Major File Dump Ongoing – SES & Serco

Major File Dump Ongoing

SES rats on the run


The Council of 500 (Unelected and Unaccountable Attorneys) – Waffen SS Reconstituted Inside the DoJ (The “DoJ SS 500”)

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  • FIELD, can you offer any information about what has happened to Julian Assange today? Is there any helicoper/plane/ action over the embassy? Can you do some live reporting? We are having a live vigil w/Susie Dawson and the group. It would be helpful if you can do some live reporting and let us know what is REALLY going on. Is Trump putting pressure on Equador? Can you hear radio communications or any high level of chatter around the Embassy?

    Is it part of the SES action… Could you go LIVE on the You Tube channel? His mom is watching and I’m sure she would appreciate your wisdom and your help in any way possible. THE LIVE YouTube LINK IS: It’s been up and down, but if you can post it would help break the tension.

    Sending love and deep appreciation.

  • Just wondering if someone can go over to the Ecudorian embassy and determine what is going on. Christine Assange would appreciate anything you can offer if you see/hear of any attempt to EXTRACT him.

    Field, please do anything you can to save Julian from the fate that the Hillary and your sister types want to destroy. I am worried… and so are millions around the world.

    Thank you!