Lockerbie [Pan Am 103] families claim they were spied on by security services

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By Keme Nzerem • November 30, 2018

Lockerbie families claim they were spied on by security services

Relatives of victims of the Lockerbie bombing have claimed over the years that their phones and correspondence were being monitored by the secret services. Now previously classified government files appear to confirm their suspicions. The files reveal the Thatcher administration was warned that the families were becoming increasingly organised and should be put under observation.

We speak to Aamer Anwar, lawyer for the family of Abdelbaset al- Megrahi, who was convicted of the Lockerbie bombing in 2001, and some of the Lockerbie families.


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BUG BOMB Lockerbie bombing victims’ families claim they were bugged by the British security service as secret government documents said they needed ‘careful watching’


Bernt Carlsson was Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations and UN Commissioner for Namibia from July 1987 until he died on Pan Am Flight 103 which exploded on 21 December 1988 over Lockerbie, Scotland. Bernt Carlsson was on his way to New York to attend the signing ceremony on 22 December 1988 at United Nations headquarters of the New York Accords granting independence to Namibia, which had been illegally occupied by apartheid South Africa in defiance of UN Security Council Resolution 435.

Flight 103: it was the Uranium


In December 2013, Dr. Morag Kerr published her book “Adequately Explained By Stupidity?” conclusively demonstrating that the bomb bag containing the IED which sabotaged Pan Am 103 was loaded at Heathrow Airport, and was placed side-by-side with Bernt Carlsson‘s suitcase in the aircraft’s baggage container AVE4041.

Why Flight 103?


It appears that Bernt Carlsson had been duped into flying on Pan Am Flight 103 considering South Africa’s Pik Botha’s delegation took the morning flight Pan Am 101 to New York. It later turned out to be false that Pik Botha had a flight booked on Pan Am 103. It was a driver from De Beers who took Brent Carlsson to Heathrow Airport after the meeting at De Beers in which Brent Carlsson was probably lured into attending.

“Logistically, targeting Bernt Carlsson must have seemed a much more difficult challenge for Craig Williamson. The Namibia Independence Agreement was scheduled to be signed at UN headquarters in New York City on 22 December 1988 when South Africa which had been illegally occupying the territory for decades would finally hand it over to the United Nations. Bernt Carlsson had been invited to address a committee meeting of the European Parliament in Brussels and was booked to fly back to New York on Sabena direct from Brussels on 20 December 1988. Instead, Bernt Carlsson was persuaded to fly to London on 21 December 1988 for a meeting with the diamond mining conglomerate De Beers and then travel onward on Pan Am Flight 103 with a South African party headed by Foreign Minister Pik Botha. (South African Airways were banned from flying direct to the United States by the 1986 Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act.)”


UN Commissioner for Namibia – Bernt Carlsson, De Beers, Oppenheimer Behaviour Nambia.

 Rössing Uranium – one of the world’s largest mines


Rössing Mine

Rio Tinto: Rössing Uranium – 40 years of working for Namibia

Rio Tinto sells stake in Rossing uranium mine to China


Reports that Rössing’s uranium might be diverted to Iran, whose government owns 15% of the shares in the mine via its Iranian Foreign Investment Company, have been of course denied by the mine’s management which maintains that “the shareholding is entirely passive”. How does this fit into the Iran nuclear deal when there are concerns Iran will “build nuclear weapons“?




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