Lights Out on Las Vegas (Hybrid Event) – Department of Homeland Security and Hollywood Have Merged – Eyes Closed; Eyes Open – Actor Pushes Hand Away – Count on the Media For One thing: Repeat the Mantra – Route 91 Harvest Festival (Need a “Harvest”)

Vegas Shooting Actors

Description of the video above:

The guy in the video doesn’t understand what is going on and wants to help. His mom is a nurse. He goes around and discovers different crisis scenes, but never really finds real injuries. The first man (actor) pushes his hand away as he is looking for an entry wound (there is none). The first girl opens her eyes as he approaches, but continues to “act dead”. The lights are turned out to stop him from taking video shots of the “crisis actors”. Bright red pinkish looking blood; is it fake blood?? Was this a crisis drill scene that went live? Wasn’t there a DHS active shooting drill going on before this attack? Did they use crisis actors along with real people getting shot and killed and wounded? What do you all think of these videos: real or fake? Why is this the only video like this? Are there more videos like this showing more? Where are the 500+ wounded?


Take a serious look at this clip at the 8:05 point. This man claims he was shot and needs help. The wound seems to be to his forearm and later when his shirt is lifted, a chest wound. A chest wound and a forearm wound and he walks out asking for help?

RAW VIDEO: Escape from Las Vegas shooting

Actor’s pay:

GoFundMe for Las Vegas shooting victims surpasses $9M


Las Vegas Objective for Everyone to Sell Their Soul – Morris

Las Vegas Was Either Real Or It Wasnt – Morris


Infamous Bloody Bataclan Photo Is a Fake That Could Have Been Staged Anytime


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  • mass murder for filthy lucre…”business model” is their

    “Religion”… seeing as how..*** {{{THEY}}} – [John 8:44] ***



    3] pay the actors, scriptwriters, producers & directors
    for all the THEATRE OF THE ABSURD…as seen on
    TALMUD VISION….really great mind control programming
    for the braindeadgoy…”JEW” worshippers

    PAID FOR WITH “TAXPAYER” ….contributions…


  • Do you think goy will ever wake up?
    (((They))) own Congress, media, now they are infiltrating alternative voices who until recently seemed reasonable. For couple of shekels sheep would do anything. Discouraging times. I only hope that Able Danger will stay on course and be what they have been

  • By their fruits you will know them:
    Their news lies to us, their medicine poisons us, their schools retard us, their banks impoverish us, their killers call us, their victims, the murderers (Jew Yagoda genocided millions of Ukrainian Christians herded into cattle cars to real death camps that made Auschwitz look like disneyland, millions more starved to death in Holodomor, John Demjanjuk falsely accused of Nazi atrocity., etc)
    their culture is porn for their god is shat in.
    May the harvest of this chaos be worth emulation.

  • Thanks for trying to share the video we created and put on YouTube.
    Unfortunately, they have already taken it down claiming we violated their “hate speech” policy.
    An absolute lie…it did no such thing. They are clearly censoring information for the government.

  • It looks like muzzle flashes from 4 windows in Raymond’s video. Also in his video early on it there is a nude from the waist up lady, did she get her shirt shot off?