Marine Links BBC’s Pedophile Trusties to Greg Dyke Crimewatch Building #7

United States Marine Field McConnell has linked the BBC’s deployment of pedophile trusties in New York on 9/11 to the spoliation of evidence at the WTC Building #7 crime scene for an episode of Crimewatch, allegedly commissioned as a “Wag the Dog” story by the former BBC Director General, Greg Dyke.

McConnell claims the BBC has been deploying pedophile trusties since 1984 through the Crimewatch booking system (cf. Kristine Marcy JABS) and developed an M.O. in which BBC double agents invite witnesses to appear on the show and kill or intimidate the dangerous ones. 

“Jimmy Savile Last Confession “I got away with it, I broke legs, I’m tricky” – Final Interview”

“BBC Reports Collapse of WTC Building 7 Early—TWICE”

“Greg Dyke Interview, The Cambridge Union Society”

“BBC Conspiracy Files: The Death of Dr David Kelly (Weapons Inspector for the British Government)”

“BBC News … 16 March 2011 Last updated at 11:27 ET ‘World’s largest paedophile ring’ uncovered By Dominic Casciani BBC News home affairs correspondent.

The international network operated out of the Netherlands

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International police led by a UK team say they shut down the largest internet paedophile ring yet discovered.

The global forum had 70,000 followers at its height, leading to 4,000 intelligence reports being sent to police across 30 countries.

The operation has so far identified 670 suspects and 230 abused children.

Detectives say 184 people have been arrested – 121 of them were in the UK.

Some 60 children have been protected in the UK.

The three-year investigation, Operation Rescue, was led by investigators from the UK’s Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (Ceop).”

“BBC News UK 

Dando reconstruction filmed for Crimewatch 

Jill Dando was a presenter on Crimewatch UK 

A reconstruction of the murder of Jill Dando has been filmed for the Crimewatch programme she once presented. 

The appeal for information on the murder, which took place outside the presenter’s house in Gowan Avenue, Fulham, in London, will open Tuesday’s edition of the BBC crime-busting program me. 

The item will focus on sightings in Fulham and Putney of men police would like to come forward to assist them in their investigation into the shooting of the broadcaster. 

BBC Crime Correspondent Stephen Cape: 
“Detectives are hoping this reconstruction 
will jog people’s memories” 

Actors will be used in reconstructions aimed at jogging the memory of witnesses, but there will be no scenes featuring a Jill Dando lookalike. 

Crimewatch executive producer Seetha Kumar said: “As a tribute to Jill we will not be opening the programme with titles or music. 

“At the end of the programme there will be a brief and simple tribute to Jill from viewers, victims and the police – but otherwise it will be the usual public appeals program me. 

“We have to remember there are other victims and families who need help.

Private funeral 

Miss Dando’s funeral will take place in her home town of Weston-super-Mare on Friday, 21 May.”         

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  • Sir Jimmy Savile was known to have had dinner with Admiral Sir Michael Boyce, Chief of the UK Defence Staff at the time of 9 11, and was known to have had close relationships with the leaders of Israel.