Marine Links BBC Savile’s Pedophile Handlers to Some Treasonous Bullingdon Wives

United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Jimmy Savile’s pedophile handlers in the BBC to some Bullingdon Club alumni’s allegedly-treasonous wives, including the late Wallis Simpson wife of the late Duke of Windsor; the late Valerie Hobson wife of the late John Profumo, and the United Kingdom Prime Minister, David Cameron’s wife, Samantha Cameron (nee Sheffieldd).

“Jimmy Savile Had Keys To Broadmoor Hospital, Abuse Claims”

“Edward VIII The [Bullingdon] Traitor King (part 1 of 11)”

“1943 The Adventures of Tartu (Robert Donat, Valerie Hobson, Glyniss Johns)”

Valerie Hobson and her Bullingdon husband John Profumo, allegedly used BBC pedophile handlers to entrap and blackmail former U.K. Prime Minister John Major through Black Wednesday. 

 Joint UK And French Military Command Centre Announced [Samantha and her Bullingdon husband David Cameron allegedly used BBC pedophile to extort access to EADS RapidEye C4ISR system for Benghazi 9/11 attack and Crimewatch rape of Obama’s Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens]”

[Samantha and her Bullingdon husband David Cameron allegedly used the then Chairman of the Board of Governors of the BBC, Sir (Francis) Christopher Buchan Bland, and a matrix of pedophile handlers to extort access to camera azimuths needed by the Naudet Brothers to capture money shots for ‘the first live broadcast mass snuff film in human history’ on 9/11 and a BBC Wag the Dog story of the 5:20pm demolition of WTC#7] 

 “911stealth WTC1 Jules Naudet “Saw” AA Logo So Fast Between 2 Bldgs [Samantha Cameron allegedly gave BBC target azimuth for WTC#1 to Naudet Brothers after her arrival in New York during the “Blue Air” stand down beginning 3:00 pm, Monday 10 September 2001]


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The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is embroiled in a child sex scandal centred on Jimmy Savile, its anchorman on many popular entertainment shows for over thirty years. Now new information is surfacing which indicates that Jimmy Savile was a fully paid up member of the Paedophile Information Exchange (P.I.E) – an organisation which campaigned for the abolition of the age of consent in the UK. 

The letter below has been sent to Lord Patten, Chairman of the BBC Trust. In it I have stated “I am placing this information before you in this open letter as I feel that the BBC should now initiate a full investigation into these
Reports suggesting that during the 1970’s and early 1980’s the BBC’s editorial policy was influenced in favour of P.I.E. This alleged infiltration of the BBC by P.I.E might also explain how Savile was able to operate as a sexual predator during his extended tenure at the BBC without challenge and/or prosecution.” 

I will pursue my objective of securing a full investigation into the alleged membership of Jimmy Savile of the organisation, P.I.E. I will also continue to seek a full and open investigation of the influence, if any, that P.I.E exerted on BBC editorial policy during the 1970′s and 1980′s. I also expect the authorities to investigate whether any BBC employees were members of P.I.E or expressed sympathy and support for the aims and objectives of P.I.E. 

Further links are set out at the bottom of this email. 


{details redacted} 

Lord Patten. 


The British Broadcasting Association Trust, 

The BBC Trust Unit,
180 Great Portland Street, 

W1W 5QZ. 12th October 2012.
Dear Lord Patten,
RE: BBC / Jimmy Savile. 

This is an open letter, ie. I do not regard it as confidential and reserve the right to publish it. There are some parts of it in italics, these sections I do regard as confidential and, as such, they will not be published. 

During 1982 I initiated an investigation into corruption in public life which resulted in the criminal prosecution of some high profile figures for offences against children, including serial child rape. 


I turn now to the reason for my writing to you at this point. 

My investigation led me to the fringes of the Paedophile Information Exchange (P.I.E), an organisation whose history is a matter of public record. The organisation was founded during October 1974 and officially disbanded during 1984. ( … n_Exchange) Due to a lack of financial support my investigation into PIE was severely limited although I did secure two names on the membership list of the organisation, one was Jimmy Savile. One of the key aims of the organisation was to secure a reduction of the age of consent in the UK to FIVE and then abolish it altogether. The organisation secured significant support within parliament, the entertainment industry, the media and similar, professional, organisations. It was reported that, when the organisation was finally closed down, the membership list was found to contain the names of nationally known politicians, entertainers and people engaged in professions, including the medical and legal profession. Some teachers were, I believe, also found to be registered members. The quality and influential nature of its membership and the extent of support for the aims of the organisation among ‘opinion formers’ probably explains how it managed to remain in existence in this country for a decade before it was finally closed down. My investigations did clearly indicate that the tentacles of P.I.E extended deep into the establishment including the BBC and Parliament.
This quote from the book Paedophilia – The Radical Case (Chapter 11) gives an indication of just how far the tentacles of P.I.E had spread and how influential the organisation had become. 

“One outcome of the MIND conference was the suggestion to Keith that PIE should submit evidence to the Home Office Criminal Law Revision Committee on the age of consent. With amazing despatch Keith did exactly this, preparing and submitting the seventeen-page document discussed in Chapter 6 in a matter of weeks, without the benefit of research time or facilities at his disposal. What’s more, we have it on reliable authority that his work caught the imagination of no less a figure than the Home Secretary of the time, Roy Jenkins.” 

The source who notified me that Savile was a fully paid up member of the organisation is extremely reliable. Other sources implied that Savile’s membership of P.I.E was known to others within the BBC who were either sympathetic to its objectives or were members themselves. This might explain why there appeared to be no effective pursuit of the organisation by BBC sponsored current affairs and investigative programmes during that period of P.I.E’s existence. 

I am placing this information before you in this open letter (except for the parts in ITALICS) as I feel that the BBC should now initiate a full investigation into theses reports suggesting that during the 1970’s and early 1980’s the BBC’s editorial policy was influenced in favour of P.I.E. This alleged infiltration of the BBC by P.I.E might also explain how Savile was able to operate as a sexual predator during his extended tenure at the BBC without challenge and/or prosecution.
It has been reported that Savile was responsible for the sexual assault of a brain damaged child at Stoke Mandeville Hospital. 

It has been stated “it can get no lower than this.” I beg to differ. My understanding is that the archive at New Scotland Yard hold an image of the youngest child recorded as being sexually abused, the child was female and was still attached to its mother by the umbilical cord. Perhaps there is someway to go before we reach the bottom of this “cesspit?” 

I do expect and formal and comprehensive response from you within a reasonable time period. A copy of this letter has been forward to The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Mr Bernard Hogan-Howe. 

Yours sincerely, 

Michael .H. Murrin” 

[Spoliation inference that Christopher Buchan Bland was the 9/11 handler of BBC pedophiles who set up the Crimewatch “Wag the Dog” story for al-Qaeda and sent Samantha Cameron to New York to communicate 9/11 snuff film azimuths to Naudet Brothers] Sir (Francis) Christopher Buchan Bland (born 29 May 1938) is a British businessman and politician. He was Deputy Chairman of the Independent Television Authority (1972), which was renamed the Independent Broadcasting Authority in the same year, and former Chairman of London Weekend Television (1984) and of the Board of Governors of the BBC (1996 to 2001), when he took up a position as Chairman of British Telecommunications plc. He left his position with BT in September 2007. Before leaving BT, he became Chairman of the Royal Shakespeare Company, in 2004.” 

 More to follow.


Presidential Mandate

Abel Danger

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  • The Rt Hon Patricia Hewitt MP, Secretary of State for Health, became General Secretary of NCCL in 1974. The very next year, 1975, NCCL invited the Paedophile Information Exchange and Paedophile Action for Liberation to affiliate. In the year after, 1976, the now-notorious paedophile Tom O'Carroll was invited to address the NCCL conference, which promptly voted to 'deplore' the use of chemical castration treatments for paedophiles.

    Also in 1975, Patricia Hewitt joined the Campaign for Homosexual Equality, as a 'straight', in the same year that Keith Hose of the Paedophile Information Exchange addressed its second annual conference. Hose moved a motion of censure on the conference organising committee for 'relegating paedophilia to ancillary status in conference.' The motion was seconded by Trevor Locke, who just happened to be a member of the Executive Council of the NCCL. 'An awareness and acceptance of the sexuality of children is an essential part of the liberation of the young homosexual,' the motion went on. It was duly passed.

    Jack Dromey, whom Harriet Harman married in 1982, and who is now Treasurer of the Labour Party, was also involved with the NCCL. He served on its Executive Committee from 1970 to 1979, so he was there when the decision to invite the two paedophile groups to affiliate was made. NCCL also set up a gay rights sub-committee at the same time, members of which included prominent paedophiles Peter Bremner (alias Roger Nash), Michael Burbidge, Keith Hose and Tom O'Carroll. And of course Walters and Locke were on the Executive.
    source article
    Harriet Harman – Paedophile Supporter