Kelly 283: Serco’s Con Air Harvest Dum Dum Horsemen, Rothschild Lutnick Gaming, SES Pig Farm Boeing Buck

General John F. Kelly
White House Chief of Staff
Washington, D.C. 20528

Open letter from the Cloud Centric Crime Scene Investigators of Abel Danger

May 26, 2018

Dear General Kelly:

Please accept Brief 283 from Field McConnell – United States Marine Corps whistle-blower and Global Operations Director of Abel Danger (AD) – wherein he and his research team at Abel Danger plan to help injured communities launch crowd-funded docudramas and class-action lawsuits where the plaintiff groups may have suffered wrongful deaths associated with the negligent, reckless, willful, fraudulent or covert use of patented devices by Serco’s shareholders and investment bankers N M Rothschild & Sons Ltd., whose clients allegedly delayed publishing patents for years after applications until they surprised the markets with the attack on the North Tower (WTC1) in New York on 9/11 with patented devices which AD has grouped into patent families named as The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse or ‘Con Air’, ‘Lutnick’, ‘Dum Dum’ and ‘Boeing’.

AD believes that Serco‘s Horsemen have left their signatures on the attack in Paradise, Nevada, of October 1, 2017 when an apparent helicopter-borne Con Air Dum Dum SWAT team shot into the crowd at the Route 91 Harvest festival while Rothschild agents allegedly used Howard W. Lutnick’s (Original Assignee CFPH LLC) System and method for convenience gaming US8696443B2 and Boeing’s Encryption for asymmetric data links US7023996B2 to conceal dead-pool betting on times of victim deaths and body counts.

AD believes the late chemist, biologist and bomb-disposal expert Victor Rothschild, a former chairman of the Royal Commission on Gambling and N M Rothschild (the investment banker for Serco, Queen Elizabeth II and U.S. President Donald Trump!), ordered the late U.S. President John F. Kennedy’s assassination after hearing his address to the American Newspaper Publishers Association at a dinner held at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City on 27 April 1961 when Rothschild’s associates may have thought Kennedy was about to expose a secret society of oath takers with insider access to Serco’s (formerly RCA GB 1929) apocalyptic patented devices and a timeline for death by patent which the reader may find stretches back to the 19th Century…

Dum Dum November 22, 1963 – President Kennedy appears to have been shot in Dealey Plaza, Dallas on November 22, 1963 with a bullet allegedly derived from the Dum Dum bullet patented in 1897 by Captain Bertie-Clay of the Indian ammunition works at the town of Dum Dum in India and allegedly refined by the late Victor Rothschild as subsequently described in Darrel Rubin’s Biological active bullets, systems, and methods US9200877B1.

Con Air 1983 to 2002 – Charter members of the U.S. Senior Executive Service (SES) including Oliver ‘Buck’, former (SES-6) FBI Director deputy in charge of Criminal Investigative, Counter-Terrorism and Counter-Intelligence activities and Field McConnell’s sister Kristine Marcy, former Senior Counsel for the U.S. Marshals Service, allegedly established a DOJ ‘Con Air’ SWAT team and murder-for-hire network using Serco’s air traffic control staff and Jerome H. Lemelson’s Prisoner tracking and warning system and corresponding methods US6054928A to track SES oath takers travelling on Boeing passenger aircraft to a B.C. pig farm where up to 100 predominantly-First Nations prostitutes were shot with derivatives of the Dum Dum bullet between 1983 and 2002.

Lutnick 9/11 – N M Rothschild allegedly hosted a meeting of Serco shareholders on the 47th Floor of the WTC North Tower on 9/11 when they appear to have used Howard Lutnick’s Real-time interactive wagering on event outcomes CA 2460367 A to bet on body counts and times of victim deaths during the attack of 9/11.

Boeing 21 December 1988 – Serco, preferred supplier of C4I and radio equipment to Boeing, and Kristine Marcy’s SES colleagues allegedly used Boeing’s Intervention flight management system to warn Oliver Buck Revell to pull his son and daughter-in-law off the tarmac just before Pan Am Flight 103 took off from London’s Heathrow airport at 18:25 hours on 21 December 1988 and used a derivative of the Ford Motor Company’s Radio beacon US1937876A to detonate a bomb shortly after the plane passed the Dean Cross beacon to deliver a body count of 243 passengers + 16 crew + 11 people on the ground in Lockerbie, Scotland just after 19:02:50.

Boeing April 3, 1996 – Serco and Kristine Marcy’s SES colleagues allegedly used Boeing’s Intervention flight management system to divert a modified United States Air Force Boeing CT-43A (Flight IFO-21) while on an official trade mission into a crash on approach to Dubrovnik, Croatia on April 3, 1996, and used a Con Air SWAT team to put a Dum Dum bullet into the head of United States Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown whose office was burgled the following day by the former Commerce Department general counsel, Ira Sockowitz, who allegedly transferred details of all the patented technologies needed to hack the enemies of JFK’s secret society and destroy its financial, military and legislative assets on 9/11, into the ultimate custody of SES officers of the U.S. Small Business Administration and accelerated loan guarantee (liquidation) program.

Dum Dum December 26, 1996 – SES associates apparently issued Taser International’s Hand-held stun gun for incapacitating a human target US6636412B2 to the Con Air SWAT team which delivered a ransom note signed S.B.T.C (Small Business Torture Club?) to John Benett Ramsey in his Boulder Colorado home on December 26, 1996 where the note asked for $118,000 (equal to his Christmas bonus from the Lockheed Martin board of directors) in return for the safe return of his already-dead and cruelly-tortured daughter, the late JonBenet Ramsey.

Boeing September 11, 2001 – Marcy’s SES agents apparently used a Con Air SWAT team and Boeing’s Encryption for asymmetric data links US7023996B2 on 911 to guide a Lockheed Martin Rocket-Boosted Guided Hard Target Penetrator US 6276277 B1 into the North Tower

Boeing September 11, 2001 – Marcy’s SES agents apparently used a Con Air SWAT team and Boeing’s Encryption and Motorola’s Dynamic encryption key selection for encrypted radio transmissions US5222137A in continuation frauds with Serco and QinetiQ operatives to hack a multichannel device held by the late FDNY Chief of Department Peter James Ganci Jr.; ignite WTC elevator-shaft incendiaries embedded in Arconic’s Double sheet aluminum panel .. US 20160096343 A1 with Qinetiq Explosive Device US20060243151A1 and conceal the ambush demolitions of WTC1 & 2 which, inter alia, killed 343 members of the Fire Department of New York.

Boeing March July 2014 – SES associates apparently equipped Con Air SWAT teams with Boeing’s Encryption for asymmetric data links US7023996B2 to execute and conceal the alleged skyjacking of the Boeing 777-200ER of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (MH370/MAS370) on the morning of 8 March 2014 while flying from Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia, to Beijing Capital International Airport in China and the alleged skyjacking of the Boeing 777-200ER of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 (MH17/MAS17) while flying a scheduled passenger flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur on 17 July 2014 about 50 km (31 mi) from the Ukraine–Russia border to crash near Hrabove in Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine, 40 km (25 mi) from the border.

Con Air 1993 through 911– SES associates apparently equipped Con Air SWAT teams, Oliver Buck Revell and the UK’s National Crime Squad (NCS) with the US Air Force’s Autonomous face recognition machine US5012522A and QinetiQ North America Inc’s Social Engineering Protection Appliance US9123027B2 so they can blackmail and extort witnesses into filtering physical truth (actus reus) from crime scene investigations and “Fakebook” profiles which might otherwise their roles in the Dum Dum murders of Vince Foster, former Deputy White House Counsel on July 29, 1993 and John O’Neill, former head of security at the World Trade Center on 9/11.

Con Air April 19, 1995 – SES associates apparently equipped Con Air SWAT team leader, Timothy McVeigh, with Lemelson’s Prisoner tracking and warning system for the mission which killed at least 168 people including 19 children in the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, on April 19, 1995 where “Con Air” Marcy allegedly sent McVeigh to be executed by lethal injection – perhaps using penetrator technology described in China’s Injection death execution vehicle CN2519750Y – on June 11, 2001 at the Federal Correctional Complex in Terre Haute, Indiana to ensure one less prospective whistleblower for producers of the first live-broadcast mass snuff film planned for 9/11.

With this the 283rd Kelly public briefing, we have shown why the Trump Administration must purge associates of N M Rothschild & Sons Ltd, Serco shareholders and the U.S. Senior Executive Service from contracts with America particularly those related to the deployment of Con Air SWAT teams to extort silence or consent from patentees and/or witnesses to what are, in essence, apocalyptic dead-pool missions which expose Serco‘s shareholders and banks to massive claims for wrongful deaths.

Abel Danger will help leaders of injured communities to develop crowd-funded film productions and law suits so that while claims for damages for wrongful deaths appear in the online courts of public opinion, scripts for physical acts causing deaths (actus reus) associated with the negligent, reckless, wilful, fraudulent or concealed use of patented devices and spoliation of evidence, can be published on the AD website without attempting to prove mental intent to murder (mens rea).

Helicopter Raining Bullets Down Into Route 91 Harvest Festival Crowds


The missile that hit WTC 2 in Slow Motion

Media Coverage of Starnet Raid – August 20, 1999


SERCO GROUP PLC: List of Subsidiaries AND Shareholders! [Note representatives of Serco‘s private-equity groups, Serco‘s investment banker N M Rothschild (Wilbur Ross?) and Serco shareholders, including the British and Saudi Arabian governments, AXA (Co-developer of and with a presumed virtual office in the Trump Tower), Allianz, 10 Global Custodians with $100 trillion under management and the TIAA pension fund met in a junket (wagering) room on the 47th Floor of North Tower (WTC1) on 9/11!]

Yours sincerely,


Field McConnell
USMC 0116513
P O Box 39
Plum City WI 54761″


“Digital Fires Instructor Serco[Marine Corps Base!] Camp Pendleton, CA Uses information derived from all military disciplines (e.g., aviation, ground combat, command and control, combat service support, intelligence, and opposing forces) to determine changes in enemy capabilities, vulnerabilities, and probable courses of action.”

“A submarine patent is a patent whose issuance and publication are intentionally delayed by the applicant for a long time, which can be several years, or a decade.[1][2][3] This strategy requires a patent system where, first, patent applications are not published, and, second, patent term is measured from grant date, not from priority or filing date. In the United States, patent applications filed before November 2000 were not published and remained secret until they were granted. Analogous to a submarine, therefore, submarine patents could stay “under water” for long periods until they “emerged” and surprised the relevant market. Persons or companies making use of submarine patents are sometimes referred to as patent pirates.[4][5] The phrase is occasionally used more generally for any patent used in patent ambush.[6][7][8][9]”

Serco Processes 2 Millionth Patent Application for U.S. Patent and Trademark Office March 19, 2013 RESTON, VIRGINIA – March 18, 2013 – Serco Inc., a leading provider of professional, technology, and management services to the federal government, announced today that their Pre-Grant Publication (PGPubs) Classification Services team recently processed their 2 millionth patent application for the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO). Each application was also processed within the contractually required 28-day window.”

“Route 91 Harvest festival is a country music festival in the United States that is held annually in Paradise, Nevada. It has been held every year since 2014 in the Las Vegas Village, a 15-acre (6.1 ha) lot on Las Vegas Boulevard, formerly U.S. Route 91, directly across from the Luxor Las Vegas hotel and casino and diagonally across from the Mandalay Bay resort and casino.[2] The festival’s promoters are Live Nation Entertainment and MGM Resorts International.[5]

Route 91 Harvest was the scene of the 2017 Las Vegas shooting, the deadliest mass shooting by an individual in U.S. history.[6] The shooting began as singer Jason Aldean finished his sixth song on the final day of the festival and ended with gunman Stephen Paddock’s suicide. At the time, the event was attended by approximately 22,000 people. [7]”

“Inventor Howard W. Lutnick et al … Original Assignee CFPH LLC .. System and method for convenience gaming US8696443B2 … A convenience gaming system is provided. The convenience gaming system allows users to access applications via gaming communication devices coupled to a communication network. At least a portion of the network may be wireless. The gaming applications include gambling, financial, entertainment service, and other types of transactions. The system may include a user location determination feature to prevent users from conducting transactions from unauthorized areas.

Inventor: Lee M. Amaitis Joseph M. Asher Howard W. Lutnick Darrin M. Mylet Alan B. Wilkins
Current Assignee: Interactive Games LLC Original Assignee CFPH LLC
Priority date: 2004-02-25 US8696443B2″

“Carlton Bartel’s Stolen Patents 9/11 Timeline
On June 4, 2001 a conference was held with Carlton Bartels, Philip Ginsberg, William J. “Bud” Flanagan, Rajendra K Pachauri and Thomas Barnett . Of these 5 men, only Carlton Bartels died on 9/11. All others did not go in to work that day. This was part of a unique research partnership commencing in early 2000 and took place between the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island and the Wall Street bond firm Cantor Fitzgerald. The venture was called the New Rule Sets Project and was directed by Thomas Barnett, Senior Strategic Researcher at the Decision Strategies Department of the Center for Naval Warfare Studies, U.S. Naval War College. source

Timeline Tags: Complete 911 Timeline

May 1-June 4, 2001—A series of workshops are held at the World Trade Center to discuss the possibility of a terrorist attack on Wall Street.

June 4, 2001—”Cantor Fitzgerald/eSpeed conference” takes place at Windows on the World just above the offices of Cantor Fitzgerald. Carlton Bartels was the only man to die on 9/11. All others present who worked in WTC 1 were not there that day source

Carlton Bartels was Chief Executive Officer of (ESPEED), which was formed by Cantor Fitzgerald and PricewaterhouseCoopers in 2001 to serve as the pre-eminent business-to-business online resource for corporations to understand, mitigate, and manage the transition and impact of greenhouse gas emission constraints on corporations globally. Carlton Bartels invented and held the patent on the computer-based system for simulated automated carbon trading. Bartels was operating this simulated game; it is alleged that his simulation administrator codes were stolen and the game was hacked into, which took the game from a simulation to a live game. Significantly, Bartels had also participated in a “greenhouse gas emissions trading simulation” hosted by Climate Change Central in Calgary, Alberta on September 5-6, 2001. His patents were previously valued at $55 Trillion.

Marsh & McLennan, Cantor Fitzgerald/ and Aon Corp were engaged in an economic war game scenario with the Naval War College on 9/11. The game involved the use of carbon emissions trading software. Carlton Bartels/ / Cantor held the patent on software which would later be used in trillions of dollars’ worth of carbon emissions trading. The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), “a special project of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisers, with US IRS 501(c)(3) charitable status, with the [alleged] sole purpose of providing a co-ordinating secretariat for the participating funders and investors, in order to increase economic global awareness of risks and opportunities of carbon emissions’ consequences on the climate”, was launched on December 4, 2000 at 10 Downing Street in London by UK Prime Minister Tony Blair and UK Secretary of State for International Development Clare Short.”

“Flight records indicate a covert helicopter rooftop EXFIL may have taken place just minutes after the massacre
By Shepard Ambellas –
October 28, 2017 @1:46 pm, Sat
FAA radar signatures show suspicious activity occurring over the southwest rooftop of the Delano Hotel just minutes after the shooting

LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHUB) — Flight records and information obtained by Intellihub show that at least one assailant may have been extracted via helicopter for a 10:21 p.m. EXFIL from the southwest rooftop of the Delano Hotel just four minutes before Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department helicopter N911WY arrived in the vicinity for the first time since shots were fired at crowd goers attending the Route 91 Harvest Music festival around 10:05 p.m., as the timeline indicates.

Covert helicopter emerges on radar for the first time due south of the Delano Hotel, heading due north. (Screenshot via

Even more disturbing is the fact that the aircraft’s transponder was transmitting the call sign “SWA4119” which is registered to a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-7H4 passenger jet with the tail number “WN4119.”

Screenshot via

According to the data, SWA4119 was originally scheduled to depart Tulsa (TUL) at 14:10 and arrive in Las Vegas (LAS) at 15:00 but was somehow delayed for over 7-hours giving “SWA4119” a new arrival time of 22:22 (10:22 p.m.) which doesn’t make sense because the craft was headed north and was too close to the airport to be aligned with any of the runaways.

You see, the aircraft that was displaying “SWA4119” between 10:21 and 10:22 p.m., which emerged on radar for the first time at 10:21, absolutely can not be a passenger jet because the actual flight data confirms that the aircraft slowed to a stop then changed its direction abruptly to a due north heading before proceeding to hover over the Delano in a very specific spot for approximately one-minute (i.e. the craft in question was, in fact, a helicopter because jets simply cannot hover or change speed and direction with such intensity.) This means that the operators of the craft were intentionally transmitting a fictitious call sign before going dark (invisible) from radar altogether.

To top it off, the Oct. 1 flight data for Southwest Airlines “WN4119” is showing inconsistencies.

The following screen-capture of the aircraft’s flight history shows that “SWA4119” landed at 10:22 p.m. at (LAS) despite the fact that a transponder was pinging from the rooftop of the Delano at that exact same time.

Not to mention, the tail number listed for that exact flight is “N227WN” and not “WN4119” as the transponder was emitting in real-time suggesting that the plane on the tarmac that “landed” was “N227WN” which is a different aircraft entirely.

Flight history for Southwest Airlines flight WN4119. (Screenshot via

The following image shows the position of where the aircraft was when it was in a solid hover for one-minute.

The red arrow points to the exact location where the helicopter was captured on flight radar hovering between 10:21 and 10:22 p.m. Note that it is directly over the Delano Hotel’s southwest rooftop to the foot. (Screenshot via Google Maps)

An aerial view of the Delano Hotel reveals the exact EXFIL site, based on FAA data.

Screenshot via Google Maps

A more zoomed out view of the area.

Screenshot via Google Maps

Here is a bird’s eye view.

Screenshot via Google Maps

Who did the helicopter extract? We can safely say that it was an extraction because the aircraft’s transponder was turned off upon leaving the rooftop, not upon approach (i.e. it was trying to mask its exit from the scene.)

Please contact if you have any additional information on this matter.

Featured Image: Screenshot via Google Maps

©2017. INTELLIHUB.COM. All Rights Reserved”

“”Con-Air” in 1/6 San Diego Union Tribune [news article]
From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Tue, 7 Jan 1997 10:37:42 -0800
Subject: “Con-Air” in 1/6 San Diego Union Tribune [news article]

A correspondent passed this 1/6 article on to us. He adds:

“The article in the hard-copy paper has a couple of pictures to go with the story (no pix on-line). One picture shows the shoulder patch on the aircrew uniforms, another shows prisoners lined up about to board a Convair 580. The paint job on the plane looked like INS or maybe US Marshals Service, it was a green stripe with an eagle forward of the door.”


(Password required)

The article is relevant here because of recent discussion of Con-Air flights using the “Janet” company name.


You won’t need a reservation on this airline — no matter how many travelers flood the airport.

Don’t worry about traffic or parking. Shuttles are provided. And the price is right — you fly for free.

But think carefully before you step aboard. This is ConAir, and all the passengers are federal prisoners.

“We don’t serve mixed drinks,” said Thomas Little, chief of air operations for the program, officially titled the Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System, or J-Pats.

Call it ConAir and Little knows what you mean. It’s the name the air transport system has picked up inside the U.S. Marshals Service, which flies a fleet of 13 airplanes on regular routes across the country every day.

During the past year, the prisoner airline spent $24 million moving more than 100,000 federal inmates — including 12,000 from San Diego — to and from trials, prisons and medical centers nationwide.

The inmates fly mostly on 727s and DC-9s. But the airline, which has merged with the air wing of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, also operates Convair 580s, a Lear jet and a number of smaller aircraft.

Among the most infamous of its recent travelers were Unabomber suspect Theodore Kaczynski and the men accused in the bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building, Terry Nichols and Timothy McVeigh.

Nichols and McVeigh were transported in the dead of night in an operation much akin to a clandestine military operation, Little said. He did not want to go into details but mentioned that a decoy plane was among the ploys used to guard against possible attempts by supporters to free the suspects.

Federal officials have always been circumspect about the fine points of prisoner movement. But ConAir soon could gain a higher public profile with the planned release in June of a movie by the same name.

In the Disney film, Nicolas Cage plays a hapless prisoner who wanders into a hijack plot aboard a Marshals Service plane carrying a group of high-security inmates.

The Hollywood marshals rough up some of the prisoners, and the plane crashes, leaving the real Marshals Service frowning on the silver screen’s invention, said Kristine Marcy, a top official in charge of detentions.

“We don’t beat up our prisoners, and our planes certainly don’t crash,” Marcy said on a recent trip to San Diego, where she was trying to find more jail space for federal prisoners.

The space problem here is acute because of the high number of border arrests. So, San Diego is a regular stop on ConAir’s West Coast air route, with 12 flights per week scheduled into Lindbergh Field.

Prisoners — mostly people being held for entering the country with false documents — are flown from San Diego to Las Vegas, where they are housed in the city jail. They are flown back a few days later for deportation hearings.

Without the air transportation system, Operation Gatekeeper, the federal border crackdown, would not have been possible, said Mark Reed, San Diego’s district director for the INS.

Before ConAir was called in last July, Reed said, the INS was spending hours on the road busing hundreds of prisoners to Las Vegas, the closest jail space available.

Kim Porter, who coordinates INS air transportation in San Diego, estimated that 12,000 inmates have flown from here to Las Vegas and back aboard federal planes.

“If the planes stopped flying for just one day, a monkey wrench would be thrown into the whole system,” Porter said.

Because of the San Diego jail space problem, there was no holiday break here for ConAir. While flights in other parts of the country were cut back during the Christmas season, San Diego continued its rigorous schedule of two flights every weekday and one each Saturday and Sunday.

Marcy said the air transportation system inspires a high level of commitment in its personnel.

“People are always willing to be on standby or to work overtime,” she said, noting that the planes are not always used for prisoner transport.

After a hurricane flattened parts of the Virgin Islands last year, the prisoner transportation system flew in some of the first reinforcements to help establish law and order, she said.

After the Oklahoma City bombing, the airline flew evidence to the FBI crime laboratory in Washington, D.C., she said.”

“Pickton convictions begin to unravel
by Andy Clark/Reuters
Supporters of women who have gone missing in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside rally outside a courthouse where Robert Pickton’s appeal is being heard.
Brian Hutchinson, National Post · Apr. 1, 2009 | Last Updated: Apr. 2, 2009 9:41 AM ET
It’s awful to contemplate, but Robert “Willie” Pickton’s six murder convictions could soon be overturned. Mistakes were made at the end of his 2007 trial, lawyers representing Pickton told a B.C. Court of Appeal panel this week.

But we already knew that. The trial judge admitted he had messed up in his instruction to jurors, and had taken steps to fix the problem before a verdict was reached. The question remains, did he make things worse?

Pickton’s long-anticipated appeal began this week in a downtown Vancouver courtroom. On Wednesday, a Crown attorney stood before the three appellate judges and acknowledged that prosecutors themselves had made an error near the trial’s ending with regards to the 2007 Pickton jury instruction. Albeit an error not in law, but in judgment.

Admissions such as these are what appeal court lawyers dream about. A judge actually admits to making an error during a trial. The Crown admits to some role in it. Lawyers for the convicted grab at these loose threads and start pulling, hoping the entire process might ultimately unravel. At issue before the appeal court panel are three paragraphs that Mr. Justice James Williams inserted late into his jury instructions, delivered in late November, 2007, at the Pickton trial.

Prior to reading his final instructions to the jury, the appeal court has heard, Judge Williams sought input from Crown and defence lawyers.

One of them, Pickton defence lawyer Adrian Brooks, asked the judge to instruct jurors that Pickton could not be found guilty of murdering three of his six alleged victims unless jurors determined that he had “pulled the trigger” on a firearm used to kill them.

Remains from the three victims indicated that they had been shot to death. Remains from the others were too fragmentary or too decomposed to indicate the same. Remarkably, Judge Williams agreed to the defence request. More surprising, lawyers prosecuting Pickton did not protest it. Their acquiescence was bizarre. The defence’s so-called actual shooter insertion seemed meant to dissuade the jury from considering that Pickton could have had a co-perpetrator, at least in three of the six murders.

Few trial observers seriously believed the simpleton pig farmer could have acted alone. And while the Crown never argued that Pickton had help killing his six victims — after all, there was no co-accused — it seemed to leave open the suggestion.”

March 1997 Report Number I-97-05
Rather than relying solely on commercial flights to move prisoners over long distances, the USMS established its own air transport capability in 1985 with the purchase of a Boeing 727 (B-727) aircraft, capable of moving about 100 prisoners at a time. The hub of the newly created Air Operations Division was located at the airport in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.”

“Training & Certification – Trusted Training Agent for ATC

Serco is the only non-governmental entity that has been authorized to certify air traffic control specialists by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), a specialized agency of the United Nations.

We have developed advanced training techniques for air traffic control that lead to accelerated learning and have a global safety culture rooted in 60-years of experience.

Next Generation Aviation Simulation

Serco was recently awarded the “Technology Implementation of the Year 2013” at the Aviation Business Awards for the implementation of a tower simulator at the Al Maktoum International Airport in Dubai.

This tower simulator, which is the largest in the world, was designed by Serco and advanced the state-of-the-art in ATC training. The system integrates genuine controller instruments to create a “live” operational environment that includes communications systems, radar displays and airfield lighting.

The simulator, which can be configured to mimic any airport in the world, enables Dubai to learn from and integrate best practices developed at other leading airports. By simulating new procedures and technologies in a highly realistic environment, air traffic controllers avoid any disruptions and fully adjust to changes before they are adopted.

This is just one more way Serco helps our clients to world-class safety and efficiency.”

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