Updated: Marianne Oelund-Senior Principal H/W Engineer at BAE Systems States Our QRS11 Info is Reprehensible & Irresponsible

UPDATED: April 4, 2018

· April 3, 2018

What should be clear to you, after 12 years in this business, is that statements such as “We allege that the QRS-11 can be used as part of a package of technology to guide aircraft equipped with uninterruptable autopilots turning them into weapons” invite and encourage the uninformed to draw entirely invalid conclusions. The statement suggests that there are aircraft with such systems, and this suggestion has now acquired the status of incontrovertible truth among many commentators on the internet. The supposed “Boeing Honeywell Uninterruptible Autopilot” has achieved legendary status on the ‘net, in spite of the fact that it doesn’t exist in service. Honeywell doesn’t even make the autopilot or any flight control electronics for the 777; those are provided by Rockwell Collins and BAE Systems. Honeywell provide the AIMS (display and maintenance data collection) and inertial reference unit.

I’ve encountered a number of articles claiming that the Boeing 777 can be remotely controlled; nothing could be further from the truth. Boeing commercial airplanes, in general, have flight control systems designed with the philosophy that the pilots must always have ultimate control, regardless of what the airplane systems may do. Their autopilots act via the physical wheel, column and rudder controls in the cockpit, and these can be used by the pilot at any time to forcefully override commands from the autopilot, even without disengaging it.

Systems permitting remote control of passenger airplanes could be designed, however implementing such systems would require a major engineering effort and test program to achieve and prove the rigorous safety standards mandated by the FAA and CAA. It is not a simple matter of adding a little software to link the required signal paths – which by the way, would need to be bi-directional such that a remote pilot has visibility of aircraft instruments and perhaps even a cockpit view.

I should make it clear that I do not speak on behalf of, or by request of, my company, but am commenting here out of personal concern that articles such as yours regarding the QRS11 and QRS14 are inviting the public to imagine entirely incorrect ideas about their purpose and capabilities. There are even articles claiming that these devices are points of radio reception and control, permitting a wide range of vehicles to be remotely controlled, overriding the pilot or driver (note that my initial comment did not state that this was a claim of your author’s). This nonsense needs to stop.

If you’d like your agent to share these comments with the BAE Systems plc Chief Executive (note his title is not CEO), I would welcome that as he has a PhD in engineering and can set you straight. But I should let you know that he may not be the individual you are thinking of, as he’s held his post only since 2016.

Finally, if you presume that my “political bias” is relevant, please note that I stopped contributing to the festering cesspool of vice and corruption that is the DNC, years ago.

On April 2nd we received the following comment below to our January 31, 2010 post titled, ‘QRS-11—Quartz Rate Sensor’. That article can be found here.

Marianne Oelund  • April 2, 2018

Please provide a list of aircraft that are equipped with “uninterruptible autopilots.”

Your careless and misleading commentary here has spawned an entire generation of conspiracy theorists, convinced that virtually every contemporary vehicle is equipped with these sensors, enabling them to be externally controlled in such a way as to override the pilot or driver commands.

I consider the manner in which this article was written, to be reprehensible and irresponsible.


Marianne Oelund
Sr. Principal H/W Engineer BAE Systems, Inc.
ES CAS Civil Aircraft Controls

OUR REPLY back to Marianne Oelund  (April 2, 2018):

Dear Marianne Oelund,

Abel Danger is a private global intel organization comprised of concerned volunteers, from a variety of disciplines, specializing, inter alia, in crime scene investigation. Ed Long, the author of the article you find objectionable, unfortunately is no longer with us and so he cannot respond personally. We will try to respond as best we can and then, we have some questions for you, if you don’t mind.

It would be useful to address your three main points in reverse order. First, as to the manner in which the article was written, what exactly do you find “reprehensible and irresponsible”? Do you dispute Mr. Long’s claim about the uses or potential uses of the QRS-11? Do you dispute the involvement the Rose Law Firm and/or Hillary Clinton? Do you dispute the corporate history of BEI?

The balance of Mr. Long’s article is merely verbatim information from the CST Systron website, as of 8+ years ago, and so if you object to any of that information, I’m afraid you’ll have to take up your concerns with that company.

Second, Mr. Long never states nor even implies that, in your words, “virtually every contemporary vehicle is equipped with these sensors.” How do you infer that from his actual words and, furthermore, how do you get from the relatively paltry 1780 views his post has received over the last 8+ years to the sweeping conclusion that he has “spawned an entire generation of conspiracy theorists?”

Third, as to your request that we provide a list of aircraft that are equipped with “uninterruptible autopilots,” we rather think it would be incumbent upon you, given your position and professional expertise, not to mention your obvious bias, to provide a list of aircraft that are not so equipped.

After all, are you not the holder of FAA Registration #A2200767? And are you not addressing this issue in behalf of your employer? We infer this from the fact that your only two other previous posts on Discus were presumably personal posts having to do with your personal interest in photography. We assume BAE Systems is not a part of your side business of selling your “action photography.”

Furthermore, yours is the only comment Mr. Long’s post has ever received in the 8+ years it has been public. Is your employer directing you to troll our site all these years later, or is this an activity you’ve undertaken on your own initiative? In either case, why have you waited so long? We’ve been at this for 12 years.

We note from public records that you donated to both of Obama’s presidential campaigns, and we therefore wonder if your political bias has in any way inspired the rather vituperative tone of your comment?

Finally, one of our agents has a personal relationship with your UK CEO. Would you mind terribly if he were to share your comment, together with this reply, with him?


Abel Danger

Attention: Tim Clark of Emirates – Five Critical Questions – QRS11 – Honeywell Embedded BHUAP

Boeing Honeywell Uninterruptible Autopilot

Documentation below (downloadable)

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