Macron Speaks for the Empire — Is Trump Listening?

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April 26, 2018

If one were to believe that President Trump accepted French President Emmanuel Macron’s ranting before the joint session of the U.S. Congress yesterday, then one would accept that Trump were prepared to submit the nation to the collapsing old paradigm of the British Empire. Macron, clearly speaking for the Empire (as the French are wont to do) acted as if Trump had agreed with him that the U.S. must stay in Syria as an occupying power, that he would soon return the U.S. to the green fascist Paris agreement on deindustrializing the world to “save the planet,” and that when Trump complains about “fake news,” he means the Russians.

Pardon, Monsieur, but the British coup attempt against the President has not yet succeeded, and, in fact, it is in deep trouble, as MI6 agent Christopher Steele and his American accomplices in the Obama intelligence community and Obama’s State Department are increasingly facing criminal investigations themselves. California Rep. Devin Nunes, leading the House Intelligence Committee investigation into the accusations behind the Russiagate scam, has determined that “there was no official intelligence that was used to start this investigation.” Rather, it was all British lies, peddled into the mass media as “fake news” — as Trump correctly asserted and repeatedly denounced.

Monsieur Macron was, unfortunately, given a hero’s greeting by the corrupt members of the U.S. Congress, who stood and applauded and cheered loudly when Macron said mankind was destroying the planet, that CO2 was destroying any hope for our grandchildren, that “there is no Planet B,” and that “we have to work together to make the planet great again.” Prince Philip couldn’t have said it more diabolically.

But Trump, thus far, has not capitulated to those who are threatening him, demanding that he give up his promises to the American people, which won him the election. Trump blames the press whores of the U.S. and the U.K. for “fake news,” not Russia. He asserts that development is more important than the fake science of climate change. He insists that the U.S. must be friends with Russia. He also announced Tuesday that he is sending his economic team to China, where “we have a very good chance of making a deal” with Xi Jinping, who is “a terrific guy and a friend of mine.”

It is this that the British and their assets in the U.S., as in France, are desperate to prevent. There is the potential for a mass movement coming into being, in Europe and in the U.S., against the imperial war policy driven by British lies. People are reflecting on the Tony Blair fairy tale about WMD in Iraq which launched the last 15 years of blood and destruction across the Middle East, which in turn drove the creation of vast terrorist networks from the targeted populations, and millions of desperate refugees bringing chaos to Europe. A German Parliamentary committee on April 20 declared the British- instigated missile attack on Syria to be “a violation of international law,” even though the pathetic Angela Merkel called it “necessary and appropriate.” The world must indeed say “never again” to the British imperial war party.

The world must also say “yes” to the New Silk Road, as the only alternative to dictates from the lords of the City of London and Wall Street, who will go to any lengths to save their bankrupt system of speculation and fraud. They are quite willing to risk global war to prevent the U.S. from joining China and the 140 other nations who now see a path out of austerity and war through the new paradigm of the Belt and Road Initiative. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to China this week, intending to bring India into cooperation with China and Russia in the global development alternative. If President Trump brings the U.S. into full cooperation in the New Silk Road, this would complete the “four powers” alliance long promoted by Lyndon LaRouche as the necessary force needed to end the British Empire.

By uniting East and West, the “divide and conquer” policies of Empire can be dispensed with for good, and the human race can proceed to build a future based on the common aims of Mankind. There is no choice, and this is a precious moment of opportunity which must not be missed.


After listening to the discussion below the essay above will have even more significance for Americans who are concerned about their present circumstances.

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