Kelly 100: Serco Teachers’ Pig Farm Pimps, Obama Clinton Demon Bridge, CAI’s Cox Bay Digital Fires

General John F. Kelly
White House Chief of Staff
Washington, D.C. 20528

Open letter from the Cloud Centric Crime Scene Investigators of Abel Danger

September 30, 2017

Dear General Kelly:

Please accept Brief 100 from Field McConnell – the United States Marine whistle-blower and Global Operations Director of Abel Danger (AD) – on Serco‘s recent rights issue where the Teachers (TIAA) allegedly extorted its fellow shareholders into providing Serco with the additional working capital needed to maintain its long-range, albeit racketeering, role as a private military company (PMC) and deploy pig-farm pimps and other actors in the various long-range arson, sabotage, murder-for-hire and black-market organ trades.

McConnell alleges that Serco shareholders embedded Demon face recognition software in the federal bridge certification authority network so the likes of IP lawyer Michelle Obama and patent lawyer Hillary Clinton could track actors, victims, weapons and product through long range crime scenes such as the B.C. pig farm where pimps kept the body parts of up to 50 women, murdered between 1996 and 2002, in the pig-farm freezer.

McConnell alleges that Hillary and Bill Clinton and Michelle and Barack Obama have been extorting protection money and/or lucrative speaking fees from the Teachers’ fellow shareholders in Serco including at least nine of the Global Custodians – Northern Trust, BNY Mellon, JP Morgan, State Street, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, BNP Paribas, Société Generale and UBS – with over US$82 trillion of assets in custody.

McConnell alleges that the CAI Private Equity Group’s Special Investors including the former dean of the Harvard Business School and Teachers’ pension-fund member, John MacArthur, hired Serco‘s Digital Fires Instructors out of Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton for a triple arson attack on May 25, 2010 on Jack English’s Pacific Rim Resort near Tofino, B.C. – a.k.a. the Cox Bay property – the title to which can now be found in bcIMC, the $135 billion BC-government pension fund in the custody of Northern Trust.

We suggest you talk with Marine Corps’ whistle-blower Field McConnell as soon as possible given that he is alleging that Serco‘s pig-farm pimps and the Teachers’ are preparing the federal bridge for a major digital fires attack on America in an attempt to finish the 9/11 mission which the CAI Special Investor, the late Gen. Alexander Haig attributed to the Bin Laden Group and a former professor at the U.S. Naval War College, Dr. Thomas Barnett, described as the “first live-broadcast mass snuff film in human history“.

SERCO GROUP PLC: List of Subsidiaries AND Shareholders! [Note agents for Northern Trust and the Teachers (TIAA) Pension Fund would have met with agents of the government of Saudi Arabia on the 47th floor of WTC 1 on 9/11]

9/11 Alexander Haig Had Inside Knowledge Of The World Trade Center Bombing

U.S. Marines Recon Boat Drills


General Kelly wake up! Abel Danger wants to know who has custody of Red Switch terminal.

Biographie Serienkiller Robert Pickton

Yours sincerely,

Field McConnell
USMC 0116513
P O Box 39
Plum City WI 54761”


“Digital Fires Instructor Serco – [Marine Corps Base] Camp Pendleton, CA Uses information derived from all military disciplines (e.g., aviation, ground combat, command and control, combat service support, intelligence, and opposing forces) to determine changes in enemy capabilities, vulnerabilities, and probable courses of action.”

“Former President Barack Obama has been a busy man.
Obama, last month, addressed clients of Northern Trust Corp. in New York to a tune of $400,000, Bloomberg reported, citing a person familiar with the appearance.

The report said Obama, last week, also met with the private equity giant the Carlyle Group—which was unreported– and spoke about his time as president. He is reportedly due to deliver a keynote at a Cantor Fitzgerald health-care conference.

Ken Lewis, a spokesman for Obama, told Bloomberg that he gives speeches that are “true to his values.”

“His paid speeches in part have allowed President Obama to contribute $2 million to Chicago programs offering job training and employment opportunities to low-income youth,” he said.

Fox Business reported in April about Obama’s upcoming speeches. Another spokesman told FBN that Obama—as a candidate—pulled in more money than any candidate in history, and went on to “implement the toughest reforms on Wall Street since FDR.”

In 2009, Obama famously lashed out at bankers, calling them “fat cats” who don’t get it.

“I did not run for office to be helping out a bunch of fat cat bankers on wall Street,” he told “60 Minutes “They’re still puzzled why is it that people are mad at the banks. Well, let’s see,” he said. “You guys are drawing down $10, $20 million bonuses after America went through the worst economic year that it’s gone through in — in decades, and you guys caused the problem. And we’ve got 10 percent unemployment.”

The Wall Street Journal at the time described the relationship between the White House and Wall Street as “frosty from the start.”

Sean Coffey, a Democratic donor, told Bloomberg, “Not everyone’s going to be a Jimmy Carter, who does purely good works after he gets out. “I don’t think getting any grief for doing this is going to bother him at all.””

“Robert William “Willy” Pickton (born October 24, 1949)[2] of Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada, is a Canadian serial killer convicted in 2007 of the second-degree murders of six women. He attended UBC and was a member of Phi Delta Theta.[3][4]He was also charged with the deaths of an additional 20 women,[5] many of them from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside; however, these charges were stayed by the Crown in 2010.[6] In December 2007, he was sentenced to life in prison, with no possibility of parole for 25 years – the longest sentence then available for murder under Canadian law.[7]”

“In 1996, the Pickton brothers established the Piggy’s Palace Good Times Society, a federally registered charity with an alleged mandate to raise funds for service organizations through special events such as dances and shows. Neighbours complained of rowdiness, drug use, drunkenness and noise from parties attended by as many as 1,700 people, including bikers and sex trade workers from the Downtown Eastside. In 2000, the City of Port Coquitlam shut Piggy’s Palace down.”

“Body parts found in freezer: news report
by Suzanne Fournier
The Province
Tuesday, June 04, 2002
As the first 26 archeology students began work on the pig farm of accused serial killer Robert Pickton yesterday, BC-CTV reported that police found body parts in a freezer there several months ago.

(The Province)

Investigator in white protective suit works in area behind barn at rear of Pickton pig farm in Port Coquitlam.

A team of 34 students and police officers, in hard hats and vests, toured the farm, pausing at selected spots, while white-suited forensic scientists sifted soil and preparations began for a major excavation of the 4.5-hectare site in Port Coquitlam.

Police say they have done an intensive surface search of the farm and its ramshackle buildings, evident in the view — from the nearby Heritage Meadows subdivision built on former Pickton land — of a trailer that police have stripped down to its studs, a barn full of carefully-stacked items and a conveyor belt for sifting soil.

Pickton’s brother Dave, 51, a contractor who police say is not a suspect, has told The Province he kept an office in the trailer that he visited “six or seven times a day” and that his brother Willie [Robert] — who has been charged with seven counts of first-degree murder involving women missing from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside — lived in the trailer.

BC-CTV said Dave Pickton told them that police seized five or six freezers used on the farm to store unsold pork and that police made a grisly find in one of them: The heads, hands and feet of two women.

Dave Pickton claimed the body parts were planted by a former employee to frame his brother, the station said.

Reached in Kamloops, Dave Pickton reacted with anger to the BC-CTV story.

“I never talked to anyone today — what the hell are they saying? I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about,” he said.

Police have confirmed in the past they found human remains in the case of two of the alleged victims, Sereena Abotsway, who went missing in July 2001, and Andrea Joesbury, missing since last June.

In the other five cases, police have said only that they have DNA evidence.

The students, many of them young women, checked in with perimeter security and then entered a new police area of the farm.

Two men building new homes near the police post confirmed that although the Riverwood subdivision is not former Pickton land, they recall Dave Pickton did the site preparation and landfill work.

Builder David Bruce said he bought one of the homes he built, which beside the Pickton farm, offering a clear view of the police at work.

“Dave Pickton drove by in his truck last week — all those townhomes were built on what was Pickton land, and so was Blakeburn Elementary School and Blakeburn Park. Dave’s machines did everything around here. He works hard.”

RCMP Const. Catherine Galliford, spokeswoman for the Missing Women’s Task Force, confirmed that the 26 students, from all over Canada, are trained in osteology — human bone science — and could be there up to a year. They begin digging on Thursday.

Email Suzanne Fournier at:”

“Der komplette Artikel vom 21.8.99 ( Shareholders in Starnet, an Internet gambling provider, react with a massive selloff. Police raided Internet gambling and pornography provider Starnet Communications Inc. early Friday, alleging the publicly traded company was involved in illegal gambling, gaming, betting and distribution of prohibited pornography. The raid on the downtown Vancouver offices and the homes of six of its officers immediately triggered a massive panic sell-off of the company`s stock, resulting in the largest drop on U.S. markets of the day. The company had capital market of more than $1 billion before the raid. Starnet, which began as a distributor of Internet pornography and moved into the field of Internet-based gambling, had never made its business secret. It traded on the NASD-operated Over-The-Counter system in the United States, and its stock was so hot that it recently traded at a high of $26 US. The stock was a darling among small investors, although questions about the legality of on-line gambling has caused big Wall Street brokerages to stay away from such companies. Still, Starnet was positioning itself to get listed on NASDAQ. But all that came crashing down Friday, when more than 100 police officers from the RCMP, Coordinated Law Enforcement Unit, Vancouver Police, and other agencies descended upon Starnet`s offices at 425 Carrall Street in Vancouver. The raid was a culmination of an 18-month investigation into Starnet`s activities, including its Web-based gambling business and live Internet sex shows. Search warrant documents indicate the police believe Starnet was not only involved in illegal gambling and bet-taking, but also possession and distribution of obscene material and child pornography.”

“John H. McArthur
Emeritus Professor

John H. McArthur was Dean of the Faculty of Harvard Business School from 1980 through 1995. Since then he has been the George F. Baker Professor of Business Administration Emeritus and Dean Emeritus. He was a member of the School’s faculty from 1962, where he taught courses in corporate finance and related fields in several HBS programs while also engaging in research and course development in Europe and North America. In 1973, McArthur was appointed the Sylvan C. Coleman Professor of Financial Management, and in 1980, the George F. Baker Professor of Business Administration. From 1995 to 2005 he served as Senior Advisor to the President of The World Bank. He is currently Chair of the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada.

A native of Vancouver, British Columbia, McArthur earned the Bachelor of Commerce degree in Forestry from the University of British Columbia in 1957. At the Harvard Business School, he completed the MBA degree in 1959 and earned a doctorate there in business administration in 1963.

He has held numerous corporate directorships, committee memberships, and consulting posts in business, government, education and health care organizations around the world over the decades. He is or has been a director of the AES Corporation, Arvida Corporation; the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada; Avenir Group, Inc., BCE, Inc.; Benchmarking Partners; Boston World Partnerships; Buckeye Pipe Line Company; Cabot Corporation; the Advanced Leadership Program of the Canada School of Public Service; Center for Surgery and Public Health at Brigham and Women’s Hospital; Chase Manhattan Corporation; Controlled Rick Insurance Co., Data General Corporation; Detroit, Toledo and Ironton Railroad; Development Gateway Foundation; Duke University Health System; e-Rewards, Inc.; Glaxo Wellcome plc; GlaxoSmithKline plc; HCA Inc.; Koç Holdings A.S, Istanbul; Multibank Financial Corporation; National Aviation and Technology Corporation; New England Transportation Co.; The Pennsylvania Corporation; People Express Airline; Rohm and Haas Company; Springs Industries, Inc.; Student Education Loan Fun, Inc.; Telesat Canada; Teradyne Inc.; Thomson Reuters Founders Share Co, London; and Urban National Corporation.

McArthur was a Trustee in Bankruptcy of Penn Central Transportation Company, a founding board member of the Canada Development Investment Corporation, and a member of the Task Force on the Future of the Canadian Financial Services Sector. He has served in numerous roles over the years for the Mayor of the City of Boston. For many years, he served as chair of the Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Following the affiliation of Brigham and Women’s and Massachusetts General Hospital, he was founding Co-chair of the Board of Trustees of Partners HealthCare System, Inc. He has been a trustee of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the US Friends of the National Arts Centre of Canada and is a board member of the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City.

McArthur has also served or serves on the boards of overseers of several other organizations including The Anti-Defamation League; Brandeis International Business School; Canada 2020; the Council of Canadian Academies’ Expert Panel on Management, Business and Finance; Fondation Jean Monnet pour L’Europe, Lausanne, Switzerland; Foreign Business Council, International Institute for Management Development, Lausanne, Switzerland; Junior Achievement, Inc; Koç University, Istanbul; National Coalition on Health Care; The Netherlands School of Business, Nijenrode; Nomura School of Finance and Business Studies, Japan; Partners In Health; Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan; the Social Enterprise Initiative Advisory Board at Harvard University; and both the Graduate School and the Business School of the University of British Columbia. Club memberships have included the Commercial Club; The Links; the Harvard clubs in Boston and NYC; The Somerset Club; and Willowbend Club.

He has received Distinguished Alumni awards from Burnaby South High School, the University of British Columbia , and the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration at UBC. He has also been awarded honorary doctorates from Middlebury College, Queens University, Simon Fraser University, the University of British Columbia, the University of Western Ontario, St. Mary’s University, and the University of Navarra in Spain. Other awards include a Management Achievement Award, McGill University; Harvard Statesman Award, from the HBS Club in New York; and a Canadian Business Leadership Award, from the combined HBS Clubs of Canada. He was named as a Lifetime Trustee at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in 1996. In that same year, he was also selected as Honorary Coach of the hockey team at Harvard College and as a member of the Varsity Club. He is an Honorary Citizen of the town of Remauville in France.

The John and Natty McArthur University Professorship was established at Harvard University in 1997. McArthur Hall was dedicated at Harvard Business School in 1999 in recognition of his contributions at Harvard University. A group of Canadian alumni announced the creation of the John H. McArthur Canadian Fellowship program in 2002. In 2007 he received the Director of the Year Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Association of Corporate Directors. Brigham and Women’s Hospital announced the John H. McArthur Fellowships in Medicine and Management in 2010, and in 2015 the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada created the John H. McArthur Distinguished Fellows program. In 2013 the Governor-General of Canada made McArthur an Officer of the Order of Canada.”

“Please find below the key company advisors to Serco:
Principal Bankers
Investment Bankers
N M Rothschild & Sons Limited
New Court
St Swithin’s Lane
Tel: +44 20 7280 5000
Fax: +44 20 7929 1643

“Rothschild Investments [edit]
In the late 1970s, Ross began his 24 year career at the New York City office of N M Rothschild & Sons, where he ran the bankruptcy-restructuring advisory practice.[6][8]

Representation of investors in casinos owned by Donald Trump[edit]

In the 1980s, Donald Trump was in financial trouble because of his casinos in Atlantic City. His three casinos in Atlantic City were under foreclosure threat from lenders. Ross, who was then the Senior Managing Director of Rothschild Inc., represented investors in the casino. Along with Carl Icahn, Ross convinced bondholders to strike a deal with Trump that allowed Trump to keep control of the casinos.[8][9]

Establishment of WL Ross & Co.[edit]

In the late 1990s, Ross started a $200 million fund at Rothschild to invest in distressed assets. As the U.S. bubble began to burst, he decided he wanted to invest more and advise less. In 2000, the 62-year-old banker raised $450 million to buy out the fund from Rothschild and make further investments in distressed assets.[6] The new firm was named WL Ross & Co.[8][6] Staff included four top managers who, along with Ross, make up the firm’s investment committee: David H. Storper, who runs trading; David L. Wax, a longtime workout specialist; Stephen J. Toy, an Asia expert; and Pamela K. Wilson, a J.P. Morgan & Co. veteran.[7] WL Ross & Co. was acquired by Amvescap (now Invesco) in 2006.[10] In August 2016, Ross agreed to reimburse investors $11.8 million and pay a fine of $2.3 million to settle a Securities and Exchange Commission probe into the overcharging of fees by WL Ross & Co. The company had self-reported the issue to the SEC and did not admit any liability.[11]”

“The National Crime Squad co-ordinated arrests of suspected paedophiles across 19 separate countries on 28 November using information supplied by Demon Internet.

The Internet service provider was approached by the National Crime Squad and agreed to allow officers to access its servers. This led to the recovery of data showing the activity of nearly 1,500 newsgroups during a two-week period.

From this data, officers established that almost 10,000 Internet Protocol (IP) addresses had accessed more than 30 of the Web sites carrying paedophilia. For operational reasons this number was whittled down to just over 400 addresses of those specifically distributing paedophiliac images.

The information was then distributed via Interpol to the countries identified with the suspects, and evidence packs on each of the targets were distributed to the relevant police forces

Detective Superintendent Peter Spindler, leading the investigation for the National Crime Squad, said: “With the assistance of Demon Internet and the support and guidance of the National High-Tech Crime Unit, we are able to show that those accessing these newsgroups did so regularly and with purpose.

“We also learnt, not surprisingly, that those abusing the Internet have learnt from recent police successes how best to protect their true identities,” he added.

The National Crime Squad and Serco, its IT partner, have developed facial mapping software that they hope to use to identify the abused children featured on the paedophiliac sites.”

“British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (BCIMC) claims to be a model corporate citizen following ethical principles in its business dealings but there is emerging evidence BCIMC may be a criminal organization that terrorizes law abiding citizens in order to take over their property.

The story of how BCIMC secretly conspired to take over the property of Pacific Rim Resort owned by the English family reveals a network controlled by BCIMC stretching from Victoria, British Columbia, to Atlanta, Georgia.

The campaign of terrorism included, firebombing, vandalism, death threats, abuse of municipal power, abuse of government power, obstruction of justice, and attempted murder as part of a conspiracy to acquire private property at fire sale prices. All investors in British Columbia need to be aware of these tactics by Government agencies.

There is an ancient legal maxim: “He who profits most from a crime is the one most likely to have committed it”

The available evidence shows that crimes were committed and that BCIMC, along with its subsidiary Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities Inc.(Parkbridge), and the Government of British Columbia benefitted so, in the Editors opinion, the logical conclusion, at this time, is that the Government of British Columbia, BCIMC and Parkbridge committed the crimes.”

“FEMA ‘Spring Ahead’ — Entrust’s PKI is Muscle Behind State of Illinois FRAC Application
FRAC solutions provide emergency response officials with critical information in times of crisis
DALLAS, May 21 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Facilitated by digital identities and public key infrastructure from Entrust, Inc. (Nasdaq: ENTU), the Illinois Terrorism Task Force (ITTF) and their First Responder

Authentication Credential (FRAC) application successfully participated in the nationwide Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Office of National Capital Region Coordination (NCRC), “Spring Ahead” event this week.

The Illinois Terrorism Task Force joined local, public, private, state and federal agencies and organizations in this multi-jurisdictional electronic validation demonstration leveraging Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 201-compliant and FIPS 201-interoperable credentials.

“The interoperability of seamlessly authenticating credentials from different local, state and federal agencies is a tremendous asset during times of unfortunate emergency or tragedy,” said Entrust President and Chief

Executive Officer Bill Conner. “Standards-based credentialing projects are critical to the safety and security of this country, and we’re eager to see how Entrust PKI and digital certificates can help better prepare our states and country for unforeseen disasters or tragedy. Other states should look to the State of Illinois as an example of technology leadership and innovation.”

Although Spring Ahead featured eight separate scenarios throughout the week, the interoperability of the State of Illinois FRAC solution was on display during a three-hour session Thursday. The credentials of up to 25 emergency response officials and other individuals were authenticated as part of Illinois’ participation in FEMA NCRC’s nationwide demonstration.

Fifteen were specific emergency response official credentials, but others included U.S. Department of Defense Common Access Cards (CAC) and basic state-issued driver’s licenses — all of which helped prove the program’s interoperability to authenticate credentials from various agencies.

More than 30 organizations, in 20 locations across the United States, simultaneously authenticated and uploaded digital certificates to a repository. Participants and observers viewed a Web-enabled mapping application that provided local, regional and national emergency operation centers with near-real-time situational awareness of on-scene personnel during simulated emergencies.

This repository provides the capability to electronically validate emergency response officials’ digital identities and attributes — including qualifications, authorizations, certifications, or privileges — to strengthen the decision-making process for granting access to the incident scene, and provide secure electronic manifests of those who respond.

Including digital identities provided by PKI technology, the FRAC solution enables local, state and federal agencies to confidently make access decisions at any incident by quickly authenticating and validating — via a smart credential and certified handheld credential reader — the identities and roles of individuals wishing to enter or exit a secure or restricted area.

Verified knowledge of roles, identities and privileges enables agencies to manage emergency response officials and allows incident command to adjust quickly to emergencies by distributing personnel where they’re needed most.

Entrust’s First Responder Authentication Credential solution is FIPS 201-compatible and interoperable with numerous smart credentials issued by various government entities. Further interoperability comes through cross-certification with the U.S. Federal Bridge Certification Authority (FBCA) so credentials can be verified across federal, state and local agencies, and among jurisdictions.

Entrust’s hosted Non-Federal Shared Service Provider PKI solution is also cross-certified to the Federal Bridge Certification Authority (FBCA) and is appropriate for various non-Federal entities, organizations and agencies. This solution enables specific organizations to use digital certificates for authentications, encryption, digital signatures and physical and/or logical access, but without expensive upfront investments, in-house experts or secure facilities.

The Illinois Terrorism Task Force (ITTF) is charged with the task of assuring that Illinois is ready to respond to an act of terrorism. Due to the commitment of the members of the Task Force and the ability of the associated agencies to come together in a spirit of cooperation and teamwork, Illinois has plans in place to deal with a terrorist attack in our state.

About Entrust

Entrust provides trusted solutions that secure digital identities and information for enterprises and governments in 2,000 organizations spanning 60 countries. Offering trusted security for less, Entrust solutions represent the right balance between affordability, expertise and service. These include SSL, strong authentication, fraud detection, digital certificates and PKI. For information, call 888-690-2424, e-mail or visit

Entrust is a registered trademark of Entrust, Inc. in the United States and certain other countries. In Canada, Entrust is a registered trademark of Entrust Limited. All Entrust product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of Entrust, Inc. or Entrust Limited. All other company and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.”

MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates, Ltd. announced that its data communications unit, The PSC Group, has reached an agreement with Northern Telecom Ltd. of Mississauga, Ont. Under the pact, PSC is providing certain services for a new Nortel security product called Entrust.

The PSC-Northern Telecom relationship is part of a new trend, called functional outsourcing, that is helping PSC to achieve rapid growth. Outsourcing allows independent consulting firms like PSC to provide training and other support for the customers of large multinational computer and communications companies.

Over the past two years, PSC has developed its first outsourcing relationship, with computer network equipment manufacturer Cisco Systems Inc. of San Jose, Calif. Under this relationship agreement, PSC has become a leading trainer for customers of Cisco around the world. Cisco itself is growing quickly. Its sales nearly doubled in 1994 to $1.2 billion (U.S.) and customer demand for training is very strong.

The pact with Northern Telecom is PSC’s second outsourcing relationship. Under this pact, PSC ensures that Entrust software meets the highest quality standards. In addition, PSC provides post-sales service to Entrust customers worldwide, including product installation, training and ongoing support.

PSC is currently negotiating several other outsourcing pacts, under which it would provide training for other major computer equipment manufacturers. An announcement regarding one of those pacts is anticipated soon.

For the fiscal year ended March 31, 1995, PSC received nearly $6 million of revenue from its Cisco outsourcing relationship. That represented about 5 percent of MacDonald Dettwiler’s total revenue of $110 million. With continued growth from Cisco, and with Northern Telecom and other relationships under negotiation, PSC expects its outsourcing revenue to approximately double during the current fiscal year.

With a staff of about 120, PSC specializes in consulting and training related mainly to computer networking. PSC helps customers design and implement networks so that computers can communicate faster and at less cost.

PSC’s training is conducted from offices in Toronto, Washington D.C., London and Sydney, Australia. In addition, PSC sends instructors and portable laboratories from city to city to provide courses at locations convenient to customers. PSC has the capacity to teach in English, French, Spanish, Russian and several other languages.

MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates provides technology-based solutions and services which address basic societal needs in earth observation, air navigation, defence applications and data communications markets.

CONTACT: Alan Bayless
Corporate Communications

“British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (bcIMC) is a trust company authorized to carry on trust and investment management services on behalf of trust funds, special funds and public monies of government bodies and designated institutions. According to bcIMC’s witness, Mr. Webb: “The trust’s investment activities help to finance the retirement benefits of more than 400,000 B.C. residents including college instructors and staff, municipal and healthcare workers, firefighters, police officers, public servants and teachers; the staff and faculty at the University of Victoria; and employees of WorkSafeBC, Insurance Corporation of British Columbia and others. In addition, bcIMC’s investment activities help to finance the insurance funds that cover almost two million workers and 173,000 employers in B.C.”

“bcIMC – Custodian Northern Trust – KPMG bcIMC appointed KPMG to audit the financial statement of the corporation and the pooled investment portfolios. Details of the services to be provided are outlined in the engagement letter. KPMG also conducts the Service Organization Controls 1 (SOC “1”) audit. The engagement letter using Canadian Standard for Assurance Engagements No. 3416 (CSAE 3416) between bcIMC and KPMG provides information about the appointment and the required services.”

“Super Serco bulldozes ahead
By Daily Mail Reporter UPDATED: 00:00 BST, 2 September 2004
SERCO has come a long way since the 1960s when it ran the ‘four-minute warning’ system to alert the nation to a ballistic missile attack…. Michael Morris, at broker Arbuthnot, says they are ‘a play on UK government spend’ which is rising fast. Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook”

“For more than a century, [Serco shareholder] Northern Trust has worked hard building our legacy of outstanding service, expertise and integrity. From a Chicago-based bank founded in 1889, we now have more than 20 international locations and 16,500 employees globally. We serve the world’s most-sophisticated clients – from sovereign wealth funds and the wealthiest individuals and families, to the most-successful hedge funds and corporate brands.

Our guiding principles not only survived but thrived during the Great Depression, two world wars and the 2008 financial crisis. We burnished our reputation as a global leader delivering innovative investment management, asset and fund administration, fiduciary and banking solutions enabled by sophisticated, leading technology. And through it all, we continually laid a solid, forward-looking foundation on which future generations can continue growing and achieving greater.

As of June 30, 2017, Northern Trust Corporation had:

$126 billion in banking assets
$7.4 trillion in assets under custody
$9.3 trillion in assets under custody/administration
$1.0 trillion in assets under management”

SERCO: ‘The biggest company you’ve never heard of’
JULY 7, 2013 BY 21WIRE
21st Century Wire says…
As politicians asset-strip the public’s portfolio of properties, infrastructure and services, one multinational corporation has grown as a result – and its scope and reach may shock many people who have not been paying attention.

All around the globe, our governments are busy outsourcing public-sector services like health, education, police, prisons, money delivery and military – to the esteemed private sector. It’s sold to the public as a solution to avoiding higher taxes, while retaining better services. But it’s simply an accountancy shell game, where the government kicks the can down the road by spreading the bill to the taxpayer over a longer period of time, in order to avoid any large upfront payments – all the while, allowing a private corporation to extend its influence over society. This, by definition, is fascism.

They are called SERCO, and they run countries…

The Biggest Company You’ve Never Heard Of

As well as thanking God for his success, CEO Chris Hyman is a Pentecostal Christian who has released a gospel album in America and fasts every Tuesday. Coincidentally he was in the World Trade Centre on 9/11 on the 47th floor addressing shareholders.”

Serco Processes 2 Millionth Patent Application for U.S. Patent and Trademark Office March 19, 2013 RESTON, VIRGINIA – March 18, 2013 – Serco Inc., a leading provider of professional, technology, and management services to the federal government, announced today that their Pre-Grant Publication (PGPubs) Classification Services team recently processed their 2 millionth patent application for the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO). Each application was also processed within the contractually required 28-day window.”


Serco provides the full spectrum of logistics capabilities required, from the unit level to the enterprise level. Our solutions are cost effective, yielding the exact outcomes sought by the Department of Defense (DoD) and other customers.

To aid DoD, Serco delivers mission readiness to the warfighter through comprehensive and cost effective supply chain management and Integrated Logistics Services (ILS). Our processes, protocols, and procedures yield efficiencies, effectiveness, and savings that improve warfighter readiness at a lower cost.

Our Armed Forces face the immense challenge of maintaining and sustaining critical legacy weapons systems while deploying technologically advanced systems at the same time, both in the face of constrained budgets.

Serco bridges the supportability gap by providing affordable logistics solutions inclusive of subject matter experts, capable of wringing the last ounce of readiness from each logistics dollar.

Our portfolio of logistics capabilities is expansive including integrated supply chain management, weapons systems integrated logistics, logistics business systems improvement, DoD logistics knowledge management, logistics strategic planning, and third party logistics (3PL) support.

We have perfected integrated supply chain management to include establishing demand based inventories, procurement, inventory/material management, and asset distribution and transportation. We manage assets today ranging from Hazardous Materials to state-of-the-art medical equipment to repair parts for undersea surveillance.”

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