Marine Links Sister Marcy’s Small Business 8(a) Ring to Pawlenty’s Twin Towers Oracle Cloud

United States Marine Field McConnell has linked his sister Kristine Marcy’s deployment of the Small Business Administration’s 8(a) enterprise ring to Wizmo- Oracle cloud sofware servers allegedly used by Tim Pawlenty’s Wells Fargo associates to relay ignition signals to the incendiary bombs placed by al-Qaeda (?) 8(a) saboteurs in the Twin Towers elevator shafts prior to demolition on 9/11.

Marine Links Sister ‘Conair’ Marcy to Mormon Kindertransport and the Muslim Paperclip

“Enterprise Computing Rings in a New Era 

Mar 02, 2001 …..While it doesn’t have shipping responsibilities, the Small Business Administration is accountable for managing $50 billion in loans, and comes under a great deal of congressional oversight. So it is imperative that the agency have rein over its external and internal business operations. 

The SBA has launched a program to modernize those areas. Still in the pre-RFP stage, the first phase of that effort will concentrate on its external operations, including the loan monitoring and oversight systems, said Kristine Marcy, SBA’s chief operating officer. 

Although part of phase two, the agency has already started on its internal administrative and core financial systems. In October 2000, SBA hired SRA International Inc. of Fairfax, Va., to implement an integrated financial and human resources system from Oracle. The project, called the Joint Administrative and Management System, is worth $6 million to SRA and $1.5 million to Oracle, Marcy said. 

“The integrated system will give us better information and quicker access to that information and a more composite view of where we stand at any particular point in time,” Lawrence Barrett, SBA’s chief of information, said. 

Currently, financial and human resources or payroll are outsourced separately, said Barrett. Because information must be passed from one system to the other, there are times when transactions may be impacting the budget but not showing up in the general ledger. 

When fully implemented Oct. 1, between 200 and 450 SBA employees will use the system, but at some future point it is likely to be opened up for some vendors, said Rick Klein, director of office information systems at SBA. 

The Customs Service’s biggest need is assets management, said Tom Garrison, director of financial systems for the agency’s office of finance. The organization manages facilities in about 300 locations around the country, and at many of those sites there are standalone systems or no systems at all, Garrison said. The result is duplicative administrative work. 

In September 1999, the service acquired asset management as part of an overall financial system from SAP and contracted with PricewaterhouseCoopers to integrate it. 

The goal is to standardize the management of the organization’s properties, both real and personal, everything from buildings to vehicles, he said. When fully deployed, the system will be used by 2,400 personnel.” 

More to follow.


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