Marine Links RBC’s Libor Associates to B.C.’s Same-Sex Pig Farm MERS

United States Marine Field McConnell has linked RBC’s alleged Libor associates to a racketeering conspiracy to recover debt with the use of same-sex snuff film images from a B.C. pig farm and MERS*/Mindbox software.

MERS = Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems

McConnell claims RBC’s associates used same-sex pig-farm habitués Linda Pickton and Kelly Rowan, to compile snuff-film images with Libor data, rigged and distributed online by Thomson Reuters, to accelerate debt recovery from terrified MERS/Mindbox users.

Sold Liquidation Rights – Small Business Administration’s 8(a) Program – Wells Fargo – Recovered Debts – MERS/MindBox Software – Matrix 5 Propaganda

“Diversity: Gay & Lesbian Network at [RBC Libor associate] Standard & Poors”

“Linda Louise Wright & The Guild Socialist Ensemble Recorded Live at Pickton Pig Farm”

“Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh (1995) Theatrical Trailer”

“Kelly Rowan on ABC News”

“CBS 60 Minutes – Evidence of MERS Mortgage Fraud Stops Foreclosures”

“A baby picture of Mona Wilson is the centerpiece of a memorial outside the gates of the Pickton farm. In jail, Willie’s gaunt and haggard looks have only deepened. His balding blond hair straggles down to his shoulders. In his rare personal court appearances (he usually appears by video link), Willie has been unabashed, staring boldly back at the angry family and friends of the women he’s allegedly murdered. Dave, 52, describes himself as an entrepreneur who has worked hard all his life, mostly in his landfill, excavation and demolition businesses. He has told The Province he was the brains of the family, the one who had to “push the pencils” and “count the dollars.” It was by the sweat of Dave’s brow that the subdivision of the family farm — which the three siblings inherited after their father died in 1978 and their mother a year later — was even possible, says sister Linda. Although the divorced father of two grown children often works 18-hour days, he admits he likes to party hard, admires [gay?] bikers and is proud of the after-hours club he built on a nearby site on Burns Road. The club was dubbed Piggy’s Palace after the nickname by which the burly Dave, often begrimed with oil and dirt, was known around Port Coquitlam. The Province This property became known as Piggy’s Palace after the Pickton brothers turned it into an after-hours club. ‘We had 1,800 people at one of my parties and my parties were cleaner than any bar downtown,’ says Dave Pickton. The club was run by a non-profit group called the Good Times Society that the brothers founded in 1996 to hold “fundraisers” for women’s [and, allegedly, same sex LGBT] groups and minor hockey leagues. Dave equipped Piggy’s, which attracted a varied crowd ranging from bikers to the local mayor of the day, with a dance floor and sound system and hired security from White Knights Security Services. “We had 1,800 people at one of my parties and my parties were cleaner than any goddamn bar downtown,” says Dave. The club was eventually shut down by bylaw and fire officials in a zoning dispute. The society dissolved in 2000. Depending on who you talk to, the Pickton brothers were either big-hearted farm boys or slightly creepy characters. Both brothers did have run-ins with the law. In July of 1992, Dave Pickton was convicted of the sexual assault of a female construction worker at a site he was excavating. Dave was fined $1,000, given 30 days’ probation and ordered to have no contact with the victim. The siblings, whose names are still on a development permit application posted on their property, had hoped they’d finally make money from the sale of the remaining farm site — the one on which police plan to dig and sift for at least a year. In the end, says Linda, the family has been left nearly broke, without enough money to cover Willie’s legal bills. His lawyer, Peter Ritchie, has placed a $375,000 lien on the property. The total value of all the sales is close to $7 million and the farm itself is assessed at more than $3 million. And the family owns other property. Linda Pickton confirmed that although she still owns the Dominion Road farm with her brothers — “it was an inheritance from our parents” — she is not an owner of the Piggy’s Palace Burns Road site, but “I do have a mortgage on it because they [her brothers] couldn’t afford to pay me.”’a_disaster_in_every_way-june_23,_2002.htm

“RBC pays $11 mln to settle US mortgage fraud probe .. By Jonathan Stempel .. NEW YORK | Tue Nov 25, 2008 6:00pm EST .. (Reuters [Libor data comnpiler!!!]) – A Royal Bank of Canada (RY.TO) mortgage unit will pay $10.98 million to settle charges it gave the U.S. government false information about borrowers who took out 219 home loans that ended up in foreclosure. RBC Mortgage Co agreed to the payment to avoid litigation but denied wrongdoing, according to Patrick Fitzgerald, the U.S. attorney in Chicago, who announced the settlement. Investigators accused RBC of knowing that 219 loans made in the Rockford and Freeport, Illinois, areas between February 2001 and April 2004 were based on false or fraudulent statements about the borrowers’ credit, employment or sources of equity. They said the lender also submitted false information about the loans to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.”

“LENDING RATES Canada assailed for ‘invasion’ in Libor probe GRANT ROBERTSON, KEVIN CARMICHAEL AND SEAN SILCOFF TORONTO, WASHINGTON AND OTTAWA — The Globe and Mail (includes correction) Published Tuesday, Jul. 17 2012, 7:32 PM EDT British regulators are probing at least 16 banks involved in setting Libor during that time, including Canada’s largest bank, Royal Bank of Canada. RBC has issued a statement saying it does not believe it ran afoul of British banking rules in its reporting to the Libor process, and has also said it is not being investigated by the Competition Bureau. But British regulators have looked to the Competition Bureau for help in gathering evidence on foreign banks. As part of that request, the Bureau has filed formal requests for documentation on rate-setting from six international banks, including the Canadian operations of RBS, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan, Citibank and ICAP Capital.”

“The Machine on Meth: How Mindbox, MERS & The Shadow Banking System Bankrupted the US In 1998, the US Patent and Trademark Court issued what is a called The State Street Bank Decision. That decision allowed business processes to be patented. Up until then, such things were not possible. What changed was that essentially, the plaintiff’s attorney argued to the court that due to the push through the 90’s for informational systems automation (think Electronic Medical Records, The Depository Trust Corporation) the software which ran that automatically crunched information was a patentable item. The court agreed. One of the industries which saw benefit of this decision was the Real Estate and Mortgage Banking Industry. All throughout the 90’s, in a push spear headed by FANNIE & FREDDIE and a visionary man named Bill Dallas, the entire business channel of the buying and selling of residential real estate mortgages and debt became automated. This business channel shed labor as software automation came to the information intense process of creating loan products for the residential real estate market. Also during this time, another man, Richard Barfus, brought a software product to market. It was an artificially intelligent (AI) control software called Mindbox. I call it HAL. HAL applied his expertise in his very early years to various small aspects of the mortgage business process starting with FANNIE & FREDDIE. In 2004, Richard Barfus and Bill Dallas teamed up and brought Mindbox (HAL) to the vertical market of residential real estate loan production.”

“The entire house of cards constructed by the banks and the mortgage industry is falling down, and it’s not going to be pretty. By the time it’s all over, this could make 2008’s previous banking failures look mild in comparison. This latest lawsuit is a civil suit, not criminal. But that doesn’t mean the feds won’t get in on the case if it heats up — and I’m guessing it will:

Citigroup Inc. [RBC Libor associates] and Ally Financial Inc. units were sued by homeowners in Kentucky for allegedly conspiring with Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc. to falsely foreclose on loans.

The lawsuit, filed as a civil-racketeering class action on behalf of all Kentucky homeowners facing foreclosure, also names as a defendant Reston, Virginia-based MERS, the company that handles mortgage transfers among member banks. The suit claims that through MERS the banks are foreclosing on homes even when they don’t hold titles to the properties.

“Defendants have filed foreclosures throughout the state of Kentucky and the United States of America knowing that they were not the ‘owners’ or beneficiaries of the loan they filed foreclosure upon,” the homeowners wrote in their complaint filed Sept. 28 in federal court in Louisville, Kentucky.

The homeowners claim the defendants filed or caused to be filed mortgages with forged signatures, filed foreclosure actions months before they acquired any legal interest in the properties and falsely claimed to own notes executed with mortgages.

[…] “RICO comes in because the fraud didn’t just happen piecemeal,” Heather Boone McKeever, a Lexington, Kentucky-based lawyer for the homeowners, said in a phone interview today. “This is organized crime by people in suits, but it is still organized crime. They created a very thorough plan.”

As I’ve noted previously, some of the biggest title insurance companies are refusing to insure mortgages in foreclosure — because they can’t be sure who actually has title. Because lenders won’t underwrite a mortgage without it, this will have the likely effect of driving down home prices even more.

This is as serious as it gets.

The only people happy about this are the lawyers, who will be billing for untangling this whole mess. See, this is why you want a tightly-regulated derivatives market. Now the banks don’t even know who owns the mortgages used as collateral. In fact, this can even affect homeowners who are attempting to pay off their mortgages. Who will assign them a clear title?

Watch for the banks for fight any attempt to impose a foreclosure moratorium. This mess is so bad, the administration may have to do what they could have done in the first place: Nationalize the banks. Stay tuned.”

“The Thomson Corporation acquired Reuters Group PLC to form Thomson Reuters on April 17, 2008. Thomson Reuters operated under a dual-listed company (“DLC”) structure and had two parent companies, both of which were publicly listed — Thomson Reuters Corporation and Thomson Reuters PLC. In 2009 it unified its dual listed company structure and stopped its listing on the London Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. It is now listed only as Thomson Reuters Corporation on the New York Stock Exchange and Toronto Stock Exchange (symbol: TRI).”

“NOTICE OF SPECIAL MEETING OF SHAREHOLDERS AND MANAGEMENT INFORMATION CIRCULAR ACQUISITION OF REUTERS GROUP PLC February 29, 2008 Dear shareholder: You are invited to attend a special meeting of the shareholders of The Thomson Corporation, which will be held at Roy Thomson Hall, 60 Simcoe Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on March 26, 2008, beginning at 10:00 a.m. (Eastern time). On May 15, 2007, we agreed to acquire Reuters Group PLC. At the meeting, we will ask you to approve this transaction. .. During 2006, £527 million was applied to market purchases of the company’s own shares. At 31 December 2006, the Group had net debt of £333 million. Reuters is rated by the three principal credit rating agencies. As at 31 December 2006, the long- and short-term ratings were Fitch A/F1, Moody’s A3/P-2 and Standard and Poor’s A/A-2. Following the announcement on 1 March 2007 that Reuters expected to increase the buy-back during 2007 to £400-425 million, which includes the £250 million remaining of the £1 billion buy-back announced in July 2005, Standard and Poor’s and Fitch Ratings both revised downwards the long-term rating from A to BBB+ and Moody’s have put the rating under review for a possible downgrade. Going forward, Reuters will actively manage its capital structure to maintain an investment grade rating of BBB+/Baa1. Reuters borrows in various currencies, at both fixed and floating rates, and uses derivative contracts to create the desired currency and interest rate basis. The conversion of net investments in foreign operations into the Group’s reporting currency of sterling, for accounting purposes, creates translation exposure. To mitigate this effect, to the extent that the Group has core debt it will be held in currencies approximately proportionate to the currency profile of the Group’s net assets. In broad terms, using the average net debt position, a 1 per cent. increase in global interest rates would have reduced profit before tax in the year by approximately £2 million (2005: £2 million) before the impact of hedging. Multicurrency revolving credit facility In October 2006, Reuters entered into a committed multicurrency revolving credit facility for £680 million. This replaced an existing committed syndicated credit facility of £480 million and a bilateral loan facility of £24 million. At 31 December 2006, Reuters had available £623 million under the facility, following utilisation of £57 million in the form of a standby letter of credit. There were no cash drawings from the facility during 2006. The commitment expires, and any final repayment is due in October 2011, unless one-year extension options are exercised in October 2007 and October 2008 (at the banks’ discretion). In this instance, the latest expiry date would be 2013. The facility is on customary terms and conditions. Drawings under the facility may be made in sterling, euros or other currencies agreed at the time and bear interest at LIBOR plus a margin, variable according to the long-term credit rating of the company. The facility cross-defaults upon default by Reuters in payment or acceleration of any other borrowings in excess of £20 million. The facility contains no financial covenants.”

“BBA Libor associates [include Sidley Austin, Allen and Overy law firms which allegedly set up Romney’s Libor tax shelters with The Cayman Islands Bankers’ Association] Accenture ADT Fire and Security plc [Twin Towers security for investors in Libor leveraged lease] … Allen & Overy [Structured Thomson’s acquisition of Reuters and its Libor services] … Bank of England .. .. Brown Brothers Harriman & Co .. Capital One (Europe) plc Clifford Chance .. DLA Piper UK LLP [Mrs. Clegg restructured HSBC trademark for Libor SOS Children’s Villages] .. G4S [Olympic money laundering, Wackenhut Joker hit]Isle of Man Bankers’ Association [CCX scam] .. Jersey Bankers Association .. KPMG [PatteLinkrn of the Times on 9/11] .. Linklaters LLP [Repo’ed Lehman Brothers with Libor loans!!!] .. Norton Rose .. Oracle .. PwC .. Sidley Austin LLP [Obama’s cronies Structured Romney’s Libor tax shelters in Cayman Island] .. The Cayman Islands Bankers’ Association [Laundered HSBC Fast and Furious] .. The Post Office Ltd [Magnotta head] .. Worldpay

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