Letter to the Russian Defense Attache in Washington – Russia Offers US$50 Million Reward – Metrojet 9268 – Senators Johnson and Grassley Have No Interest in Ongoing Treason – 9/11 Unmasked By Putin-McConnell – General Dunford Informed of Ongoing Treason – Turn In A Scumbag and Become a Millionaire

Russian Defense Attache, Washington:

On 29 July, 2015 I informed General Dunford of ongoing treasons against my country. On 6 August, 2015 I informed Senators Grassley and Johnson of the treasons ongoing and the lack of response by General Dunford.

I see that Vladimir Putin has offered $50M to any party who can identify those behind the Metrojet 9268 cowardly attack.

Abel Danger Private Intelligence Agency can provide the answer. Senators Johnson and Grassley appear to have no interest in the ongoing treasons. We will discuss this on today’s radio show, link below.

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9/11 Unmasked By Putin-McConnell

Please Google these terms: 

Saud + Bush + 9/11 + Mossad 

Jeb + ghwb + Colonel James Sabow + murder + cocaine

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This news appeared
at Russian Insider

Putin to Unleash Hell on ISIS Throughout the World

Enraged president vows to hunt down and ‘punish’ perpetrators of airline attack wherever they can be found

ISIS has stoked the wrath of Putin.

Receiving confirmation from the head of the FSB that the Metrojet over Sinai was indeed downed by a bomb, a somber but furious Putin spoke to the Russian people about the coming vengeance.

‘The murder of our people in Sinai is one of the bloodiest in terms of the number of victims of such crimes. We won’t easily wipe away the tears in our hearts and souls. It will stay with us forever. But that will not prevent us from finding and punishing the perpetrators. We should not apply any time limits. We need to know all the perpetrators by name. We will search for them everywhere – wherever they are hiding. We will find them in any spot on the planet and we will punish them’, said a very serious-looking Putin.

And as if this dire warning wasn’t enough, the enraged president vowed to ratchet up the strikes in Syria so that ‘the criminals understand that revenge is unavoidable.’ 

FSB: Turn in a scumbag, become a millionaire

This is the harshest language Putin has used since he promised to kill Chechens in the ‘shithouse’ when he served as FSB director.

Combine all of this with the FSB offering $50 million for information on the perpetrators, and it looks like ISIS and its affiliates are set to reap the whirlwind.

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  • Now this is a differnt take on all what is going on , souns like he has a point . https://youtu.be/2HUUQBeprG4 Australia is now sharing intel with Iran annonced in 2014.

  • My take on it is Russia has one of the best intel on the planet , they would know exactly who did it , just like 911 -7/7 and all the rest of the rubbish . Dont yu find it raher strange thatall the western leaders appear to be MARXISTS , CANADA , UK , AUST NZ . The Green fraud is based on MARXISM and even China is into it , . It is funny you should post what you did i had not read it before i posted the above link , which is differnt to anything i have seen and makes a lot of sense . UK hasjust stated it wants to work with Russia , something very smelly is going on and i think we are the target . All working together to fight fake terror hmmmm .

  • The objective is a one world army that is what we are seeing being formed right before they sign the world up to the tyranny in PARIS . Everything is an excuse for their objective , there are very few people who could have been waiting with acamera in the middle of a war zone who could havebrought the jet down especially with a war game going on at the same time .

  • Would they fear provable evidence if every world leader knew or if even one knew everything? Part of the fakery is that they know everything. Those who do know, the ones who did it if for instance using something like smacsonic know it would take quite a lot of time to prove via the corrupt law system especially since as Putin pointed out they are not using the law system. Seems they are frantic to keep people in a state of obedient fear driven confusion to busy to actually think while they put off facing up to provable facts that would put them in jail or be executed for crimes. Meanwhile with each destructive cover-up, chess move, market mover multi-purpose false flag they get sloppier probably due to 8(a) bozos like those who answer phones and cannot even speak the correct language. More clues are falling as to who it is with each bungled event yet more deaths and destruction pile up until it is stopped. The book of Enoch says Church and State carry the greatest share of wrath and punishment due to the fact they hold the power to do the right thing yet used it to their own greed and selfishness. While they may not know everything they certainly do know what jobs they are supposed to be doing and also know when they are not using the powers that people entrust to them on condition they use them honestly for the good of all.

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