Kerch Bridge Planned for Demolition? – Sailors Intended to Be Killed

Two Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine (FISU) agents were aboard the vessels apprehended by the Russians which the Ukrainian government has confirmed.

German Officials: Sanction Russia Over Kerch Strait Incident


The increasing tensions in Ukraine and British involvement.

War in Ukraine: Robin Hood Complex – Ukraine Trailer (Documentary)


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The UK sends commandos, funds to Ukraine

Prince Harry The Duke of Sussex visits The Royal Marines Commando Training Centre on September 13, 2018 in Lympstone, United Kingdom. The Duke arrived at the centre in a Royal Navy Wildcat Maritime Attack Helicopter for his first visit in his role as Captain General of The Royal Marines. He greeted new recruits undergoing training and met with members of the Invictus Games Racing Team. (Lympstone, Devon, England, UK)(AP).

by Stavros Atlamazoglou • September 22, 2018

London, United Kingdom—The British government has announced an additional deployment of troops in Ukraine and a package of financial support.

The British Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson said that an extra contingent of Royal Marines would deploy to the eastern European country as an extra layer of deterrence against Russia.

The Royal Marines are Britain’s premier amphibious and light infantry unit. They will be providing combat and naval training to the Ukrainian military as part of Operation Orbital. The training and advising mission began in 2015. Hitherto, British servicemen have trained close to 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers. Training has been focused on medical, infantry, anti-tank, anti-artillery, and anti-sniper skills. British troops have also provided Improvised Explosive Device (IED) detection and logistics support to their Ukrainian counterparts.

The UK isn’t the only country supporting Ukraine in her struggle against the Russian-supported separatists. The U.S., Canada, and several European countries have committed to training and logistical support.

Williamson, who is currently touring the front-line in eastern Ukraine, said that “the UK supported the people of Ukraine and is firmly committed to its sovereignty.”

“The Kremlin is trying to undermine our values, destroy our way of life, and reverse the outcome of the Cold War. Its behaviour only increases the risk of miscalculation and the prospect of crisis turning to chaos,” he added.

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UK to deploy Marines, warship to Ukraine

21 November 2018

Maritime training deployments are set to deepen UK-Ukraine defense partnership.


The UK and Ukraine will continue to strengthen their defense partnership in the face of intensifying threats and aggression, British Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson reaffirmed today as he met Ukraine’s Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak in London.

In the meeting, Gavin Williamson announced a range of forthcoming deployments and exercises that will see the two countries’ Armed Forces continue to work together in defense of the international rules-based order, according to the report on the British government website.

Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson said: “As long as Ukraine faces Russian hostilities, it will find a steadfast partner in the United Kingdom. By continuing to work together, whether through training programmes or military exercises, we help Ukraine to stand up for our shared values.”

“Those values of freedom and democracy cannot be traded. I have witnessed on the frontline the effects of the conflict in the East and this has completely reinforced my support for Ukraine’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity,” the defense secretary said.

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November 28, 2018 • Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard

A Ukrainian General said that Kiev “set up” its sailors in a situation that involved violating the border in the Kerch Strait. The political scientist Rostislav Ishchenko is sure that this is true. He shared his opinion with Radio Sputnik.

The sailors who violated the border of Russia in the Kerch Strait and were detained by the border service of the FSB were “set up” by the authorities in Kiev, stated the former head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine General Nikolay Malomuzh in an interview to the “Politeka” website. According to him, the ships of the Naval Forces of Ukraine came on territory that is controlled by Russia, and events could unfold in only one way – the detention of the violators with the use of weapons.

If the Ukrainian authorities consciously chose this route and format of movement for the ships, then it is a “deliberate crime”, he added.

The president of the Center for System Analysis and Forecasting Rostislav Ishchenko stated his view of the situation on the air of Radio Sputnik.

Of course the sailors were set up, because by and large they could’ve died. It is worth remembering that although they were small boats – albeit armed, they are a part of the Navy of Ukraine. Ukraine states that it is waging war with Russia, and Ukrainian officials – not only at the level of deputies, but also at the level of Generals – said that it is necessary to blow up the Crimean Bridge. And so a squadron, albeit of small boats, navigated to the Crimean Bridge and invaded the territorial waters of Russia, without reacting to appeals. It was quite logical to assume in this situation that they will not be captured, but just sank. I think that Poroshenko also hoped for this. Certainly, he first of all set up seamen,” said Rostislav Ishchenko.





November 27-28, 2018

HIGHLY PROBABLE: Ukraine was going to blow up the Kerch bridge

This is only rumor, but it makes perfect sense. Here is what is going on between Russia and Ukraine, and it is a big deal:

First the facts, second the rumor:

The Kerch Strait is a key shipping route for Ukraine. It is a pinch point that can be cut off to prevent Ukraine from getting ships from the Sea of Azov into the Atlantic ocean. It is a VERY BIG DEAL. Russia recently built a highly disputed 11 mile long bridge which was condemned by even Canada across the Kerch strait, which left only a narrow shipping lane under the highest point of the bridge open for ships to go through because the remainder of the bridge has supports that are too close for large ships to navigate through safely. The portion of the bridge ships can pass under is adequate for passage, but is also easy to cut off.

There was a skirmish between Russian naval vessels, during which Russian naval vessels used their cannons to poke sizeable holes in Ukrainian ships and then seized them. Russia then took an enormous ship, and parked it lengthwise in the only navigable channel under the bridge, to prevent Ukrainian vessels from traveling under the bridge. Now, over 100 Ukrainian vessels are stranded, and half of Ukraine has been cut off from international shipping.

Here’s the rumor:

Russia attacked the Ukrainian ships to begin with because one of them was transporting an enormous explosive that was going to be used to blow the Kerch Strait bridge up, which is why Russia took such strong action against the Ukrainian navy and then parked a huge ship under the bridge. The rumor is plausible, because Ukraine can still get ships to the Atlantic via other routes, so cutting off the Kerch Strait would not significantly hurt Ukraine economically. Russia probably really is protecting the bridge. The region connected by the Kerch bridge is a disputed region that Ukraine claims as theirs, and Russia has taken. The bridge greatly facilitated Russian dominance in the region, which is why Canada condemned it and would be a reason for Ukraine to blow it up. So that’s the reason, and I’ll side with Putin on this one.

So this is a tense situation, which could expand to a full blown war, if the rumor is accurate it only means Russia is protecting the bridge from destruction and Ukraine therefore can’t ship anything out or in via that route.


Ukraine Again Warns of FULL SCALE WAR with Russia

RAW: New anti-aircraft S-400 systems tested in Russia

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