Marine Links British Bankers’ Libor Tax Fraud to Mrs. Ryan’s Twin Towers BOSS

United States Marine and virtual presidential candidate, Field McConnell, has linked the British Bankers Association’s Libor tax frauds to Mrs. Janna Ryan and a WTC Twin Towers’ Son of BOSS tax shelter.

McConnell claims the British Bankers’ Association hired Mrs. Ryan through PwC to design a Son of BOSS Libor tax shelter for WTC Twin Towers’ master servicer Wells Fargo, whose
agents allegedly filed fraudulent insurance claims after the ‘double-occurrence’ collapses of 9/11.

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Marine Links Twin Towers Lease to May’s Libor Banks and a Clinton Rubin Patent Fraud

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Presidential Field Links Twin Towers Dirty Money, Wells Fargo Pass Through Fraud

“9/11 Resolution Trilogy Volume III: Pattern of the Times part 1 of 4 [PwC and KPMG are both BBA Libor professional associates and principals of Son of BOSS tax frauds]”

Bin Laden’s Wells Fargo Libor card!

“Paul Ryan’s wife Janna Ryan: Stay-at-home mom, lawyer and thrifty shopper JANNA RYAN AUGUST 13, 2012 Many people may not have been familiar with Janna Ryan prior to this past weekend, but she is all over the news now. Saturday Mitt Romney named Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as his Vice Presidential pick for the 2012 Election, and now the Ryans have been thrust into the spotlight. It hasn’t taken long for the net to catch up with all things Janna Ryan, including her fashion sense and her Sunday chat with People where she described her husband as “low maintenance.” What do you need to know about Paul Ryan’s wife? Janna Ryan is 43-years-old and is a stay-at-home mom to her three children with Congressman Paul Ryan. Reuters [BBA’s Libor data compiler for Son of BOSS tax frauds] notes that she is from a “well-connected family” and was a congressional aide and healthcare lobbyist before she started staying home with the kids. She is from a small town in Oklahoma named Madill and she attended Wellesley “Hillary’s Dyke’s Ball and the Fight is Everything” College outside Boston. Janna is from a political family, though it is said they typically have strong Democratic connections. … After college she worked for Oklahoma congressman Bill Brewster and she attended Washington Law School at night. From there she worked as a lobbyist for Williams & Jensen and at PricewaterhouseCoopers [allegedly designing Son of BOSS tax shelters for BBA investors in leveraged-lease instruments in Twin Towers] . Janna and Paul Ryan married in 2000 after meeting in Washington, and they moved to Paul’s hometown of Janesville, Wis.” Pricewaterhouse and I.R.S. Settle Tax Shelter Dispute
By DAVID CAY JOHNSTON Published: June 28, 2002 The accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers agreed yesterday to make a ”substantial payment” to the Internal Revenue Service for marketing corporate tax shelters and then failing to comply with rules requiring it to keep a list of such shelters and the clients who used them.
Pricewaterhouse is the second large promoter of tax shelters that the I.R.S. has forced to disclose that it violated Treasury Department rules. Merrill Lynch announced last August that it paid what it called a substantial penalty. Pricewaterhouse, which did not disclose the amount of the penalty, made it clear that it intended to continue selling tax shelters and suggested that it had negotiated a significant concession from the I.R.S. regarding future disclosures about its clients. …. Pricewaterhouse neither admitted nor denied violating the regulations, which it promised to obey in the future. The agreement announced yesterday covers all tax shelters sold by Pricewaterhouse since 1995. That would include a tax shelter known as BOSS, for bond option sales strategy, that generated bogus income tax deductions by using a foreign bank in a partnership [British Bankers Association] arrangement to create the appearance of investment losses. That transaction was included in a list of deals prohibited by the 1999 Treasury rules. News of the agreement was reported on Wednesday night by Sheryl Stratton of Tax Notes magazine on its Web site. The official announcement was made yesterday afternoon. Under federal law, the I.R.S. cannot comment on a specific taxpayer without that taxpayer’s permission. Even though Pricewaterhouse had control over the statement released by the I.R.S., it took issue with it, an act suggesting that the settlement negotiations were not friendly.”

“[Spoliation inference that one of Mrs. Ryan’s erstwhile colleagues in the PwC Son of BOSS era, joined Wells Fargo’s board of directors in 2006 to prepare a Libor-funded tax fraud attack on the United States government a.k.a. TARP] Mr. Moore served as global chairman of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), a professional services firm located in New York, New York, from June 1998 until he retired in June 2001. Prior to being named as the global chairman of PwC, he held the positions of CEO of the U.S. firm of PwC, and chairman and CEO of both Coopers & Lybrand (U.S.) and Coopers & Lybrand International beginning in 1994. He holds a B.S. in Accounting from St. Mary’s College and a J.D. degree from Hastings College of Law, University of California at Berkeley. Mr. Moore is also a director of Bechtel Group, Inc., E2open, Gilead Sciences, Inc., and NetApp, Inc. He is an inactive member of the American Institute of CPAs, the California Bar Association, and the California and New York Society of CPAs. Wells Fargo Board Committees: Audit and Examination Committee, Credit Committee and Risk Committee.”

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