Karl Lentz – Teaching the Real Common Law

Karl Lentz is an expert on the courts, the law, and the abuse of common men and women by those dressed in black. Karl will be given and open mic on today’s impromptu Abel Danger show expected to air, live, at 1900 GMT or 1400 eastern. The Abel Danger chat room will be very busy as Karl speaks. He knows more about the law and the courts than the court jesters do. If Karl is willing to take questions they can be submitted via Abel Danger private chat room, not the Livestream chat room, or by email to fieldmcc@yahoo.com

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  • • I Joy Larson and family Carson Shuman Ellie Shuman Who are in Despair and frustration over the dhw false accusations and they’re corrupt ways to violate my parental rights and my children’s rights and civil rights. On June 22nd 2017 I was served a summons and hearing by a Deputy on the regards of a petition by Sam Ellis LSW with false accusations and in violation of code of ethics misuse of power in public office misrepresentation of law. Interference with a peace of mind interference with reputation. this shows criminal malicious intent to tear down our family. Sat on May 30th she received a report that my children Ellie and Carson was found in a home May 28th 2017 where drug paraphernalia was seized. And my knowledge that case of drug paraphernalia was dismissed on motion of prosecutor it was dismissed of lack of evidence and the police officer on call entered the home without a search warrant and violated that homeowners rights. She also said that I have been using substance and neglect of my children I was appalled I never had a drug charge nor commit a drug crime. These false accusations resulted in defamation of my character she also said I denied medical care for my daughter which is also false accusation. I never denied medical care. I did it in my way I took care of it at home. There is nothing against the law about that or neglecting a child. If the symptoms of the ringworm were to get worse yes of course I would take her to a doctor. she also stated that I leave my children or continue to leave my children in in Fernwood Idaho with lack of food and not proper supervision once again that is another false accusation there’s no evidence or proof of evidence that those incidents occurred. She also put in her affidavit that I left my kids with there father with no home again another lie I asked my brother lj Larson if the kids and Jeremy can stay at his place because the kids really wanted to see there dad my brother said yes that’s fine because he wanted to do it for my kids so they can spend time with their father and that’s where they spent the night at. Seems to me she’s trying to build a case against me that is based on lies and blown up material she contacted my family and friends and twisted words to make me look bad she put in her affidavit the past Child Protection history the dates that were reported and they’re all unsubstained which means false accusation and slander of my name and no evidence to support those allegations. She also said that Roger Dole and I myself Joy Larson refused to allow the dhw workers access to our property and demanded that workers to leave the property. We did because we told her Sam Ellis LSW last year that she is not to trespass or come on our property we told her not because she had violated us last year. The events that happened last year was on April 18th 2016 Samantha Ellis a social worker for dhw to my kids from me without a court order. My kids were not in my supervision when the incident occurred. They were in their fathers supervision. Samantha Ellis pulled out a safety plan and asked if I have family member that could take the kids. Then she said if we did not sign it they will take out children to a foster home. I was forced to sign agreement or they threatened to take my parental rights. The officer Doug yearout didn’t release my children in my custody in contempt as the custodian parent the parent me joy Larson myself has physical sole custody. I was under duress and above State officer said I looked under the influence which I denied with animosity I was under the influence and I was appalled that never committed a crime when are charged. These false statements in violation resulted in defamation of my character. but no evidence to support the allegations results and slander and a violation of my civil rights and my parental rights and my children rights Which results in discrimination and not follow police procedures and DSW do not follow protocol. They were in contempt of the law and we out of the way to commit a crime against me and my children basically kidnapping them and leaving us violated. July 6th 2017 Sam Ellis another social worker on July 6th 2017 Sam Ellis social worker and another social worker showed up with a deputy Colton wynn telling me that I have to let them into my house and I didn’t let them into my home without a court order or warrant signed by the judge. Deputy Colton Wynn said if I do not let him into my house I will be arrested I did not let him in my home and he arrested me illegally and I was booked in jail with false imprisonment. And my rights have been violated on July 17
    • I was said to go to Court for when they arrested me on July 6 I went to the courthouse to make sure I had court and the court clerk said there is no court date proscuter dismissed my case . I also asked if had any more court dates this month she said no . July 19th Health and Welfare officer came to my house with an order signed by the judge Douglas Payne saying they are taking my children that they are allowed to they took my children that day because I didn’t show up for court but I had asked if I had court two days prior and they lied.