Last Country to be Removed from the Chessboard: Iran – Russia and Israel Coordinating in Syria – Greater Israel Project and China Belt & Road

Ed. note: The US continues attempting to remove the “regime” in Venezuela claiming now that President Nicolás Maduro is facing a “ticking clock“, while events continue moving along in the Middle East. A scan through the news may give us a few insights into what might be happening there. Israel’s participation in China’s Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) indicates that Russia, China and Israel are coordinating their diplomacy on Iran. This looks to be heading towards removing the leadership of Iran to clear the way for China’s Belt & Road Initiative (BRI). That coordination my even involve allowing Iran to build its military to a sufficient enough size to push Iran into war.

Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro’s government refusing to buckle to US demands to step down, seems to be part of what is taking place in the Middle East. Russia, China and Israel are working towards removing America from the “chessboard” now that America has been squeezed of its technology, with the recent news Russia is expected to be signing free-trade agreements between the Russia-led Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) with Israel, Singapore, India, Egypt and Iran in the near future.

China and Israel are sharing technology transfers that we’ve already established, and we’ve also presented evidence Russia and Israel have been sharing technology removed from America. The removal from America of technology was done under 42USC §17337: United States-Israel energy [technology] cooperation. These laws were intentionally legislated for the long term transfer of American technology to Israel first established under the Trotskyites going back to Joseph Stalin when later in the Soviet Union, the chairman of the KGB under Yuri Andropov began infiltrating American institutions. So while Americans are arguing back-and-forth about their interpretation of socialism, intellectually boring discussions on communism, and while American universities have been converted to leftist behavioral institutions, American high tech advances has been removed by stealth. Convoluted isn’t it?

Even though Israel’s Lekem intelligence operation has been disbanded, intelligence operations against America have been grafted onto other Israeli-based intelligence organizations. The Russian-led free-trade zone under the EEU will drop the US dollar and adopt a single currency. Much of Iran’s participation in the Russian-led EEU is hinged on trade since the US began sanctions against Iran.

Russia-led free-trade zone will soon include 5 more countries

China Includes Afghanistan in Belt & Road Initiative as John Bolton Prepares Daesh and MEK for Iran While America Fails at the Khyber Pass

Dual-Use Technology Transfers Through a “Chain of Investment Holding Companies”

Wilderness of Mirrors

Russia and the US are now going back-and-forth at the UN with counter proposals on Venezuela. Sort of like bargaining for the ultimate prize over Venezuela’s resources. As all this is being put into place, consider for a moment the very serious idea that Israel plans on replacing the UN with the Sanhedrin. This was the reason for Israel inviting Nikki Haley to be “honorary president of an organization of 70 nations”. Israel has always claimed the UN has an “anti Israeli policy” explaining the brutal attitude Israel has against the Palestinians, as we see Israel coordinating with China building the technological infrastructure for China’s BRI. With this continued shift to Israel, America has now become dependent on Israel for “shooting missiles out of the sky” with the announcement the US army will purchase Israel’s Iron Dome defensive missile system. The US military under President Trump have a $700 billion budget and the US is now purchasing weapons systems from Israel?

US army to buy Iron Dome missile defence systems from Israel

Sanhedrin Invites Nikki Haley to be Honorary President of Organization of 70 Nations

Now That There’s a Sanhedrin, Who Needs the Supreme Court?

Chinese infrastructure giants set sights on increased Israel activity

In 2018, Venezuela secured a $5 billion loan from China to help Venezuela stabilize its economy and to boost Venezuela’s oil industry. Venezuela is the second country along with Uruguay in South America to sign up on China’s almost $1 trillion BRI. As the world is divided into a multi polar world with most of the world’s population passively watching, America’s participation is diminished, so the chances of the US allowing Venezuela to walk out from under its control so easily is slim. President Nicolás Maduro also announced 28 agreements between China and Venezuela in energy (oil), mining, gold, iron, technology, education, health, and culture.

American oil cartels are not going to sit back and allow oil from Venezuela leave its ports for China without barriers considering half of America’s oil imports come from Venezuela. Currently as well, Venezuela’s PDVSA is partnered with Russia in producing oil as one of PDVSA’s (Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A.) biggest partnerships. Venezuela already had bank accounts set up with Russia’s Gazprom Bank set up by Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA) years ago. As sanctions began crippling Venezuela’s ability to sell and ship oil, it looks as though these bank accounts with Gazprom Bank are going to become active. Venezuela is protecting its oil industry from being privatized as the US Treasury is hitting Venezuela hard with sanctions. There are now reports of a Saudi tanker docking in Venezuela, and so even though these normal channels are open for oil trade, it looks as though the Saudis haven’t recognized the sanctions.

Saudi Arabia’s Bahri is ‘not breaching US sanctions’

Source: Al Monitor

Israel factor complicates but won’t break Iran-Russia partnership in Syria

Kirill Kudryavtsev/REUTERS
President Vladimir Putin of Russia, Hassan Rouhani of Iran and Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey attend a news conference following their meeting in Tehran, Iran, Sept. 7, 2018.

With the presidents of Iran, Russia and Turkey slated to attend a new round of Syria peace talks within the Astana framework on Feb. 14, the relationship between Tehran and Moscow — two main allies of the Syrian government in its eight years of fighting against rebel and terrorist groups — is facing a new durability test, mostly due to the Israeli factor.

On Jan. 21, Israeli warplanes carried out a series of strikes against alleged Iranian targets in Syria. The attacks were considered the most serious since the downing of an IL-20 Russian military aircraft by a Syrian air defense missile on Sept. 17. Russian officials interpreted the incident as the consequence of a deliberate attempt by the Israeli pilots to mislead the Syrian air defense by hiding behind the Russian surveillance plane. As a result, Moscow announced that it would provide Damascus with advanced S-300 missile defense systems and upgrade Syria’s air defense capabilities. However, the advanced Russian systems, seen by some observers as a potential game changer in Syria, were inactive during the latest round of Israeli airstrikes.

Head of the Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Heshmatollah Falahatpisheh criticized Moscow, saying, “If the S-300 systems in Syria operated correctly, the Israeli military would be unable to easily conduct airstrikes on Syria.” He went on to speculate that there seems to be coordination between the attacks and Russian-provided air defenses deployed in Syria.

Iranian public opinion, which has always been sensitive toward Tehran’s ties with Moscow, was further alarmed when Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said in a Jan. 26 interview that Israel’s security is a top priority for Russia, adding that he doesn’t see Iran and Russia as allies in Syria.

These developments led to speculation in the Persian-language media that Russia and Israel are collaborating against the Islamic Republic, and whether Falahatpisheh’s remarks mean that Tehran is reconsidering its partnership with Moscow in Syria

Please go to Al Monitor to read the entire article.


Further reading outlining how America has been removed from the chessboard which goes back 50 years or more culminating in the events of 9/11, power has shifted completely to Russia, China and Israel despite the platitudes of President Trump. What the media in America have been telling the American people is so far removed from what is actually happening in this world, it is as if America has been deliberately retarded in understanding certain world events except to fulfill its role as a brute military force. Will the American military be used once again this time on Venezuela?

So, while Americans are being distracted with this Russian collusion investigation (aspects of it are related to the Russian-Jewish mafia with a completely compromised FBI) and that trannies are taking over and genderless toilets, the American military is now going to start purchasing Israel-manufactured weapons. Read this first linked article below then consider this was all arranged for many years ago now that America is in decline with Trump (Evangelical vote for Trump) positioned to “ease the pain.”

America has been placed into a “fake two-party state—one social-democratic and one neoconservative—in which heated public battles would be fought on divisive, symbolic issues, while behind the scenes both parties would actually be controlled by the same ruling elites.” Don’t stop and think for a moment this isn’t all being contrived by the “deep state” (transcontinental) to remove America from Europe, just as Trump declared America would remove itself from NATO.

Our American Pravda

Most Germans see relations with US as ‘negative’ while less than 2% name Russia as threat

Are your minds sufficiently blown yet? Well if they aren’t, listen carefully to John F. Kennedy while your minds are still fresh with what has just been presented in the previous material. As well known as this speech is given by President Kennedy, and no matter how many times it has been listened to, you will definitely walk away this time with an entirely different conception of “secret societies” and “conspiracies.”

Here are a couple of interesting essays on JFK and his son John F. Kennedy Jr:

The Broken Presidential Destiny of JFK, Jr.

Did Israel Kill the Kennedys?


It’s like stealing a car…

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