Letter to President Donald Trump Added to at 0000 GMT Daily – Continuation

Update of 28 September

20) The proceeding scheduled to be heard on 27 September 2017 where seven attorneys appear to oppose a motion to delay the legal proceeding titled: NEDERLAND HOLDINGS v BC GOVERNMENT was delayed until a hearing today, 28 September, 2017. In the intervening 24 hours both the Court and the person Jack English whose property was the subject of the proceeding were informed that two members of Abel Danger would be present in the Court Room if any further attempts to steal the property of Jack English were to proceed.

21) The Court stayed the proceeding from today, 28 September, 2017 until 16 October 2017 which is 2 weeks after Field McConnell’s deadline set for Senator Ron Johnson and Congressman Ron Kind to SHOW CAUSE why Civil Case 3:07-cv-49 should not be served on Northern Trust and Barry Soetoro for the charges identified in the previously dismissed (without prejudice) case titled HAWKSCAFE. GLOBAL GUARDIANS.

22) It is presently believed the case will be re-titled FIELD McCONNELL & JACK ENGLISH v NORTHERN TRUST & BARRY SOETORO. It is anticipated that such a case would be refiled in the original court of jurisdiction which would be U S District Court, District of North Dakota in Fargo, North Dakota. The original case, Civil Case 3:07-cv-49 was filed there on 1 May 2017 but lacked both Northern Trust and Barry Soetoro as named defendants.

23) Both Jack English and Field McConnell have suffered great injuries due to the collaborative actions of NORTHERN TRUST (which owns American Bar Association and Internal Revenue Service) and Barry Soetoro, a disbarred attorney from Chicago. Barry Soetoro is a 1979 graduate of Punahou School and Field McConnell is a 1967 graduate of the same school, Punahou, of Honolulu, Hawaii.

24) The filing of the new case which may be Civil Case 3:17-cv-717 will be stayed if Jack English’s property is returned to him and if a fraudulent divorce proceeding is reversed in Wisconsin Court. That case is Pierce County Wisconsin Case 15 FA 178 where a fraud upon the court was perpetrated in the Court of Judge Joseph Boles. Defendant Field McConnell was denied due process on two counts. (1) A gold fringe flag in the court room was noticed on 21 August 2014 when Field McConnell was excused from a jury for making a statement in sworn testimony in open court. The judge had asked the 12 jurors if any of them had a personal relationship to pedophilia. Mr. McConnell raised his hand at which time the judge asked, verbatim, “Mr. McConnell, you have a personal relationship to pedophilia. The response, under oath, verbatim was “yes judge my sister Kristine Marcy and Hillary Clinton manage the largest net centric pedophile network in the world”. (2) The law firm bringing the fraudulent filing knew of preexisting travel plans of defendant and knowingly schedule the fraudulent proceeding on two occasions where Mr. McConnell was out of the country performing his intelligence work for the benefit of the republic of the untied States.

25) A video is available at alternativeview.co.uk entitled AV8 wherein a 75-minute segment identified Kristine Marcy, Hillary Clinton and a 3rd party as the controllers of the network known as PizzaGate in the U S and PedoGate globally.

26) That video was recorded on 20 May 2017 at a conference called AV8 which is Alternative View 8. The man hosting the conference, Ian R Crane was unlawfully arrested on Tuesday 26 September, 2017 and at that time Field McConnell made a reservation to travel on Delta Airlines Flight 10 on October 1, 2017, to visit Mr. Crane at the North Yorkshire, UK police station if Mr. Crane was not released by a given time on the same day, Tuesday, 26 September, 2017. Mr. Crane was released, without charge, 3 hours later.

27) Both Mr. Crane and Mr. McConnell believe that the military industrial complex is responsible for unnecessary wars for benefit of parties known to both Mr Crane and Mr McConnell. Perhaps all should consider the testimony of former CIA officer Philip Giraldi who has explained that for the last 16 years the United States has been manipulated into fighting wars for Israel. Giraldi explains the tremendous power that Zionists (fake jews, Synagogue of Satan ) have over Washington’s foreign policy and American public opinion.


This ongoing expose of crimes against American citizens by the Synagogue of Satan was added to at later 1900 EDT Thursday 28 September 2017 and was archived in a radio show to titled Operation TORN CURTAIN 2017. Vatican Jesuits, Serco, United States Senior Executive Service, NORTHERN TRUST, American Bar Association and IRS will be exposed to a global audience of critical thinkers.


End of 28 September update

An additional edit will be added to this DOCUMENT UNDER CONSTRUCTION which will be delivered to President Trump, Senators Ron Johnson WI and Chuck Grassley IA as well as to Congressman Ron Kind who has not been kind to a constituent of his who has been unlawfully separated from his legally married wife which is a violation of a United Nation’s protocol which may be included in tomorrow’s update which will be promulgated no later than 1900 EDT on Friday, 29 September 2017.


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Letter to President Donald Trump Added to at 0000 GMT Daily – Continuation

Letter to Donald Trump Added to at 0000 GMT Daily


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