Loretta Lynch Shows Her Contempt for Justice

GOP Rep. Confronts Loretta Lynch: Can You Rule Out Serving in Clinton Administration?


Republican Congressman John Ratcliffe grilled Attorney General Loretta Lynch today over whether she would stay on as Attorney General if Hillary Clinton is president.

Lynch said she’s focused on serving out her current term, and Ratcliffe said, “You won’t rule it out. Will you rule it out?” Lynch said, “That matter is not before me.”

Ratcliffe bewilderedly said this means the American people “have every right to wonder” if she is conducting her job in a fair and impartial way.

He asked if she would at least recuse herself from investigations involving the Clinton Foundation due to her plane chat with Bill Clinton.


Lynch said she would review it like any other case. Ratcliffe says, “I’ll take that as a no.”



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