Marine Corps “Intelligence” Compromised – Russia Sends Wheat; US Considering Sending Military



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What concessions will Russia negotiate for in return for the wheat? Oil concessions? Military base concession? Russian naval port concession?

Venezuela to import 60,000 tons of Russian wheat per month


The US military is rogue, compromised and dangerous. The US military needs to be brought under control through the application of international law which Russia seems to be applying.

Pence’s Military Detail Reassigned for Bringing Women to Hotel



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  • “Tyranny of Secrecy” by ex-CIA Kevin Shipp on Earth’s deep state do do

  • This is beyond the beyond…..our military, and not petty officers, are mixed up with columbian prostitutes with more than communicable diseases, and compromise officers and steal classified U.S. data…..set up? Hell yes! Our men have to continually think above the waist and not think below the waist….and married…and ugly! How did this happen and is it reported accurately! In this time of crises that we are in, where were their disciplined heads!

    But …. I see a hillary clintonian in this one! Our troops were just chased out of Columbia, then after the drug cartels left because the planes into the U.S. with their mari-hooji left with them… Pres of Columbia chased them out… off she went to Honduras and overthrew the govt there just before she ran for potus…but that failed….so she is somehow in this one….Russia, Russia, Russia……