Las Vegas Shooting Analysis

Source: Brendon O’Connell

Vegas – Israeli Kill Squads Operating in United States?

Vegas Shooting – Interview July 2014 – Israeli Kill Squads Operating Worldwide

Vegas Shooting in Context – The Grand Scheme of Things

Educational so pay attention:

Trump Attacks NWO With Counters Of Its Own Language and Symbols

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  • : Brendon O’Connell , I agree with much of what he states but the fact is he is also a supporter of the green fraud . I am willing to bet he hasnt worked out what the native title scam is about over there . He will need to read the treaties with all the other nations who signed up to it, which clearly state the Queen is sovereign over their lands and they now find themselves total slaves minus evething the country owned .. If you read any court case documents in the Northern Territory you will see exactly what i mean . He should know during the Japanese invasion the Queen ordered Mcarthy to allow the Japs to invade the Norhern half of Australia . He was a straight shooter and refused . He is correct about most other things , but the green fraud is also run by the same people .

  • URANIUM 1 SCANDAL . but you cannot trust FOX and where is the Clinton video with the 12yr old . It is always going to happen and the Hill is a Israel operation for sure .

  • I met a women on facebook, quite attractive and didn’t try in any way, shape or form to lure me into any sugar-daddy stuff or even a date or anything we only exchanged messages a few times. She commented on some board I was on and she said once when she was waiting for a plane in the Seattle airport lounge and there was a guy in there she said had maybe a few too many that loosened up his tongue and she said he had been Secret Service for President Clinton and that they would bring on underage girls on Air Force 1 and rape them and kill them and throw them out the door over the ocean or wilderness. She said he had horrible nightmares. And had a hard time living with himself.