Liberals (Cain-Like Spirit In Humans) and the Antidote (Abel-Like Spirit In Humans) to This Destructive Pathology

Liberals (Cain-like spirit in humans)…

Liberals Have Embraced the Police State, 2065

Antidote (Abel-like spirit in humans) to this destructive pathology…

Jordan Peterson: Why is Marxism so Attractive?

AD note: Bible Series V: Cain and Abel: The Hostile Brothers

The account of Cain and Abel is remarkable for its unique combination of brevity and depth. In a few short sentences, it outlines two diametrically opposed modes of being — both responses to the emergence of self-consciousness and the knowledge of good and evil detailed in story of Adam and Eve.

Cain’s mode of being — resentful, arrogant and murderous — arises because his sacrifices are rejected by God. This means that his attempts to give up something valuable in the present to ensure prosperity in the future are insufficient. He fails, in consequence, to thrive, as he believes he should, and becomes bitter, resentful and murderous.

Abel’s mode of being is characterized, by contrast, by proper sacrifice — by the establishment of balance between present action and future benefit. This ensures his personal and social success, accruing over time. Unfortunately, it also makes him the target of Cain’s malevolence.

This great short story is relevant personally, on the level of the family, and politically, all with equal force, all simultaneously.



Can the coming Sovietization of American Dissent be stopped?



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  • The FBI will never regain the trust of citizens. Director Wray is ineffectual. The Bureau is rotten to the core, tear it down.