Marine Links Sister’s Same-Sex BOP Trusties to Ambassador Steven’s Gang Rape Murder

United States Marine Field McConnell has linked his sister Kristine Marcy’s global deployment of same-sex Bureau of Prison trusties and ex-cons to the gang rape murder of Ambassador Christopher Stevens on 12/9/11.

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Marine Links Serco Con Air and Marcy Prison to Anal Rape of Ambassador Stevens 

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 Marine Links Kristine ‘Serco’ Marcy’s Prisons to KSM Snuff Film Scripts

“Michael Savage: Ambassador Stevens Raped and Sodomized Before Murder.”

“Serbian diplomat, and friend of Christopher Stevens, says State Department knowingly sent gay ambassador to Libya. Arab media says ambassador Stevens was gang raped and then his body was put on display. Hillary Clinton has been spending US taxpayer dollars to fund homosexual pride events in foreign countries [Correction – Kristine Marcy has been spending DOJ Asset Forfeiture Funds on BOP same sex trusties to finance glkobal snuff film scripts and productions]. Her actions have prompted backlashes against the US in ItalyRussiaPakistan, and other nations. Last year,Barack Obama made it official US policy to fund homosexual rights groups overseas with US tax-dollars. InPakistan, the staff of the US embassy in Islamabad was placed in serious danger after being ordered to host a homosexual pride event. Pakistanis rioted outside the embassy and burned American flags. Friends of Christopher Stevens in Chicago say he was gay. A member of the Serbian diplomatic team based in Chicago told that the State Department knowingly sent a gay man to be the ambassador of reports “in Chicago’s diplomatic circles at least there is no doubt that Chris Stevens was gay.””

“[Marcy launched DOJ Pride in 1994 with the lesbian A-G Janet Reno and began to infiltrate the Bureau of Prisons with same-sex snuff film trusties who specialize in anal rape of heterosexuals and their children to maintain control of the BOP] BOP’s MCC-NY staff celebrate LGBT History Month On October 27, 2011, the Metropolitan Correctional Center, New York staff celebrated LGBT History Month. Renowned author and social activist Perry Brass presented a version of LGBT history that mixed his life story with general societal progress on LGBT issues. In 1969, Mr. Brass co-edited Come Out, the first gay liberation newspaper in the world. LGBT Program Manager Paula St. John and LGBT Alternate Program Manager William J. Ryan, Ph.D. moderated the program, which concluded with a question and answer period.”

Israel National News:
 Stevens Video: Dancing With Corpses, Dancing in Blood
Op-Ed: Stevens Video: Dancing With Corpses, Dancing in Blood

Published: Friday, September 21, 2012 2:42 AM

I have been looking at the photos and the brief video of Ambassador Stevens and I have spoken to two different Arabists, who assure me that the mob dragging Steven’s body are chanting a song of victory over one’s enemies and are praising God for it.

Prof. Phyllis Chesler is the author of fifteen books, including Women and Madness (Doubleday, 1972), The Death of Feminism: What’s Next in the Struggle for Women’s Freedom (Palgrave Macmillan, 2005) and most recently, The New Anti-Semitism. She is the co-founder of the Association for Women in Psychology and the National Women’s Health Network.
In my day, when we spoke about “two cultures,” we were talking about the unfortunate divide between the hard sciences and the humanities.

Today the phrase “two cultures” means something entirely different.

Here is one among thousands of similar examples. The lead editorial in the New York Times on 9/20/12 was titled: “TheUnited States and the Muslim World” and sub-titled “Despite the attacks, Americans must remain engaged with struggling Arab democracies.”

The editorial goes on to praise President Obama and to condemn “Mitt Romney and the Republicans who have leveled preposterous charges that Mr. Obama has been weak and apologetic.” The editorial believes that Libyans tried to save Ambassador Stevens.

Let’s compare this editorial with an article in the Wall Street Journal which appeared on the exact same day and is titled “U.S.A. Names al- Qaeda in Attack” and is sub-titled “Protests Rage on in Pakistan; Counterterrorism Chief Publicly Links Terror Network to Libya Assault.”

The article says that “U.S. intelligence officials are investigating indications that al-Qaeda’s North African affiliate is connected with militants involved in the attack…intelligence agencies had issued reports about the growing unrest in the area in recent months.” The article goes on to question whether American Embassies are adequately protected.

Things have gone way beyond two cultures. Now, we are talking about two different worlds, perhaps parallel or alternate universes.

It is already 9/20, a full ten days after the Muslim mob tortured and murdered the American Ambassador and three other American personnel in Libya; and still, the loyal and avid NYT’s reader is being told that it was an “anti-Islam video that set off attacks against American embassies and violent protests in the Muslim world.”

That is not true. Here’s what’s happening.

America is now experiencing what Israel has had to live with, unaided, disbelieved, for decades.
Remember the ghoulish lynching of the two Israeli reservists in Ramallah in 2000? And how the Palestinians danced for joy in the streets on 9/11? In 2012, the Arab Street, the Islamist Muslim Street, is again dancing in blood, dancing with corpses.

People have cautioned me not to write about mob mass rape without proper sources.
They are right. But today, what constitutes a credible source? Would one turn to theNew York Times (or Huffington Post or NPR) or to The Wall Street Journal, National Review, or the Weekly Standard?

What constitutes irrefutable proof—the kind accepted by all?

Remember the Mumbai massacre? Islamist terrorists forced hotel guests to strip naked to humiliate them before they killed them. Remember the Chabad Rabbi and his very pregnant wife in Mumbai? They were both tortured in full sight of each other and their genitals were mutilated.

I know of many instances of Islamist Muslim mobs on a rampage. They have attacked civilians, including women and children, with axes, swords, knives, whips, chains, and rocks and they hacked, stabbed, lashed, and stoned their victims to death. The mob also be-headed their victims and sexually mutilated them, both while they were still alive and after death. They have also been known to gang-rape and gang-grope their victims.

As yet, we have no autopsy reports about our American dead in Libya, nor do we have any eyewitness accounts of the possible sodomizing of Ambassador Stevens.

However, I have been looking at the photos and the brief video of Ambassador Stevens and I have spoken to two different Arabists.

The Arabists both assure me that the mob dragging and photographing Ambassador Steven’s body are chanting a song of victory over one’s enemies and are praising God for that victory.
The photos and video show a mob of men photographing a half-naked, facially battered man as they drag him through the streets. They do not look like Good Samaritans who are rushing him to the hospital for treatment. Ambassador Stevens looks quite dead.

According to one of my Arabists, the Arab language media reported that Ambassador Stevens had been gang-raped before he was mob-murdered. He sent me a link to an Arab media venue. (And no, I am not referring to the Lebanese source which recanted this information).

Thousands of years ago, the first Jewish King, Saul, choose to fall on his sword rather than be captured alive by his enemies, the “Plishtim.” They be-headed his corpse and hung his body (and head) on the city wall of Bet Shean for all to see. Valiant soldiers from Jabesh-Gilead risked death in order to retrieve his corpse which they then burned—after which they buried King Saul’s bones under a tamarisk tree and mourned for him for seven days.

One commentator says that although cremation was and is not a Jewish custom, nevertheless, “the (decomposed) flesh had to be burnt as it was considered an affront to the dead to bury them in that state.” Another source suggests that Kings and their possessions were to be burned.

In my view, the valiant men of Jabesh-Gilead burned his corpse because they did not want the Plishtim to dig it up and display it again or to mutilate King Saul’s corpse any further.

Nothing has changed in the region. Barbarism still reigns.Israel is an island under siege.
Israel is also America’s only stable and militarily ready ally in the Middle East. I am so angry by how President Obama has treated Israel that in the midst of the anti-American uprisings, I clenched my fists and thought the unthinkable: “When the time comes, Israel should not helpAmerica. No landing rights, no refueling, no intelligence.

And then I paused and thought: “No. The price for Israel’s help has just gone way up.””

“[Evidence Marcy set up same sex snuff film programs for trusties contemporaneously with her prison medical program] Private Prisons Firm Stirs Concerns

by Caitlin Rother

August 31, 1998 – San Diego Union Tribune –

The world’s largest private prison operator, which has come under fire for the way it runs some of its facilities, has chosen San Diego County to be part of its burgeoningCalifornia empire. Corrections Corp. of America took over the 200-bed former San Diego city jail on Otay Mesa in late May and will likely accept its first prisoners, federal immigration detainees, within a couple of weeks. The company also broke ground in June on a 1,000-bed medium-security jail next door — without a contract for prisoners to fill it — and is bidding to house prisoners at the now-vacant 900-bed county jail in downtown San Diego.

CCA has had success in filling the 79 prisons it operates in the United States, Australia, Puerto Rico and the United Kingdom. But it has come under scrutiny lately, most notably for the way it runs the facility it built inYoungstownOhio.

The 1,700-bed prison there has seen at least 13 stabbings, two homicides and the escape of six inmates — five of them murderers -since it opened 14 months ago. That compares with 12 assaults and no homicides for Ohio‘s entire public prison system of 49,000 inmates in 1997. After the escapes, Ohio Gov. George Voinovich immediately wanted to close the prison. He backed off only after the state attorney general warned that would involve a long, hard and perhaps unsuccessful court battle. The governor then asked U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno to review the controversy, which has become a focal point for the public vs. private prison debate going on across the country.

Private prison operators such as CCA started emerging to help fill the needs of government agencies nationwide about 15 years ago, but the debate on whether they can operate more efficiently and more cheaply than public prisons continues. Opponents say private operators are a bad alternative and do not have the ability to safely house dangerous felons. The debate is growing more heated as many state prison systems, including California‘s, are running out of space and have no money set aside to build facilities. Federal agencies also are turning to private contractors because they do not have the time or money to build their own prisons.

When CCA entered into an agreement with San Diego County to take over the 200-bed jail on Otay Mesa from Wackenhut Corrections Corp. and to build the 1,000-bed jail next door, CCA had no contracts to fill these beds. The company also is building a 2,304-bed prison in California City inKern County and plans to start building a 1,024-bed prison in Mendota outside Fresno by the end of the year, again with no contracts in hand. This is the typical mode of operation for CCA, whose executives often cite the motto “Build it and they will come.” “Clearly the need for INS and U.S. Marshals Service beds is pretty prevalent up and down the state,” said David Myers, president of CCA’s West Coast operation. He said state prisons are reaching capacity as well. Kristine Marcy, a federal immigration official in Washington, D.C., agreed. “I wouldn’t worry about finding people to fill those beds, not at all,” she said. Marcy said there are “loads and loads” of federal prisoners in lock-ups throughout the Western region, waiting for trials, sentences or deportation [or to be recruited into same-sex teams of trusties to administer  her prison medical program, expand the snuff film trade or export Clinton tainted blood]. Immigration detainees range from low-to high-security levels and prisons must be able to accommodate them, she said. In addition to the pending contract with CCA for the 200-bed, medium-security jail, the federal government also has announced a need for 800 to 1,000 beds in Southern California for INS and U.S. Marshals Service prisoners. Any private prison operator may submit a bid, Marcy said. In Youngstown, a city of 90,000 people, CCA’s proposal to build a 1,700-inmate prison was attractive because it would bring 300 construction and 500 prison jobs to town.

This all happened before George McKelvey became mayor. And if he could reshape history, he said, things would be different. “I sure as hell wouldn’t build a private prison in my town, I’ll tell you that,” he said. “It . . . doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.” The city joined inmates in a lawsuit against CCA, and as a result the court has ordered the company to move out more than 200 misclassified prisoners who were too dangerous to be placed in a medium-security prison. Youngstown officials also contend CCA did not promptly report the July escapes [furloughs for contract hits] to local police, even as guards were searching fields around the prison. In a telephone interview last week, Myers of CCA said the prison was sent misclassified prisoners by officials [Marcy] inWashingtonD.C. “I’m not blaming anyone, really,” he said, adding that there is an 18-to 24-month “shakedown” period that a start-up prison needs to get the kinks out. Myers denied reports that local police were not notified in a timely manner. “It was a situation where a lot of inmates were sent into an institution all at one time,” he said. “They have differences that they sometimes develop while they’re in the institution. . . . Corrections officials in public prisons or private prisons don’t always know about that, and then things happen.” Myers, who said he was a warden in four Texas prisons for 15 years before joining the private sector, contended that the Youngstownfacility’s problems are no different from those found in public prisons.

“There is no escape-proof prison,” he said. When Wackenhut ran the Otay Mesa jail, it housed 200 city prisoners, who have since been moved to the new county jail in downtownSan Diego. Officials say the old county jail will have to be refurbished before prisoners are placed there again. CCA took over the Otay Mesa jail after winning the latest round of bidding. The company hired the 74 former Wackenhut employees and put them to work rehearsing how to run the jail as if it were full of inmates. Marcy of INS said the contract between her agency and CCA to send federal prisoners to the 200-bed jail will likely be signed within two weeks. After hearing about CCA’s plans in San DiegoCountyYoungstown‘s McKelvey had some advice for officials here: “Beware. . . . If your local officials don’t do their homework on who is coming into that facility, you’re going to face the same challenges we faced,” he said. Rich Robinson, the deputy chief administrative officer for San Diego County in charge of the downtown jail project, said he had heard reports about the Youngstown controversy. But he said there are two sides to every story.

“There would be reason for concern in the event that there are high-risk prisoners in that facility,” Robinson said. “We’d want to have some say.” “They’re (CCA) obviously going to have some questions to answer before we’d enter into any agreement,” he said. Marcy said that although she and other INS officials are concerned about the Youngstown situation, she has had good experiences with CCA facilities in Kansas, Tennessee and Arizona.

INS officials will draft their contracts carefully, she said, and then closely monitor any facility managed by a private operator, whether it’s CCA or another company. “The Department of Justice wants to always be careful when it privatizes,” she said. “We don’t just walk away and stop paying attention.” Ohio is not the only place CCA has run into trouble. CCA has also been criticized for problems with escapes and misclassified inmates at its facility inHouston. In 1996, two convicted sex offenders escaped from that prison, which was intended to hold federal immigration detainees, the same type of inmates headed for the Otay Mesa jail. Texas officials didn’t know that the prison held more than 200 sex offenders from Oregon. Allan Polunsky, the head of the Texas Board of Criminal Justice, said the problem was that no agency had oversight over the facility. “CCA slipped 200 dangerous criminals into a facility that had been designed as a minimum-security facility at best,” Polunsky said. “Most people in the criminal justice system were unaware of its existence until the escapes took place.”

To safeguard such similar problems, Polunsky suggested that contracts with CCA be “very detailed and tight and specific to the scope of the mission of the facility.” Myers of CCA dismissed Polunsky’s comments, saying he is a citizen, not a corrections expert. Besides, he said, “Allan Polunsky is against private prisons.”

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