attacks that use “trapdoor” entry points into the system to bypass security facilities and permit direct access to data. The use of the word trapdoor here clearly coincides with more recent definitions of a backdoor. However, since the advent of public key cryptography the term trapdoor has acquired a different meaning. More generally, such security breaches were discussed at length in a RAND Corporation task force report published under ARPA sponsorship by J.P. Anderson and D.J. Edwards in 1970. A backdoor in a login system might take the form of a hard coded user and password combination which gives access to the system. A famous example of this sort of backdoor was used as a plot device in the 1983 film WarGames, in which the architect of the “WOPR” computer system had inserted a hardcoded password (his dead son’s name) which gave the user access to the system, and to undocumented parts of the system (in particular, a video game–like simulation mode and direct interaction with the artificial intelligence).”

“Exxon Valdez left the Valdez oil terminal in Alaska at 9:12 pm on March 23, 1989, bound for Long Beach, California. The ship was under the control of Shipmaster Joseph Jeffrey Hazelwood. The outbound shipping lane was obstructed with small icebergs (possibly from the nearby Columbia Glacier), so Hazelwood got permission from the Coast Guard to go out through the inbound lane. Following the maneuver and sometime after 11 p.m., Hazelwood left Third MateGregory Cousins in charge of the wheel house and Able Seaman Robert Kagan at the helm. Neither man had been given his mandatory six hours off duty before beginning his 12-hour watch. The ship was on autopilot, using the navigation system installed by the company that constructed the ship. The ship struck Bligh Reef at around 12:04 a.m. March 24, 1989.”

“Emergency landing round-up Boeing wins patent on uninterruptible autopilot system Published 4 December 2006 New technology can be activated by the pilots, government agencies, even on-board sensors; not even a tortured pilot can give up control; dedicated electrical circuits ensure the system’s total independence Although airplane cockpit door locks are now standard, worries remain about terrorists taking control of a plane a la 9/11, perhaps by extorting the pilots into opening the door against their better judgment. Elsewhere in today’s issue we report on a new Raytheon contract to develop software that uses type of craft, location, and fuel capacity to determine the safest route for a hijacked or otherwise compromised aircraft. This is a great idea, one that must have Chicago, Illinois-based Boeing excited — not out of envy but because it improves the value of its recently awarded patent for a system that, once activated, takes control of the airplane away from the pilots and flies it to a predtermined landing position. Put the Raytheon and the Boeing systems together — now that’s a good idea. Boeing’s is, of course, not the first autopilot technology in existence, but this one has been designed with counterterrorism first and foremost in mind. Not only is it “uninterruptible” — so that even a tortured pilot cannot turn it off — but it can be activated remotely via radio or satellite by government agencies. The system might even include sensors on the cockpit door that activate the autopilot of a certain amount of force is used against it. “There is a need for a technique that ensures the continuation of the desired path of travel of a vehicle by removing any type of human decision process that may be influenced by the circumstances of the situation, including threats or further violence onboard the vehicle,” the patent application explains. To make it fully independent, the system also has its own power supply, independent of the aircraft’s circuit breakers. -read more in John Croft’s Flight Global report”

Please visit links to see why Field McConnell has launched a virtual PresidentialField election campaign with focus issues including the dismantling of the U.S. Federal Bridge Certification Authority and stripping autopilots from the nation’s chain of command.

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