Las Vegas – Dubai – Homescam Security and Global Transportation Hubs – FBI as the Commercial Militia – Clearing Out Pesky Populations

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Pirates, Ports and Treason

By Vicky Davis • October 12, 2017

One of most disturbing bits of information concerning the Las Vegas public execution is the fact that the CEO and Chairman of MGM Resorts International, James J. Murren is also a member of the National Infrastructure Advisory Committee – a committee of Homescam Security. Since I was at the Homescam Security website last, they’ve changed their header to Pepto-Abismol Pink. There is significance to that but I don’t want to get sidetracked.

The New York Times reported that the location of the mass shooting was at the Las Vegas Village and Festival Grounds operated by MGM International Resorts.

Murren is listed on Edgar, the SEC’s data base for filings as being an owner and/or Director in the following three companies:

MGM Resorts International

MGM Growth Properties, LLC

PAR Petroleum Corp/Co

Edgar has a listing of the Directors and Officers of MGM Resorts International. The following are the listings connected to Dubai:

Dubai World

Economic Zones World Crunchbase: Economic Zones World

Infinity World (Cayman) Holding

Looks like they applied to Massachusetts Gaming Commission using a different name, Blue Tarp re-Development LLC but it’s the same people – MGM and Dubai.

Infinity World (Cayman) L.P.

Infinity World Cayman Investments Corp.

Infinity World Holding Ltd.

Infinity World Investments LLC

On the 4-Traders website, Infinity World is listed as an investor in Union Properties

That’s as far as I’m going with it but the point is that Dubai and this group of men that are listed as Directors of the MGM Resorts International are investing in special economic zones aka intermodal commerce zones aka foreign trade zones aka free ports aka transportation hubs all over the world. So we have a firm connection between Las Vegas – Dubai – Homescam Security and global transportation hubs – technology for the STASI police state. The technology is being implemented as port security by a port authority which is a separate subdivision of “governing” not really under the control of our government because they are international. These zones comprise the global transportation network.

These zones are the hubs of the technocratic tyranny. In my original research, I saw these zones as being economic choke points on our economy – and on all the economies all over the world. I wasn’t guessing. It was a determination based on the definition of the zone in Idaho and other locations, the composition of the zone and the technology requirements of the zone. You’ll note that I specified Chinese control because it was a company connected with China that was attempting to occupy the newly created zone in Meridian, Idaho.

And now we know that the very special class of people in Las Vegas are tied into Homescam Security as well as being connected to the Middle East. Recall President Trump’s recent visit to the Middle East for the photo opportunity with the glowing orb to open a fusion center.

Engineering Free Market

Engineering a free market is an oxymoron. By definition if it’s engineered, it’s not free. The entire system of globalization is the establishment of a global system of rules-based trade built on a technocratic foundation that is designed to distribute (according to the propaganda) economic activity to achieve balance. This is classic communism but in the business world, it’s not being discussed as such because the benefits of the engineering (money made for technology and systems) is accruing to a relatively few multinational corporations and individuals who have done so well, they are buying the world – including the world of the media to promote their lies. The discord in the world is because you can’t market prosperity to a slave which is what this global system is creating.

The intermodal commerce zones – global transportation hubs pock-marking our country are instruments of globalization. The idea is that the zones are free to participate in the global economy and somehow that is supposed to benefit the people in a country. What is only talked about in the dry panel discussions of intellectuals is the fact that the free movement of labor across borders is part of the global rules-based trading system. (See WTO – GATS Four Modes of Trade in Services). The idea is a world free for corporate commerce – open borders for capital, labor and natural resources. They are creating a world where a few can exploit the many. Sovereignty becomes a function of ownership and management of a zone. In simple terms, the port zone becomes a fiefdom, the people employed by the zone become lords and ladies while people outside the zone become serfs – beggars on the land.

“enclaves of freedom and prosperity”

Rather obviously the engineered system of globalization of economic activity is not working but there are powerful world class con men who are promoting the ideas – and even expanding upon upon the idea of the “exception zone” to include charter cities aka enterprise cities that make their own rules separate from the country in which they reside. One such global con man – member of the Bretton Woods Committee – is Shankar Singham.

Singham came to my attention when a friend sent to me a link of testimony that Singham gave to the Oklahoma legislature. Singham was promoting an interstate compact between Arizona and Oklahoma to create “prosperity districts”. The legislation for approval of the compact is Oklahoma HB 2132.

The video below is a few minutes of Singham’s testimony during which he mentioned a port in Arizona. Listen carefully.

Port in Arizona

Arizona-Oklahoma Prosperity Zones

A distortion in the context Singham is talking about would be the price of labor – Chinese workers make a dollar an hour. American workers make twenty dollars an hour. That’s a distortion to offshore investors. Lowering the cost of electricity – if China offers free electricity, then a distortion would be if the investors in a port zone would have to pay for their own electricity in the U.S. In other words, it’s a competition for lowest cost for foreign investors – at the expense of citizens and working people. The incentive for public officials to sell us out is that they are offered investment opportunities in the global port network in other countries and/or they make money through friends and relatives by being insiders to port operations in their state or local area.

Why would Singham be marketing legislation – an interstate compact to the Arizona and Oklahoma legislatures? Look on this map for Interstate 40. You’ll see a partially complete maritime highway. As I’ve written before, the expansion of an international shipping lane (trade corridor) is that a shipper must be able to move from port-to-port. The prosperity districts that Singham is talking about changes Oklahoma and Arizona law to allow for the establishment of ports for international shipping. New Mexico is probably already in because they are on the border with Mexico. Oklahoma is landlocked – no international borders and no navigable rivers.

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Watch Darth Vader from the FBI (commercial militia) watching over Sheriff Lombardo at the press briefing in Las Vegas. This is an example of the deep state like no other. Much to Alex Jones’ credit, he just did a special bulletin warning that Sheriff Lombardo’s life might be in jeopardy. It is hopeful the Las Vegas Sheriffs Department has a security detail to protect Sheriff Lombardo’s life from any potential threats.


Anatomy of the #LasVegasShooting Coverup: Citizen and Civilian Journalism Outclass Deep State #MSM

An interesting discussion of the deep state describing the FBI as a criminal operation and how it operates with impunity despite whatever President Trump may do as president.



Populations and unique cultures around the world are being destroyed forcing them into these technological systems that are being built described in the material above from TVOI.



The FBI is the commercial militia, or the enforcement arm of the US Corporation operating under US Corporate Statute Law.

 What Is The FBI?


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    “Big Oil Environmentalism” by James Corbett >

    Rockefeller good every patent of Edison and Westinghouse. Rockefeller frontman Bell stole the patent for telephone from Antonio Meucci, created the AT&T monopoly. Marconi stole radio patents from Tesla, created RCA monopoly. Rockefeller frontmen Langley-Curtiss-Bell stole a dozen Wright Brothers patents, created the Curtiss NO-BID Aircraft company. No US patents allowed Rothschild to use stolen Wright patents in Europe. In 1945 the Curtiss company had more cash reserves thhan General Motors. That is how robber barons roll.


  • Thanks – good and I try to repost elsewhere. “Clearing out pesky populations” reminded me also of the CA fires.

    More evidence DEW (Direct Energy Weapons – lasers) was used to start CA fires – connected to Globalist Agenda 21 project…..please help to go viral.

    Original video —-


  • Mysterious light blamed for circle of fire EVIDENCE SHOWING THIS IS TRUE .