Lion Air’s Cockpit Voice Recorder Reveals Struggle to Override Flight Control System

Source: 21st Century Wire

March 20, 2019 By 21wire0

Savvy readers of 21st Century Wire will know that automated flight control systems have been scrutinized far more outside of the mainstream news coverage than within it. Case in point, 21WIRE Associate Editor Shawn Helton’s investigative report on Boeing’s ‘Uninterruptible Autopilot System’ published back in 2014.

As more details emerge about the recent Boeing 737 Max 8 crashes, more questions are being asked to help inform the public about the capabilities of these aviation systems and what is actually required of pilots to safely and efficiently operate them in our skies.

Will the Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines flight disasters finally bring to light the risks associated with automated flight control systems?

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A doomed Ethiopian Airlines 737 Max 8 that crashed shortly after takeoff on March 10 had “clear similarities” to an October 2018 crash of the same type of airplane, according to Ethiopia’s transport minister. Today, Reuters sheds light on exactly what happened that fateful day last year off the coast of Indonesia.

Lion Air Boeing 737-8 MAX

According to a new report, the cockpit voice recorder of the October crash which killed all 189 people onboard reveals that the pilots were scouring the plane’s manual to understand why the plane kept lurching downwards – only to run out of time before it hit the water, reports Reuters, citing three people with knowledge of the cockpit voice recorder contents.

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