Largest fleet of satellites ever launched into space: Private firm has sent 146 satellites into orbit to photograph Earth for spy agencies and farmers

Source: Mail Online

  • Each satellite is the size of a loaf of bread and uses smartphone technology
  • The satellites are operated by Planet Lab which was founded by NASA scientists
  • High resolution photos can ‘see objects the size of a fist’ anywhere on the planet 
  • They orbit around the globe every 90 minutes and document changes on Earth

By Victoria Bell • Mailonline • January 29, 2019

A private space company has launched the largest fleet of satellites into space in ‘human history’.  

Planet Lab, founded by ex-NASA scientists, claim they have launched 146 small satellites by rocket into space and have manufactured a total of roughly 300 so far.

The satellites combine to photograph the entirety of Earth’s landmass for use by intelligence agencies, agricultural companies and humanitarian purposes.

Each satellite is only about the size of a loaf of bread, weighs 12 pounds (5 kg) and uses the same technology used in smartphones to gather data.

The spy satellites take high-resolution photographs all over the world including  places like Russia and North Korea. 

They orbit the globe every 90 minutes while the Earth rotates beneath them, documenting the planet as it changes. 

Planet Lab also sells images to over 200 customers, many of them agricultural companies monitoring the health of crops. 

Speaking on CBS’s Sixty Minutes, Dr Will Marshall, co-founder of Planet, tells David Martin that he is always astonished by the quality of the images.

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Ed. note: The following is one possible scenario especially when it is considered the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA) will have priority over the images. The chances of most of these images being released to the public will be zero. The above Mail Online news is more than likely cover with something far more invasive going on in space. The NGA and the private firm Planet have been making arrangements for intelligence from space-based operations for quite awhile. There will not only be images available but video as well with a contract between NGA and BAE Systems to provide Full Motion Video (FMV). The US Navy is in control of NGA so all the images and FMV will be for military use. Whatever type of infrastructure is being built out in space the amounts of money being spent is enormous and the surveillance capability is going to be incredibly invasive.

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“Did you hear the NGA is going to help us out with our crop production?”



January 31, 2019

New to me: An enormous fleet of earth photographing satellites has been launched

A California based company called “planet” has launched more than 170 earth photographing satellites with a goal of launching 300. When the satellite network is complete, it will be able to produce detailed photos of the entire earth every day.

They are lying about the specs of this system.

They are claiming the resolution is 3.7 meters in some reports (which is 12 feet) yet in other reports it is claimed they can see cars move. Since cars are typically less than 6 feet wide, you’d never be able to identify one at that resolution, if you could even tell what it was. Additionally, they are claiming you can see downed trees, which again, would only be a few pixels across with such low resolution which means you would not be able to tell jack. So we already know they are lying about this system.

Let’s skip their phony resolution specs and instead consider what this means:

A private satellite system has been launched that can photograph the entire surface of the earth daily, in great enough detail to see which cars have moved and are being used, if any trees are down, how healthy farmer’s crops are and more. I’ll tell you what that means:

If this system can tell how healthy a corn plant (one of the biggest plants in agriculture) is, which has to be the case if farmers are supposed to be able to use it to check their crops, and a corn plant would have approximately the same cross section of a human from above, then they can track you so clearly they know how healthy you are from the photos. That will take a resolution of millimeters, not meters. So we know the shadow state now has it’s eye in the sky, under the cover of a “private company”, it can update daily and see the entire world.

What does that mean? Easy answer: If enough resources are dedicated to combing photos, they are going to know exactly where bug out bob went and will be able to check on him daily. They will know if he planted food, gathered wood, made a shelter, the whole 9 yards unless everything he does is under the decent cover provided by a forest. PROBLEM: The forest is not the answer.

If you are going to be self sufficient, you have to cut down trees to do it. You need that for shelter, you need that for heat, you need that to let the sunshine through so you can grow crops, and there’s a new system in orbit now that will notice every tree you cut down DAILY. They are at least admitting that much. That’s a serious problem.

One would think there would be too much data to go through. However, the system uses AI to flag anything that changes. So whatever goons comb the photos will have anything that changed already flagged for them. It will make their work a whole lot easier. Multiply that by 500, 000 goons, (not even close to the size of the armed forces) and the equation outputs: YOU ARE SCREWED.


This is not a spurious story, it was recently covered by 60 minutes and smaller (text based reports) like this one.

None of the reports state it the way I did, but sometimes some people need a translator to see the obvious. That’s my job with crap like this. Here’s the shortest translation I can post:

Bugging out may be useless. If you go to an area where “nothing changes” and you are the only one changing it, it is going to get flagged post haste. Cities change all the time, so it will be a lot harder to nail dissenters there. End translation. But in the city, you will have to deal with police, inspectors, GOONS on the ground daily.

Satan’s system of total accountability, where no man can buy or sell save he who has the mark, will be made possible by systems like this. Enjoy the rapture.



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