Marine Links the Common Purpose Pedophiles’ Dick to SS Spectrum Libor Frauds

Independence Day – July 4, 2012. U.S. Marine Field McConnell has linked Common Purpose pedophiles’ associate, Cressida Dick, to Same Sex (SS) Spectrum Libor frauds which were allegedly perpetrated by Chris Mathias, Chair of Common Purpose Trustees, and a member of the extorted advisory board of Barclays Private Bank.

See #16:
Abel Danger Mischief Makers – Mistress of the Revels – ‘Man-In-The-Middle’ Attacks

McConnell Links Dick-Hit Russian Banker To Wells Fargo’s JABSt Canada Square

“Bob Diamond Quits As Barclays Chief 3/07/2012”

“Common Purpose: A Telegraph [Allegedly-Pedophile] Business Club Video”


[Messaging allegedly sent by Common Purpose pedophiles over Same Sex Spectrum app]

“Barclays board begins fight to claw back Bob Diamond’s £22.9m share package as it’s revealed Mervyn King ‘gave him final push’ .. Memo from Barclays implies Bank of England knew about Libor-rigging scam .. Bank of England governor and Financial Services Authority put pressure on bank to force the chief-executive out, it is claimed Mr Diamond to appear before Treasury Select Committee tomorrow .. [Allegedly extorted by Cressida Dick and Common Purpose pedophile pimps through his Same-Sex Spectrum app,] Barclays banker Jerry del Missier ordered staff to lower the Libor rate after misunderstanding [bull shit!] instructions from Mr Diamond .. Barclays chairman Marcus Agius says he has known about Libor fixing for the last TWO years .. Mr Agius says Mr Diamond, 60, resigned after ‘something snapped’ last night .. Mr del Missier, the chief operating officer, also resigns from bank .. Shareholders will attempt to claw back 13.2million shares owned by Mr Diamond – leaving him with ‘just’ a year’s salary worth £1.35m .. Barclays share price falls 0.8% today following developments to 167p .. MPs will vote tomorrow on plans to set up a full judge-led inquiry into the bank rate-rigging scandal .. By ROB COOPER PUBLISHED: 06:40 GMT, 3 July 2012 | UPDATED: 20:10 GMT, 3 July 2012”

16. Cressida Dick (nee Dick) [Revised Independence Day, July 4, 2012. Cressida Dick is a Matrix 5 principal and an alleged early adopter of the Joint Automated Booking Station JABS for spoliation of evidence at crime scenes associated with Kristine Marcy’s DoJ Pride and a same-sex murder-for-hire service; she allegedly used Chris Mathias, the Chair of Common Purpose Trustees, and a member of the advisory board of Barclays Private Bank, to develop the Same Sex (SS) Spectrum app for Common Purpose pedophiles and the Libor fraud; she allegedly used a JABS network set up by Wells Fargo at Canada Square in an attempted contract hit of the Russian banker, German Gorbuntsov; she is a sponsor of an alleged Common Purpose conspiracy, having attended a course in 1995/96 while serving in Thames Valley Police; she is allegedly engaged with fellow Common Purpose leaders in the lesbian and pedophile extortion of heterosexuals under the guise of promoting diversity; she allegedly first used JABS to conceal CCTV images associated with the murder of Princess Diana; she allegedly used a JABS installation at Wells Fargo’s Canada Square offices, Canary Wharf, to e-mail DNA, fingerprint and CCTV images from crime scenes associated with the murder of Gareth Williams (The Case of the Folded Spook); she has allegedly been using JABS for illegal surveillance of Ministers, VIP’s and Royal Family with Rebekah Wade; she was educated at the Dragon School (Oxford), Oxford High School, and Balliol College, Oxford; she allegedly worked with a large accountancy firm on early developments of PKI and what is now the U.S. Federal Bridge Certification Authority before joining the Metropolitan Police in 1983; she served as a Constable, Sergeant and Inspector in Central, South West and South East London; she was seconded to the staff of the Accelerated Promotion Course at Bramshill; she transferred to Thames Valley Police as Superintendent Operations; she subsequently spent three years as Area Commander in charge of policing the city of Oxford where she allegedly helped Bullingdon Club members organize illegal oath ceremonies; she attended the Strategic Command Course; she took a career break and studied full time for an M. Phil. in Criminology where she allegedly developed an alibi for the planning of the 9/11 attack with University Settlement Movement radicals, including John Profumo the late Bullingdon Club cleaner of Toynbee Hall toilet bowls; she returned to the Met as a Commander in June 2001 where she allegedly began working on the Wells Fargo pass-through certificates to finance the 9/11 contract hits; she used the position of Director of the Diversity Directorate to give her pan-London strategic responsibility for extorting silence or consent from heterosexual witnesses to organized crime (cf. two decades previously, Viscountess Astor and the Kray Twins); she joined the Specialist Crime Directorate in 2003; she was commander in charge of Serious & Organised Crime and Trident; she allegedly used the Canada Square JABS to spoliate CCTV evidence associated with 7/7 bombings and, two weeks later, the 21 July 2005 London bombings; she allegedly used the Canada Square JABS to spoliate CCTV evidence of the 22 July 2005 murder of Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes, a Brazilian technician who had installed ADT CCTV cameras which generated images of the real July bombers; she was promoted to Deputy Assistant Commissioner in February 2007 and moved to Specialist Operations in charge of protection and security in London; she was the Met’s representative on the “PROTECT” strand of the Government’s Counter Terrorism Strategy; she was promoted to be the first female Assistant Commissioner in the Met in July 2009; she was the Specialist Operations lead in the Met’s preparation for the Olympics and has allegedly planted bombs at various venues to extort government leaders into giving more concessions to the bankers at Canada Square; she took over Specialist Crime Directorate, which investigates the majority of serious crimes that occur in London; she implemented JABS control of evidence from crime scenes associated with murder, kidnap, shootings, rape, armed robbery, gun supply, child abuse, major fraud, e-crime and drugs networks; she used JABS to deliver and manipulate (spoliation) forensic evidence, intelligence and covert policing capability to the whole of the Met; she used JABS to take a command and control role for Met in snuff-film production on 9/11, the Tsunami, and the 2005 and 2007 terrorist attacks in London; she learned how to act as a hostage negotiator in 1989 and is chair of the National Negotiator Group; she is a long standing member of BAWP (British Association of Women in Policing and was appointed President in October 2010; she allegedly extorted Sir Paul Robert Stephenson, the former Metropolitan Police Commissioner, and John Yates, a former assistant commissioner, into resigning over the News International phone hacking affair which she appears to have orchestrated with Rebekah Wade using the Wells Fargo, Canada Square JABS network; she was appointed, assistant commissioner specialist operations in the wake of the resignations she had allegedly extorted and held the rank until 23 January 2012.”

“Chris Mathias (Chair of Common Purpose Trustees) .. co-founded CMG Partners and Arbor Ventures – both are private investment management companies. Prior to this, Chris successfully founded several companies, most notably Conduit Communications Ltd, an internet consulting firm and service provider [when he apparently developed the Same Sex Spectrum app allegedly used by his Common Purpose pedophile colleagues at Barclays for the Libor rate-setting fraud] and Careline Services, a call centre provider. Chris had previously been the CEO of the Harpur Group. Chris has served on the board of several organisations including Digital Links International, Impetus Trust and Charity Technology Trust. He supported the start up of Basic Needs India and he is also an Ambassador for Action Aid and supporter of and advisor to Oxfam GB. More recently he was a founder of the British Asian Trust and has joined the board of Bioss and the advisory board of Barclays Private Bank. Chris was born and raised in India and still has business, family and philanthropic connections there. “Common Purpose is exactly what we need right now and in our turbulent futures”, says Chris. “I am excited to be a part of making Common Purpose a truly international organisation”.

“On 3 April 1918 the Reverend Robert Hyde founded what was initially called the Boys’ Welfare Association. Prior to this he had worked with the poor of Hoxton, London – a deprived, slum area. As part of his work he has managed boys’ clubs [allegedly for same sex pedophiles] in London’s East End. He joined the Ministry of Munitions during the first world war working as a civil servant dealing with the social conditions of the munitions workers. As a consequence he had gained first hand experience of appalling workplace conditions. As a result of this knowledge he sought to improve working conditions for the boys and young men employed in munitions plants. Hyde genuinely believed that benign employers and industrial harmony had the capacity to create as much wealth as harsh taskmasters and conflict. He also sought to ‘provide proper facilities for the maximum enjoyment of the Workers’ free time’. In 1919 the Boys’ Welfare Association changed its name to the Industrial Welfare Society; this signified an extension of its activities. Much of the Society’s work in the 1920s and 1930s involved the struggle for what is now considered very basic, such as employer-provided lunchrooms and restrooms. It was greatly helped by the willingness of Prince Albert to be President. He was very willing to involve himself through his own personal participation. He visited between 120 and 150 workplaces around the country between 1920 and 1935. He organized and partially attended the Duke of York Boys’ Camps – camps set up for both working class and public school boys. In addition he attended or sent a letter to every annual meeting of the society until his accession to the throne as George VI in 1937, at which point he became the organization’s Patron. The Industrial Society was granted a Royal Charter in 1984 [whereupon Julia Middleton, founder of Common Purpose, allegedly adopted the Industrial Society’s use of child pornography as a means of extorting concessions from political, military, police, business and NGO leaders]. Robert Hyde continued as head of the Society until his retirement in 1948. HRH Prince Philip became the Patron of the Industrial Society in 1954 [The same year as HRH began serving the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators as Grand Master and allegedly began preparing Guild Socialist pedophiles (cf. Russell Williams) to launch the Oneworld Management Company in Vancouver in 1999 in support of the 9/11 man-in-the-middle attack on America]”

This, on Independence Day, but more to follow.

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