LOOKS LIKE The Bushes are Jewish

by Miles Mathis

First published September 26, 2017

As usual, this is just my opinion, based on research using mainstream data at mainstream sites. I could just make this easy on us both and tell you all the Presidents of the United States were Jewish, but very few would believe me. I think that many of those who have read all my previous papers might believe me, since I have shown evidence of it with hundreds of famous people already. These readers have watched me uncloak each person by going to the mainstream genealogy sites and compiling pages and pages of proof. But for the rest of you, I will have to prove it person by person. I have already been at it for many years, and it will take decades yet to come, but with the help of my guest writers we may get to all the big names eventually. We may out every President individually. Today we look at the Bushes, which will drop two Presidents at once.

I know, Bush, Sr. above doesn’t look Jewish, with that little bitty nose. But as I am told all the time, you can’t judge just by noses. Which is true. I never judge just by noses, although I include them as a clue if they are there. I look away from nothing. It is only logical, you know. Refusing to look at a person’s face shape or nose in trying to identify him would be like refusing to look at the color of a bird’s plumage or the shape of its wings in trying to identify it.

As a lead-in, I bought the book Lincoln and the Jews recently and finally got around to reading parts of it this week. It is a big glossy book with lots of pictures, written in 2015 by Sarna and Shapell and published by St. Martin’s Press. [Unlike When Scotland was Jewish, you can get this book at a steep discount at Ebay and other sources. Don’t take that as a plug. I will let you know what I think once I have read the whole thing.] Both Sarna and Shapell admit they are Jewish, by the way. Some early clues in the book are what led to this paper. For example, prior to page one, there is a two-page map of Lincoln’s Jewish connections. It is drawn as a target, with Lincoln at the center, Jewish friends in the first circle, Jewish associates and supporters in the second, Jewish acquaintances in the third, and Jewish appointments and pardons in the fourth. Five names are in the first circle, 14 names in the second, 55 names in the third, and 48 in the fourth. That’s 122 total. That’s a lot of Jewish connections for a one-term President who allegedly wasn’t Jewish, especially given that there were allegedly far fewer Jews in the US back then. The authors tell us that when Lincoln was born in 1809, there were only 3,000 Jews in the entire country. Of course, knowing what we now know, we can tell that isn’t right. What they should say is that there may have been only 3,000 admitted Jews in 1809. But we can be sure there were tens of thousands of crypto-Jews going back to the founding, since we have already outed many of the most prominent in previous papers.

Curious that Salmon Chase isn’t on this target. He was Secretary of the Treasury and then Chief Justice, appointed by Lincoln. These Chases are sold to us as Episcopalians, but it is hard to believe anyone believes it. To see what I mean, there is a guy named Edward S. Salomon on the target, so they admit he is Jewish. Well, Salmon and Salomon are just variant spellings of Solomon, of course. Salmon Chase’s paternal line goes Ithamar Chase, Dudley Chase, Samuel Chase, Daniel Chase, and Moses Chase. One of his ancestors, also Samuel Chase (not his great-grandfather), was a signer of the Declaration of Independence and was appointed Supreme Court Justice by Washington. He was the only Justice ever impeached.

The Chases are related to all the same families as the Bushes, including the Rogers, Ayers, Spragues, Whitneys, Woods, Warrens, Shermans, Baldwins, Walkers, Carters, Morses, Sawyers, Cheneys, Palmers, Wises, Owens, and Bullocks. Through the Owens, he is related to the Stanleys (see below). Several lines go back to Salem or Ipswich, including the Hulls we saw in my paper on Salem. We also find the name Sayre, which we saw in my paper on F. Scott Fitzgerald. It was Zelda’s real name, remember? Also the name Jellye, which is in the peerage. It is an anglicizing of Jelnik or Zelnik/Selznick.

Salmon Chase’s mother is scrubbed at Geneanet, with no parents given. At Wikitree and Geni, the maternal line goes back one more step, with his grandmother given as Janette Ballock, but that is it. That is a variation of Bullock. Chase’s paternal great-grandmother is the end of that female line, and she is given as Sarah Sawin at Geni and Sarah Jones at Wikitree. That may be a fudge of Sawyer. Tim Dowling at Geneanet takes us back a few more generations, to Bridget Bellamy. But we have to wonder why Chase’s ancestry is so scrubbed, especially on his mother’s side. Do Episcopalians really need to scrub their women like this? Would you expect the Chief Justice’s grandmother to be unknown to history? This wasn’t in the time of Caesar, this was only about 150 years ago.

This means that Chase was a cousin not only of the Bushes, he was a relative of Lincoln himself, and of his wife Mary Todd. Although we are told Chase was a lawyer, he was from the great banking family, which is why he was appointed to Treasury. At Wiki we are told,

Chase ensured that the Union could sell debt to pay for the war effort. He worked with Jay Cooke & Company to successfully manage the sale of $500 million in government war bonds (known as 5/20s) in 1862.

Jay Cooke &Co Investment Bank was founded by Jay Cooke, William Moorhead, H.C. Fahnestock, and Edward Dodge. Cooke’s mother was a Carswell and his wife was Dorothea Allen. Michael Meir Allen and Julian Allen are listed on Lincoln’s target in the book Lincoln and the Jews, in the circle Appointments and Pardons. An index search finds Michael Allen was a liquor dealer and alleged army chaplain—although he wasn’t ordained. That’s an interesting combination: liquor dealer and Jewish chaplain. We aren’t told what he was appointed to or pardoned from. Same for Julian Allen. Jay Cooke’s daughter-in-law was a Moorhead, explaining that connection. Think actress Agnes Moorhead, who played Endora on Bewitched. Cooke’s sister was named Sarah Esther. Another sister married Charles Barney, think Smith Barney. Among their children we find an Esther Watts and a Emily Bronaugh von Hiller. Oho! See my paper on Hitler, where I show he is actually a Hiller. Emily’s husband was Friedrich von Hiller (d. 1931), of course scrubbed at Geni. But he may have been a son or grandson of Jewish composer Ferdinand von Hiller (originally Hildesheim). A further search on this Jay Cooke finds his granddaughter Caroline married Robert Wilden Bush. So you see how these things come together. Their descendants include Walters, Kings, Franks, Nixons and Judds. As for the name Dodge, we have seen that many times, first in my paper on Mabel Dodge Luhan. They were one of the families as well.

Please go to Miles Mathis’ website to read the entire essay.

Update from Miles Mathis:

WARNING, added 10/1/17, Yahoo is now generally blocking my emails, citing “user complaints”. That’s rich, since I almost never send emails, only reply to them. So if you have a Yahoo account, I recommend you switch email providers and quit using Yahoo. For now, you can try to reach me at my Yahoo address mileswmathis@yahoo.com. We will see if they block their own account.

Note: Profile image is of Isidor Bush assistant to Lincoln.


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  • I think that Michael Collins Piper also said that about Bushes-that they are Jews.

  • Roland Edgar Dent

    So you want to know what happened in WW2? 3 hours and 51 minutes below. No, I will not let you categorise people in this way. The Bush family supported the NAZI, George Soros worked with the NAZI, the NAZI beheaded my uncle and imprisoned my mother. On no, you drag this ABEL DANGER enterprise through the dirt. We certainly want some people in a noose and some of them may class themselves as “Jews” but it ain’t the Jews we want in a noose. The people we want belong to all varieties, all colours and all political categories. These people murder innocent people, they mislead innocent people as you have been led to a hatred of Jews.

  • Roland Edgar Dent

    Then you might want to know how the West wrote the history books. By the way the recent unrest in Catalonia is FAKE NEWS. According to the Spanish government the vote never happened. The vote is FAKE, what you see on the news is FAKE..get it. All of it is FAKE.

    According to the above 3hrs and 50 minutes the Nazi Germans has poor equipment. The Nazi Germans mopped up the best technicians in Europe and put them to work. The German weapons were so poor they killed 10 to 12 Russian soldiers for every one Nazi lost. That is why the USA took the best of them in after WW2.

    At the end of WW2 the Nazi Germans had the fusing and the accelerants to make an atom bomb. They also had a non Newtonian flying machine.. a derivative of which that I personally witnessed in 1967 here in the UK. As smooth as an SR-71 and painted in the same finish. Not only did this machine have anti gravity, it also had a propulsion system which was silent.

    That was 50 years ago. It may have been our cousins from another planet but I don’t buy that.


  • There are two races of people that claim they are Jews, or the tribe of Judah. The kenites, and the real tribe of Judah. The kenites are the sons of Cain that claim to be of our brother Judah. The kenotes are the goyim they’re not Hebrew.