Marine Links Withers’ Pig-Farm Family Escrow to Thomson Reuters’ Candyman Snuff

United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Withers LLP’s escrow services for family-office investors in the Pickton pig-farm mortgage to snuff films apparently scripted by Kelly Rowen and allegedly used by Candyman actors from Chicago District 11 (Cabrini-Green) to extort the participation of Thomson Reuters principals in an $88 trillion Libor data-compilation fraud.

9-1-2012 Marine Links British Bankers Sub-Prime Stuff to Thomson Reuters Pig Farm Snuff

“Withers Worldwide Solicitors Embroiled HSBC Money Laundering FBI Carroll Trust Case”

“Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh (1995) Theatrical Trailer”

“Withers LLP is an international law firm headquartered in LondonUnited Kingdom, with offices in the United StatesEuropeAsia, and theCaribbean. Withers specializes in tax, trust and estate planning, as well as litigation, employment, family law, and other legal issues facing high net worth individuals.[3] Withers represents a significant number of the wealthiest individuals and families in the United States, Europe and Asia. In the United Kingdom alone Withers acts for over a quarter of the individuals included in the Sunday Times Rich List. History Withers was founded in London, England in 1896. In 2002, Withers merged with the New HavenConnecticut-based law firm Bergman, Horowitz & Reynolds to form Withers Bergman LLP in the United States and Withers LLP in the United Kingdom and the rest of the world. The unified firm created the first international law firm dedicated to the personal, business and philanthropic interests of successful individuals, their families and advisers. For over one hundred years, Withers has provided legal advice to successful individuals, from British aristocracy to Wall Street entrepreneurs and senior executives, from privately held business owners to celebrities, artists and other international figures who achieve substantial earnings. Withers has
offices in LondonGenevaMilanZürichNew York CityNew HavenGreenwich, CTHong KongBritish Virgin Islands [cf. New Rodino, owner of GCHQ apartment in Pimlico where Gareth Williams body was found in a padlocked North Face sports bag after he had hacked into pig-farm family escrow trade in Candyman snuff films], and Singapore. Notable clients Withers’s notable clients include the American Cancer Society, British Olympic Foundation, British Red Cross SocietyCapital One BankColumbia UniversityDiadoraGianfranco FerreMax MaraMoschinoRenault F1Royal Bank of Canada [Withers escrowed mortgage on Pickton pig farm] ValentinoVera WangVivienne Westwood, and Yale University.”

“Thomson Reuters Corporation is a Canadian media and financial-data firm based in New York City. It was created by the Thomson Corporation‘s purchase of Reuters Group on 17 April 2008. The Woodbridge Company, a holding company for the Thomson family of Canada, owns 53% of the group, which operates in 100 countries, and has 60,000 employees. Thomson Reuters was ranked as Canada’s “leading corporate brand” in the 2010 Interbrand Best Canadian Brands ranking. It is headquartered at 3 Times SquareManhattan, New York City.  … Thomson has worked a number of positions in companies controlled by his family. He was manager of The Bay store at Cloverdale Mall in Etobicoke, and President of Zellers. He founded a real estate firm Osmington Incorporated, owned and operated outside of the Thomson empire. Osmington is a partner in True North Sports and Entertainment, owners of the National Hockey League‘sWinnipeg Jets and the MTS Centre in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba. According to a plan devised decades ago by Thomson Corporation founder Roy Thomson, when Kenneth Thomson died (June 2006), control of the family fortune passed on to David. “David, my grandson, will have to take his part in the running of the Organisation and David’s son, too,” Roy wrote in his 1975 autobiography. “With the fortune that we will leave to them go also responsibilities. These Thomson boys that come after Ken are not going to be able, even if they want to, to shrug off these responsibilities.” Personal life Thomson’s “particularly bitter divorce action against his second wife” received extensive coverage in Maclean’s news magazine but was largely ignored by other media. He is the father of three children, including two daughters from his first marriage. “Thomson’s son from that marriage, who was born after the couple separated, is the company’s designated heir.” He became engaged to actress Kelly Rowan in late June 2007. They broke off their engagement just before Rowan gave birth to their daughter on April 28, 2008.[7] In September 2009, Rowan and Thomson made their first public appearance since their alleged split in early 2008, at the Toronto International Film Festival … 

Candyman is a 1992 American horror film starring Virginia MadsenTony Todd and Xander Berkeley. It was directed by Bernard Rose and is based on the short story “The Forbidden” by Clive Barker, though the film’s scenario is switched from England to the Cabrini–Green public housing development on Chicago’s Near North Side. The plot follows a graduate student completing a thesis on urban legends who encounters the legend of “Candyman”, an artist and son of a slave who was murdered and his hand replaced with a hook. The film was scored by Philip Glass. The film was met with critical acclaim and was a box office success. Candyman is the first film in a trilogy which includes Candyman 2: Farewell to the Flesh and Candyman 3: Day of the Dead. …. Candyman 2: Farewell to the Flesh is the 1995 sequel to the horror film Candyman, an adaptation of the Clive Barker short story “The Forbidden”. It stars Tony ToddKelly RowanWilliam O’LearyBill NunnMatt Clark and Veronica Cartwright. …  1998 Da Vinci’s Inquest Michaela Episode: “Little Sister: Part 2” Episode: “Little Sister: Part 3”  …. Storyline On the personal front, Da Vinci continues his romance with Michaela, but later finds out that she’s married. Homicide is investigating what looks to be a suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning, the act with an unfortunate consequence of a second dead body, the suicide victim’s son, within the vicinity. Meanwhile, Homicide and Da Vinci are closing in on Charlie Josephs as the prostitute murderer. Josephs himself has employed runaway Audrey at the diner, perhaps his next intended victim? The authorities lack concrete evidence that Josephs is the murderer and thus can’t arrest him. Mick and Angela thwart Josephs’ latest murder attempt, that on prostitute Norma, but they still have insufficient evidence for murder.” 

[Withers’ pig-farm family escrow client] Royal Bank of Canada has joined the growing list of major global banks under pressure from American prosecutors in a probe into alleged manipulation of one of the world’s key interest rates.
RBC was one of nine banks more recently served a subpoena by state prosecutors from New York and Connecticut related to their possible role in rigging Libor, or the London Interbank Offered Rate.

With Ally assets, RBC becomes top player in auto financing
RBC near deal to buy U.S. auto lender Ally Financial’s Canadian unit: report
RBC seeks asset-management deals in Latin America, Asia 

Gillian McArdle, a spokesperson for RBC, indicated that the bank believes its submissions were complete. “We have determined that our Libor submissions reflected our cost of funds,” she said.

New York Attorney-General Eric Schneiderman and Connecticut Attorney-General George Jepsen are investigating the banks to determine whether any conspired to manipulate the benchmark rate that is used to set more than $300-trillion of securities and loans. Over the course of the summer subpoenas that request communication with bank executives were sent out.
Other banks under the microscope are Bank of America, Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ, Credit Suisse, Lloyds Banking Group, Rabobank, Société Générale, Norinchukin Bank and West LB, according to a Financial Times report. It is likely that these subpoenas were served over the summer, reports said.

This comes after earlier investigation efforts in June when Barclays Bank PLC was scrutinized by both British and US officials for manipulating the Libor (and Euribor) rate from 2005 to 2009. Barclays agreed to pay $453-million (U.S.) in fines in order to settle the brewing scandal. But the allegations outraged the markets and set in motion a bigger investigation to determine which other parties might have been submitting false information though the Libor process.

The prosecutors began by scrutinizing six other banks in addition to Barclays (Deutsche Bank, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays, HSBC and UBS), to total 16 firms now under investigation.

As recently as two weeks ago, Bloomberg issued reports that Libor was being set by the contributions of a shrunken group of banks, including RBC. The banks are meant to submit data to determine what interest rates banks should pay each other for short-term loans. The banks submit the estimated costs of borrowing over a variety of time periods. The British Bankers’ Association compiles the data and published the Libor rate–but the reputation of the entire process is increasingly under question, and some groups feel that Libor may not be representative of the stability of the financial system.”

“Why does Barack Obama deserve the presidency if he couldn’t even fix one district? Why are and were District 11 (Cabrini-Green [alleged Chicago base for Withers’ recruitment of Candyman snuff film actors for its pig-farm family escrow service]) and the Robert Taylor Homes (demolished), complete and utter hell-holes during and after being under Barack’s direct responsibility? “Planned for 11,000 inhabitants, the Robert Taylor Homes housed up to a peak of 27,000 people. [2] Six of the poorest US census areas with populations above three people were found there. Including children who are not of working age, at one point 95 percent of the housing development’s 27,000 residents were unemployed and listed public assistance as their only income source, and 40 percent of the households were single-parent, female-headed households earning less than $5,000 per year. About 99.9 percent were African-American. The 28 drab, 16-story concrete high-rises, many blackened with the scars of arson fire, sat in a narrow two-block by 2.5-mile[3] (300 m by 3 km) stretch of slum. The city’s neglect was evident in littered streets, poorly enforced building codes, and scant commercial or civic amenities.” turf wars, $45,000 daily from drug deals “In one weekend, more than 300 separate shooting incidents were reported in the vicinity of the Robert Taylor Homes” Why all of this when Barack campaigned on their change? Why has Barack never changed anything in his political history, penning zero bills in the legislature? How can Barack unite parties when in 7.5 years he couldn’t get Republicans to agree with him on anything, with 927 of ‘his’ bills being shot down? This guy has done absolutely nothing yet he is supposed to be this shining figure of potential prosperity and unification.”

More to follow.

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    Did Disney Studios bring out the 13 th Warriors in 1999 because it was letting the wprld know that Disney knew about the Eaters of the Dead in British Columbia?

    The 13th Warrior is a 1999 American historical fiction action film starring Antonio Banderas as Ahmad ibn Fadlan and Vladimir Kulich as Buliwyf;

    It is based on the novel Eaters of the Dead by Michael Crichton.[4]

    It was directed by John McTiernan and an
    uncredited Crichton[citation

    It was filmed on VANCOUVER ISLAND at the same time Picton was on his merry round of murders, cutting women into pieces, feeding them to humans as pork chops.