Marine Links Libor-Funded Gold Room Lesbians to Underground Bombers’ Dick

United States Marine Field McConnell has linked a Thomson Reuters’ Libor bank cartel to the funding of lesbian-controlled P3 construction contracts, including the contract to build the Gold Room allegedly used by Cressida Dick to coordinate the 2005 London Underground bombing campaigns and the murder of prospective whistleblower, Jean Charles de Menezes.

McConnell notes that a Thomson Reuters’ Libor cartel member, the Bank of America, funded the construction of a lesbian-controlled Gold Room on Floor 23 of World Trade Center Building #7 before 9/11 and he has asked his network to identify the controlling lesbian who ordered “Pull it”.

“7/7 London Bombing ‘Exercises’ Took Place at Same Time as Real Terrorist Attack”

“BBC … Introduction Electrician Jean Charles de Menezes was shot dead on 22 July, 2005, by police who mistook him for one of four would-be suicide bombers who attacked London’s transport system the previous day. Police in the capital were on heightened alert as they hunted the attackers, who struck just two weeks after 52 people were killed in similar co-ordinated suicide bombings. In the hours after the shooting – but before police realised their mistake – Scotland Yard said it had been directly linked to their anti-terrorist operation. … The pursuit After leaving the flats, Mr Menezes headed for a bus stop round the corner in Tulse Hill. He was followed by another officer as he boarded a Number 2 bus for the 15-minute journey to Stockwell station, while members of the security services tried to confirm he was the man they were after. Scotland Yard will not confirm the chain of command for the operation, which they say is a key part of the independent inquiry into the shooting. But it is known that policing for special events and incidents in London is co-ordinated from a command room containing “gold” and “silver” commanders, with “bronze” commanders “on the ground”. Cressida Dick, a commander in the Met’s Specialist Crime Directorate, is thought to have had a key role. Police will also not confirm whether officers were instructed to prevent Mr Menezes boarding the bus or entering the station. Initial witness reports suggested he was wearing a thick, padded jacket, despite the warm weather. And police said soon after the shooting that the dead man’s clothing and behaviour had added to their suspicions. Yet documents and photographs of the scene suggest he was wearing a blue denim jacket or shirt.”

16. Cressida Dick (nee Dick) [Revised July 8, 2012. Cressida Dick is a Matrix 5 principal and an alleged early adopter of the Joint Automated Booking Station JABS for spoliation of evidence at crime scenes associated with murder-for-hire; she allegedly extorted insider of the Thomson Reuters’ Libor bank cartel to fund lesbian-controlled P3 construction contracts; she was an alleged lesbian principal in a Libor contract for the use of a “Gold Room” JABS to coordinate the 2005 London Underground bombing campaign; she allegedly used the Gold Room to coordinate the July 22nd murder of prospective Gold Room whistleblower, Jean Charles de Menezes, a Brazilian technician who had installed ADT CCTV cameras which generated images of the real July bombers; she allegedly used a JABS network set up by Wells Fargo at Canada Square in an attempted contract hit of the Russian banker, German Gorbuntsov; she is a sponsor of an alleged Common Purpose conspiracy, having attended a course in 1995/96 while serving in Thames Valley Police; she is allegedly engaged with fellow Common Purpose leaders in the lesbian and pedophile extortion of heterosexuals under the guise of promoting diversity; she allegedly first used JABS to conceal CCTV images associated with the murder of Princess Diana; she allegedly used a JABS installation at Wells Fargo’s Canada Square offices, Canary Wharf, to e-mail DNA, fingerprint and CCTV images from crime scenes associated with the murder of Gareth Williams (The Case of the Folded Spook); she has allegedly been using JABS for illegal surveillance of Ministers, VIP’s and Royal Family with Rebekah Wade; she was educated at the Dragon School (Oxford), Oxford High School, and Balliol College, Oxford; she allegedly worked with a large accountancy firm on early developments of PKI and what is now the U.S. Federal Bridge Certification Authority before joining the Metropolitan Police in 1983; she served as a Constable, Sergeant and Inspector in Central, South West and South East London; she was seconded to the staff of the Accelerated Promotion Course at Bramshill; she transferred to Thames Valley Police as Superintendent Operations; she subsequently spent three years as Area Commander in charge of policing the city of Oxford where she allegedly helped Bullingdon Club members organize illegal oath ceremonies; she attended the Strategic Command Course; she took a career break and studied full time for an M. Phil. in Criminology where she allegedly developed an alibi for the planning of the 9/11 attack with University Settlement Movement radicals, including John Profumo the late Bullingdon Club cleaner of Toynbee Hall toilet bowls; she returned to the Met as a Commander in June 2001 where she allegedly began working on the Wells Fargo pass-through certificates to finance the 9/11 contract hits; she used the position of Director of the Diversity Directorate to give her pan-London strategic responsibility for extorting silence or consent from heterosexual witnesses to organized crime (cf. two decades previously, Viscountess Astor and the Kray Twins); she joined the Specialist Crime Directorate in 2003; she was commander in charge of Serious & Organised Crime and Trident; she was promoted to Deputy Assistant Commissioner in February 2007 and moved to Specialist Operations in charge of protection and security in London; she was the Met’s representative on the “PROTECT” strand of the Government’s Counter Terrorism Strategy; she was promoted to be the first female Assistant Commissioner in the Met in July 2009; she was the Specialist Operations lead in the Met’s preparation for the Olympics and has allegedly planted bombs at various venues to extort government leaders into giving more concessions to the bankers at Canada Square; she took over Specialist Crime Directorate, which investigates the majority of serious crimes that occur in London; she implemented JABS control of evidence from crime scenes associated with murder, kidnap, shootings, rape, armed robbery, gun supply, child abuse, major fraud, e-crime and drugs networks; she used JABS to deliver and manipulate (spoliation) forensic evidence, intelligence and covert policing capability to the whole of the Met; she used JABS to take a command and control role for Met in snuff-film production on 9/11, the Tsunami, and the 2005 and 2007 terrorist attacks in London; she learned how to act as a hostage negotiator in 1989 and is chair of the National Negotiator Group; she is a long standing member of BAWP (British Association of Women in Policing and was appointed President in October 2010; she allegedly extorted Sir Paul Robert Stephenson, the former Metropolitan Police Commissioner, and John Yates, a former assistant commissioner, into resigning over the News International phone hacking affair which she appears to have orchestrated with Rebekah Wade using the Wells Fargo, Canada Square JABS network; she was appointed, assistant commissioner specialist operations in the wake of the resignations she had allegedly extorted and held the rank until 23 January 2012.”

More to follow.

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  • Ran a blog from 2006-8 which included 7/7/7 material; it didn't take a genius to figure that as the day after the rigged Olympic 'win' for London was announced, 56 (magick number 11 includes the 4 Muslim patsys) people were murdered, the 2012 event was not going to be good news. Jean Charles' murder prompted a poem in support of his family, duly delivered. Anyway, this 'Power Surge' as was reported at the time of the explosions was to me a direct reference to Peter Power who, to my surprise, actually responded to my blog entry claiming that his exercise on that day was on behalf of Reed Elsiever, a client. It struck me that psychopaths can't resist touting their mouths and opinions whenever there's a chance to grab the spotlight on major activities as was the case with his interview following the 'blasts' and then feeling some kind of need to 'put the record straight' on my assertions. He did me the service of aiding further research on any topic as it has proven valid that whenever Thompsons Reuters make an issue headline news, those personalities condemning are intrinstically involved in that which they condemn. As was the case with Maddy McCann and so very many others.