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As is done each day we send out an update to the letter going to both President Trump and Vladimir Putin on the 1st of October. As a courtesy to the Senate Whistleblower Protection senators I ensure they are kept abreast of the ‘crafting’ of the letter which will be received by Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin on 2 October if I am not communicated with in a favorable way by those who claim to represent me.

Below are both the update for tonight an a short draft for tomorrow night’s update. I keep both my congressman and my senator up to date on the NOTICE AND DEMAND to be filed in US District Court Eau Claire, Wisconsin if necessary.

Interesting news today that USAA a Corporation that has committed two felonies against me was exposed as a supporter of OPERATION KNEEL on the same day the Louis Gohmert has called for John McCain to step down for health reasons. Louis Gohmert represents the district in Texas where the McConnell Veterans Ranch will be located.


Field McConnell


Updated letter to President Donald Trump:


Update of 26 September, 2017

11) Within a 96-hour window (1900 EDT 23 September – 1900 EDT 26 September), unusual cloud formations along the East Coast of US have occurred simultaneous to increased ‘temp of operations’ at Fentriss Airport, near Norfolk, which was transferred from Navy to DHS. The clouds are believed to be chemtrails created at 30,000 feet MSL by military type aircraft. Incidentally, those we have contacted at Wallops Island and others, including NOAA, NASA, CIA, NSA, and military contacts at NAS Oceana and Langley AFB; all concur that, with no exception, the clouds or chemtrails are moving east and therefore off short of continental US. This comes at a time when three AEGIS ships have been put on station east of Norfolk, Washington DC [originally called Rome on the Potomac] and New York City.

12) Abel Danger Global and others are aware that the officials at Bureau of Engraving and Printing have reported the Die Sets for Precious metals “new” coinage and the Engraving Plates for “new” gold-backed currency has been installed. What’s more, we have been briefed on the fact that gold-backed currency and coinage has been completed in anticipation of an announcement similar to the one that ultimately led to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on 22 November 1963, which inevitably necessitated the heist of $2.3 Trillion the day before 9/11. This is when Kristine Marcy contracted with AMEC to perform the PENREN, which was completed just an hour or so before a Raytheon owned A3 Sky Warrior drone at Fort Collins-Loveland Airport. That particular Sky Warrior was registed with the FAA as N87(*)RS. *redacted. John McCain’s last military flying assignment was as the Squadron Commander of an Reserve A-3 unit. Raytheon’s A # N87*RS was operated after being taken out of storage in Arizona, where McCain’s wife, Cindy, controlled the Anheuser Busch operation since the demise of her father in 2000.

13) The NASA and NOAA offices are across from each other via a geographically invisible line in Norfolk area, where those who are “white hats” agree that it looks like the unusual activity paralleling the east coast may very well be in anticipation of an overreaction by, or fatal mistake by the parties that would be harmed if a Global Currency Reset would occur before 1 October 2017’s new fiscal year. One such way the global call may potentially be at financial and legal risk is due to the upcoming exposure of the reality of the loan application process that Field McConnell was briefed on during the September, 2014 reunion of past crew members of the USS America, which was held at Virginia Beach Resort and Conference Center, 2800 Shore Drive, Virginia Beach, VA. 23451. He had met Barbara LuAnne Gentile at the formal dinner during the proceedings and the Conference, and they had arranged to meet on the fan tail of the USS Wisconsin–one of the last four Battleships to serve in the US Navy. There she handed Field a dossier entitled “Show me the money.”

Update of 27 September draft

This ongoing exposé of crimes against American citizens by the Synagogue of Satan will be added to no later than 1900 EDT Wednesday 27 2017 and will be archived in a radio show to be titled Operation TORN CURTAIN 2017, whereby Vatican Jesuits, Serco, United States Senior Executive Service, NORTHERN TRUST, American Bar Association, and IRS will be exposed to a global audience of critical thinkers.

The following is a partial list of subjects to be exposed from SHOW ME THE MONEY dossier: contract, no pay, attorney, 3 questions, indentured trust, void mortgage,cashier’s check, lending or debt slavery, gifted and Trump’s 4th Marine.



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Why is There No Criminal Investigation? Field McConnell, Sgt Tom Juby & Josh Caplan


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