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February 11, 2012

McConnell links Harper panda key to RCMP’s pig-farm Federal Bridge

Field McConnell has linked Laureen Harper’s RCMP associates to Interpol insiders’ use of cross-certification keys which access the Federal Bridge Certification Authority and conceal a counter-trade in pandas for snuff films from the Pickton pig farm in B.C.

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Procured Entrust Public Key Infrastructure – Interpol and the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists – Concealed Kindertransport Developments

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Procured Entrust Public Keys -Alleged Collaborators – Pickton Pig Farm Murders – Bypassed 9-1-1 First Responders – Matrix 5 – Discredited RCMP

“Harper’s China visit wraps up with gift of pandas”
Harper’s China visit wraps up with gift of pandas

“The Silent Jungle Documentary [Note ‘panda propaganda’ from WWF and Interpol]”

“PM kicks off China visit with ‘goodwill’ appointment”
PM kicks off China visit with ‘goodwill’ appointment

“Linda Louise Wright & The Guild Socialist Ensemble Recorded Live at Pickton Pig Farm”

Entrust public keys to Interpol

“Top RCMP staff complain about boss [William Elliott introduced Federal Bridge into RCMP chain of command with a pig-farm backdoor key before his move to Interpol]”
Top RCMP staff complain about boss

New RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson allegedly used key to pig farm Federal Bridge

“Deputy Commissioner Paulson to head RCMP Former B.C. Mountie to take over force suffering from low morale By Mark Kennedy And Douglas Quan, Postmedia News With Files From Andrea Woo And Kim Bolan November 16, 2011 RCMP Deputy Commissioner Bob Paulson will be named the national police force’s new commissioner. A Postmedia News source confirmed Tuesday that Paulson will be officially named commissioner Wednesday, finally putting an end to feverish speculation over who would replace former RCMP boss William Elliott. Paulson joined the RCMP in 1986 in Chilliwack [where he allegedly worked with the homicidal pedophile pilot Russell Williams on the development of the pig-farm federal bridge in British Columbia] and served with the force in this province until 2005, when he moved to the national headquarters in Ottawa. During his time in B.C., Paulson served in various locations doing municipal, provincial and federal policing, including work with unsolved murders, organized crime and aboriginal and community policing. He was appointed deputy commissioner for federal policing in November 2010. Before joining the RCMP, he spent almost seven years in the Canadian Forces. Insp. Andy Richards, of the Port Moody police department, worked with Paulson on the E-Pandora investigation targeting the Hells Angels. He said Paulson is a man of integrity who should command respect in his new role. “If anyone can have an impact, he can,” Richards said. He said Paulson has a great deal of experience as an investigator on major files, earning him the respect of front-line officers. Elliott, who is starting a three-year term as special representative of Interpol to the United Nations in New York, is a career bureaucrat and the force’s first civilian commissioner. He announced he was stepping down earlier this year after coming under fire from some members of the senior management team for having an abrasive leadership style. Paulson takes on the top job at a time when morale within the force, according to one staff relations representative, has withered to an “all-time low.” Just last week, a former high profile spokeswoman for the force in B.C., Cpl. Catherine Galliford, claimed she had endured years of sexual harassment from senior officers. She has been on sick leave since 2007. Besides rebuilding morale, a key issue that the new commissioner will have to confront is whether the force is stretched too thin. A report earlier this year from Canada’s auditor-general found the RCMP has been taking money out of investigations into organized crime and other areas in order to cover costs associated with its delivery of national police services [over the Federal Bridge], such as forensic evidence analysis and the updating of criminal record databases.”

“59. Laureen Ann Harper (née Teskey) [Revised February 11, 2012. Matrix 5 principal and wife of allegedly extorted man-in-the-middle Stephen Harper, Canada’s 22nd Prime Minister with the title The Right Honourable member of the Queen’s Privy Council; she allegedly used cross-certification keys to access the Federal Bridge Certification Authority and conceal countertrades in snuff films from the Pickton pig farm in B.C.; she allegedly developed decoy graphics user interface (‘GUI’) for use with VideoGuard pay-per-view encryption devices by Privy Council including Maurice Strong and Prince Philip; she allegedly integrated VideoGuard encryption with decoy graphics to conceal the entrapment of participants in pre-insured death-by-plane events including Operation Nanook during August 2011 and the Global Guardian / al-Qaeda war games of 911; she allegedly used Blackberry two-way pagers and Playfair ciphers to conceal changes to Royal Mail public keys in the United Kingdom and allow Dr. Thomas Barnett to stage the first live-broadcast mass snuff-film on 9/11; she allegedly worked with Harper strategist and University of Calgary political scientist, Tom Flanagan, on a graphical-user interface to the Carbon Disclosure Landlord Game, apparently played by Carlton Bartels before he was snuffed in WTC#1 on 9/11; she is an alleged accessory – before or after the fact – to the development of Southern Alberta’s century-old pedophile trade by polygamous wives of leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons); she is an alleged accessory – before or after the fact – to the development of a fifty-year old pedophile trade by the ‘Aunties’ and ‘Mothers’ of SOS Children’s Villages sponsored by Canadian Governors General including the late Jeanne Sauvé and her ‘bearded’ kickboxing partner, Michaelle Jean; she allegedly used Entrust public key infrastructure to conceal threats to B.C. Attorney General Shirley Bond which appear to have forced her assistant deputy attorney general, Richard Peck, to give up his role as prosecutor of leaders of the Mormon cult charged with transporting underage girls between the polygamous community of Bountiful and the United States; she “Made a pilgrimage” through 13 countries in Africa with a six-month trek in the mid-’80s; she allegedly exchanged unknown favors for safe passage with guerrilla soldiers active in the SOS pedophile trade; she was born in Turner Valley, rural town south-west of Calgary, Alberta; her parents were ranchers who owned an electrical contracting company; parents divorced in 1991; she graduated from Oilfields High School; she dumped journalism and focused on photography at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology with emphasis on computer-generated graphics; she was married to New Zealander Neil Fenton – met on trek – from 1985 to 1988 in Canada; she was a graphic artist for GTO Printing, he wanted to own a restaurant; children were not in the plan and they split in 1988; she allegedly infiltrated the Calgary Progressive Conservative Party through MP Jim Hawkes; she allegedly infiltrated the Reform Party of Canada in the late 1980s; she allegedly generated propaganda graphics for party, including poster for Reform MP Deborah Grey who had taken Stephen Harper to Ottawa as her assistant; she met Harper at a Reform Party assembly in Saskatoon in 1990; she helped him with graphics for his M.A. thesis; they were married in 1993 by a justice of the peace in their house in Calgary’s Scenic Acres neighborhood; she has gender-identity issues; she was a wild high-school rabble rouser; she was a down and dirty Chick Flick dirt bike owner; she was disarmed by Grade 12 boys in a chainsaw incident; she operated a blowtorch while spot welding a gala chandelier; she acts the part of radical feminista and gets last word with her husband even inside G8, G20; she covertly directs CSIS/RCMP monitoring and security through Entrust backdoor into .tv; she models herself on the militant Maureen McTeer and control-freak wife Aline Chrétien; she allegedly uses Blackberry to text messages to gay male friends about cute male air stewards [and pilots?] she encounters while traveling; she ran a successful graphical user interface design company from 1989 to 2002; she became the breadwinner for her family while Harper honed his political skills; she allegedly hijacked the REFORM party and its Canadian Alliance offshoot; she used her business to extort her ‘nerdy’ husband as a “kept man” in 2002; she funded Harper’s challenge to Stockwell DAY for leadership of the CANADIAN ALLIANCE, the offshoot of Reform; she designed signs for Harper that violated party specs; she rejected family’s Progressive Conservative agenda for gender-identity schtick; she rejected her family’s roots in United Church; she forced Harper to make formal apology to Chinese community for head tax levied on Chinese workers in late 19th century; her radar is all attuned to optics; she arrived in Ottawa as Laureen Teskey, a folksy, motorcycle-riding Albertan, joked about “mucky-mucks” and drank beer from the bottle; post-2006 election, she’s been retrofitted; she is informally called “first lady” by PMO; she was a booster for the proposed North American Free Trade Agreement to strengthen Matrix 5 power over and ultimately destroy the sovereign state to the benefit of the 100+ Livery Companies; she is a cutting-edge user of Internet technology and SOS social networking for Matrix 5 community organizers; the new leader of the Opposition and his family relocated to Ottawa; she gave up her business but launched use of Nokia video camera for sexual entrapment of members of the ‘patriarchy’ by her Chick Flick friends; her sister, Diana, took over remaining contracts; Conservative victory in 2006 signaled the departure of Laureen Teskey and the entrance of Laureen Harper; PMO joke is whether the power nexus lies with Harper or his chief of staff Ian Brodie, Laureen and Kevin Lynch, clerk of the Privy Council; the perception among staffers is that the couple have been scheming their way to 24 Sussex for the last 15 years; she recently extorted husband into appointing David Johnston as governor general and sweetened the pot for his wife Sharon with free rides at RCMP stables; she forced Johnston to host Aga Khan – sponsor of Crown Agents – and promote SOS / Matrix 5 propaganda for the indoctrination of young children between birth and 3 and even prenatal; she allegedly forced Johnston to authorize burning of Russell Williams uniforms and is therefore inferred guilty of spoliation of evidence of a high-level pedophile trade amongst members of the Privy Council; she is allegedly party to the spoliation of evidence of the contract killing of Jessica Lloyd and Marie-France Comeau, alleged witnesses to SOS pedophile trade; she allegedly used Blackberry/Entrust devices to order RCMP/Military Police to drop crime scene investigations into SOS-generated child and snuff-film pornography on EW pilot Russell Williams .tv computer files.]”

Field McConnell makes a spoliation inference that his sister Kristine Marcy set up the pig-farm Federal Bridge Certification Authority with Lena Trudeau and Laureen Harper in the ‘90’s to finance the takeover of the federal Reform Party and clear the way for radical feminists to take over 24 Sussex Drive and the White House in the aftermath of the phony al-Qaeda attacks on America..

Contact Field McConnell to learn how his ‘Presidential Field” election campaign tackles issues of pig farm entrapment and extortion which the other candidates dare not touch.

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