Long After the Assassination of Alexander Litvinenko Destabilization of Russia Continues

Top French Intel Boss Reveals Operation Beluga: US-UK Plot to
Discredit Putin and Destabilize Russia

The plot to destabilize Russia and Vladimir Putin continues today 11 years after Alexander Litvinenko was assassinated poisoned with Plutonium-210 smuggled out of Russia by the Chechen mafia who were paid to assassinate Litvinenko for the purpose of blaming it on Vladimir Putin. The plot to destabilize Russia continues today.

The equivalent of a “Jewish Neocon” Russian is Valery Solovei. Solovei is a political analyst for the Gorbachev Foundation in Moscow and has expressed his disappointment that the former USSR fell in 1989. The American CIA has connections to the Gorbachev Foundation of North America through several sources including John Deutch who was Director of Central Intelligence (CIA) from May 1995 to December 1996. Deutch is a Senior Fellow at the Gorbachev Foundation of North America. When the genealogy on the name Solovei, or  Solovey, is looked at through a search, the name turns up as having a Jewish genealogy.

In an extensive interview with Solovei first (controlling then dominating the discourse through both the media and the internet; see Masters of Discourse by Israel Shamir) published by MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute), Solovei offers his views on Russia predicting that Russia will face uncertainty in 2017. Solovei also stated in the interview that the newly organized Russian national guard would inevitably be ineffective, but that’s not a factual observation since the Russian national guard are extremely active in Russia interdicting potential terrorist operations inside Russia. It is now claimed that retired Lt. Gen. Robert P. “Bob” Otto, who was the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, Headquarters U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C., and Solovei, were communicating with each other to continue with the destabilization of Russia.

So on the one hand, the American news media is at a feverish pitch joined in by the US senate and congress on how Russia is interfering in American elections, and then on the other hand, a US military officer, probably one of the highest positions in the US military intelligence establishment, Gen. Robert P. Otto (deep state), working with Valery Solovei a Russian in Moscow, to destabilize Russia?  Everything since that has been reported in the media has been a prepared narrative of psychological warfare through the media with their “Russia interfering in American elections” intelligence operation being conveyed by three well known neocon front men in the US senate: John McCain; Lindsey Graham (view last video clip of Graham “questioning” William Browder); Chuck Schumer.

Schumer Warns Trump Against Interfering In Russia Investigation

Solovei’s specialty is using the media, he even admits as much in the interview. The media in conjunction with the military and respective think tanks the military relies on for policy, is to seed the media (CNN is extremely good at this and the BBC are masters at this technique) with psychological warfare-shaping narratives, or scripts, to fit military and intelligence agency objectives to the media months and sometimes years in advance. In this case, preparing narratives on Russia to be used in the media to form public opinion, or mold it to force conformity and consent with planned wars and destabilization according to military, intelligence agency and think tank goals like for example the Heritage Foundation.

The only sources putting out news and information on the Russian Valery Solovei are intelligence agency-run organizations like the CIA-operated Radio Free Europe news source. Radio Free Europe (RFE/RL) comes under the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) with a budget of more then $700 million a year. That is an enormous amount of money to run a disinformation propaganda/campaign for destabilization by any standards. The BBG is completely run by Jewish interests including DNC operative and fundraiser Michael Kempner who is on the board of BBG. Kempner’s public relations firm MWWPR founded in 1986, works in “public relations and marketing, technology, digital and social media marketing, public affairs and government relations, corporate communications, healthcare, sustainability, and visual branding.” What better PR promotion talent does the BBG require than having Kempner on the board? Well, to begin with, the BBG was just provided with an additional “$82 million to fight against Russian fake news.” There you go, Kempner, $85 million for you to help convince the American people William Browder isn’t behind restarting the cold war with Russia.

WASTED: Additional $82 MILLION of American Taxpayers Money
is Spent on “Fighting Russian Fake News”

Kempner raised money for both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s presidential bids. Leon Aron, another Jew, is the BBG resident scholar they turn to for Russian insights and information. Acting BBG Chairman of the Board, Kenneth R. “Ken” Weinstein, is also the President and Chief Executive Officer of Hudson Institute, the Washington-based policy research organization mostly connected to the City of London and dedicated to Jewish neoconservative ideas especially related to “free trade.”

The Hard Line | Dr. Leon Aron discusses Russia
launching airstrikes into Syria

The interview with Solovei first appeared at MEMRI, a known Israel/Mossad news organization mostly reporting on events in the Middle East out of Washington DC. Note the date of the published interview with Solovei: December 6, 2016. Lt. Gen. Robert P. “Bob” Otto retired on December 31, 2016. The founder of MEMRI is Yigal Carmon, a retired Col. who was in Israeli IDF intelligence who speaks fluent Arabic.

Renowned Russian Scholar Valery Solovei: ‘The New American Administration Will React From A Position Of Strength, And We Can Never Win In This Competition’


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Critical to the destabilization of Russia and Vladimir Putin is William Browder. Browder was born into a notable Jewish family in Chicago, Illinois. Browder’s father was Earl Browder, the former leader of the Communist Party USA. The previously discussed Valery Solovei, the Russian scholar in Moscow working with the American military intelligence through Gen. Otto before Otto retired, has expressed his disappointment in the fall of the previous USSR which means he has sympathies to communist networks inside Russia.

Solovei also has a hatred of Vladimir Putin. Have William Browder and Valery Solovei spoken to each other before Browder was kicked out of Russia? In the first video clip in this post, the French security professional Paul Barril, stated that William Browder put out the false story that Vladimir Putin is worth $200 billion. The renowned French security expert Paul Barril in the discussion in the same clip posted above, said Browder’s story is “total bullshit.”

Bill Browder’s Testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee

The Untouchable Mr. Browder?


Anyone who thinks Graham is going to give William Browder a grilling in this senate hearing better think again. Listen carefully how Graham questions Browder. The intent here is to develop a case against President Trump.

Lindsey Graham Grills Bill Browder During Russia Trump Hearing
“Putin had Dirt on Trump and Clinton”

And finally, all of this says nothing of Anglo-American and Israel losing control of Syria with the US military’s claims of fighting ISIS and Daesh in Syria with targeted strikes, when none of the alleged bombings are released to the public for viewing. The Russians however, have provided video footage on their destroying Anglo-American-Israel assets in Syria and they are extremely angered and agitated by Russia over this proxy war in Syria.

Russia “Kills 19 CIA Agent Commanders In Syria Caught Funding The Terrorists”

Ultimately, people can see where this is headed: a coup against President Trump ultimately opening the way for a war with Iran. This is why McMaster was decided on by President Trump without President Trump having access to good intelligence to become Trump’s national security adviser. McMaster is carrying out Neocon policy for their plans in the “arc of instability.”

 McMaster Pardons Spying Susan Rice #McMasterFacts

Sara Carter on McMaster: He Allowed Susan Rice to Continue her Secret Clearance

Why neocons love Trump’s new national security adviser

Van Halen- Runnin’ with the devil

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  • Roland Edgar Dent

    Dear Pillippines

    Your leader is correct to question the USA. For the past 8 years, before POTUS Trump was elected, the USA was not a legal entity. Obama is not a USA citizen.

    His tenure was illigitimate. NATO was an illegal entitity for 8 years. All activity undertaken by NATO in the those 8 years was ILLEGAL under UN anf USA law.

    Federica Mogherini is a good person with a difficult job. The European Union is a reflection of the Obama government. As you know well this political regime does not respect ordinary people.

    The Obama regime and the European Union do not, repeat DO NOT, respect democracy within their union. I am sure that Federica Mogherini is a sincere person but I can assure you that the European Union as an institution is not to be trusted.

    The European Union is the junior partner of the Obama Administration. I advise you to proceed with caution with all EU business during these days of global turbulance.

    Sincerely Roland Edgar Dent GBR DL13 3PR

    Encl. correspondence to the EU:


    N E England, Wednesday, August 2nd 2017

    ROLAND EDGAR DENT born in the UK in 1954.

    WE remember the 100 thousand people murdered in the Balkans 1991 to 2001 by a NATO multi national military intervention into sovereign states. No mention is made of this war in EU rhetoric.

    THE Balkans are now European because you declared them to be, the EU has decided that they now exist but they did not exist as Europeans until you endorsed and wanted their resources for your “harvest” of tax income,

    WE currently morn over 10 thousand people who WE murdered in the current Ukraine civil war and WE fret daily over the fate of 20 thousand who are disabled for life.

    WE mourn the 25 million souls who were lost in WW2 as Russia struggled to halt the progress of the German led cohorts who were intent on genocide.

    WE are concerned as Germany has again decided she will seek war with Russia. We are aware of the insane, petty and provincial egos of the narcissistic EU politicians.

    WE mourn the 143 million people who were lost in wars in the 20th century as our INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY alliance of private corporate interests sought global monopoly control.

    MOST of all we mourn the loss of moral responsibility within our political structures which continue to disrupt and destabalise the lives of the most vulnerable in our communities.

    WE mourn the loss of a FREE MEDIA who refuse to address issues of VITAL importance, because they are controlled by and fear corporate and private interests.

    WE mourn the loss of our ability to determine our own futures because the European Union has ,by sophism and stealth, driven our weaker members into the ground .

    WE mourn the loss of equity in the JUSTICE PROTOCOL of our sovereign nations. The EU can draw up legislation within 7 days to support a Goldman Sachs objective. No consultation of the people who are represented by MEPs who themselves are unknown to 97% of the people they represent.

    WE mourn the loss of our national industries, fishing, energy security and self reliance. Our children can no longer learn a manufacturing trade within their own nations.

    WE fear the current paradigm of totalitarian rule by Brussels and the way they support violent ethnic cleansing in the Ukraine today as they did 1991 to 2000 in The Balkans.

    WE fear more 30m high double fences between our peoples as we had pre 1989.

    HOWEVER we do not fear removing the people who are intent in perpetuating violence by non violent political methods and legal challenge in pan global UN accredited international courts.

    THAT does NOT include THE HAGUE who have a record of protecting the powerful at the expense of the weak.

    WE are aware that our polticians cannot be prosecuted for criminality..no matter how horrendous the crime.

    WE know some politicians are paedophiles and they remain free to destroy the lives of our children, causing life long family trauma.

    WE know financial fraud is common and our taxes disappear into accounts which cannot be audited. We know the condition and insecurity of our collective fate.

    “Roma Holocaust Memorial Day”:
    STATEMENT BY THE EUROPEAN UNION Brussels, 1 August 2017

    The European Commission honours on 2 August the Roma Holocaust Memorial Day, in memory of the thousands of Roma victims who lost their lives during the Second World War.

    We must not forget these unspeakable crimes against the Roma. Younger generations, for whom these episodes seem distant, should know of and understand this tragedy. Persecution and discrimination have no place in the European Union. Remembering the wrongs of the past helps us to build tomorrow’s Europe based on our common European values.

    The European Commission calls on all Member States to recognise the Roma Genocide and reiterates its support for the European Parliament’s resolution of 15 April 2015 with reference to the recognition of 2 August as Roma Holocaust Memorial Day. This is a necessary step to restore dignity and justice for Roma communities and to make sure that we never forget these events.

    The European Commission will continue to support Member States in the better integration of Roma.


    On 2 August 1944, over 3000 Roma men, women, and children were murdered in the in the gas chambers of Auschwitz-Birkenau.

    On 2 August, European Commission officials will join a group of holocaust survivors and young Roma people in the former concentration camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland. This commemoration is organised by the Central Council of German Sinti and Roma. It complements the Council of Europe “Dikh He Na Bister – Look and Don’t Forget” Roma Genocide Remembrance Initiative which brings together 250 young Roma and non-Roma from 20 European countries to raise awareness on the Roma Holocaust.” (END)

  • Roland Edgar Dent

    At 0815 local UK time, today FRIDAY Aug 4 SARAH MONTAGUE of the BBC RADIO 4 “TODAY” PROGRAMME

    has stated that

    TRUMP will be tried by a GRAND JURY and the USA people will kick him out.

    This has been the consistent message. They wanted Clinton to win.

    Your problem is the UK and Canada and The EU..they wanted Clinton and Soros.

    They want to attack Russia at any cost. This is a global “take down” of the USA.

  • “JKF to 9/11, Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick” on YouTube

  • Roland Edgar Dent

    Lets take some R n R