Judaic Jaunt In Jupiter: Zionist Scoundrel Robert Kraft Soliciting Sex Is Exactly What The “Torah” Teaches

Ed. note: To start with, a recap of the criminal syndicate known as the NFL and the New England Patriots. Does anyone else wonder what Jews in Israel must think about the American obsession with this sport while in Israel the high tech industry becomes a world dominant power? Is it any wonder how Israel and its American-based lobbies and think tanks can get young Americans in the US military used like eager corporate plantation savages to smash through countries in the Middle East the latest in Syria?

For these American modern day professional “savages” it’s just another sport (See The pornography of “American” power. How Judaic American mass suicide culture has turned Americans and the world into madmen and warriors). Then factor in the NFL’s “dirty little secret” of sports gambling in Las Vegas probably through one of the Jewish oligarch Sheldon Adelson’s operations. In their off season, how many professional football players can be seen in Las Vegas at the gambling casinos?

Sports FANATICISM is when men have no real team to exact change in their environment. They are doing nothing to help the human condition. So rather then busting a nut of real change, assembling a real team, they get theirs by essentially masturbating over the “accomplishments” of greater men, who don(t give a shit about them, and who are not even great enough to have a positive impact on the human condition.

History proves over and over, that when this type of fanaticism reaches pinnacle, so does political tyranny.

Spoprts fanaticism is the diversion of the masculine will.

Google “bread and circuses” and tell me I’m wrong.
-Mentating Lux

Source: Mouqawamah Music

Judaic Jaunt In Jupiter: Zionist Scoundrel Robert Kraft Soliciting Sex Is Exactly What The “Torah” Teaches

by Jonathan Azaziah • March 2, 2019 • MaddColdSonofKufa

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft is a special kind of Zionist parasite. Anything criminal related to Jews and ‘Israel’, you’ll find this piece of puke at the top of the vile-pile. Combined Jewish Philanthropies, Brandeis University, Jewish studies centers in Columbia, Boston College and the College of the Holy Cross, Hillel, Friends of IOF, the World Jewish Congress, Newton, Massachusetts’ Temple Emanuel, the America-‘Israel’ Friendship League, the ADL, multiple ‘Israeli’ settlement projects including stadiums, museums and colonies, UJA, MEMRI, the AJC, Chabad in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and much, MUCH more. So to find him caught, arrested and booked for soliciting prostitution from trafficked Chinese girls in Jupiter, Florida at a rub-and-tug linked to the Chinese mafia, is, truth be told, a bit underwhelming in the “surprise” department and hardly revelatory. What’s a little hanky-panky compared to bankrolling a psychotic collective with collective psychosis intent on nuking the world into oblivion because they wanna keep their Jewish “state”? Nevertheless, this entire liaison–word CHOSEN deliberately–is demonstrative of the nature of humanity’s greatest oppressor and it is being covered here because our job is to keep the eye on the ball at all times.

Based on the recipients of his hard-stolen monies above–yes, hard-stolen, he’s made his billions selling GMO-ridden, toxic, unhealthy food to the world through his corporation, Kraft–obviously this is a very Jewish man who is very much committed to defending ‘Israel’ and upholding the hegemony that International Jewry has imposed on this blue and green ball of water and rock. Indeed, as the Jewish Daily Forward notes, “Kraft is an openly observant Jew who has focused his philanthropy on Jewish causes, giving a reported half a billion dollars to charitable groups, with a focus on Jewish and ‘Israeli’ organizations.” Got that ladies and gents? Half a billy to his Yahwehist willies and nillies whilst keeping kosher at that! The same Forward piece goes on to defend Kraft and his degeneracy, citing award-winning professor, author and former President of the Association for Jewish Studies, Dr. Judith Baskin, who says, “the Talmud draws a Halakhic line between what is ethically preferred and what is legally permitted, with prostitution falling into the second category.” It quotes Rabbi Hanina in Kiddushin 40A of the Talmud too, basically saying that paying for sex is fine if you’re avoiding incest and as long as it isn’t a Jewish prostitute. Gentile whores? Cool. Jewish whores? Not so much. Because a Jewess can’t and shouldn’t be defiled in the same fashion as a “Shiksa”. Again folks… We present to you the Talmud… And the “enlightenment” of Jewish thinking.

Notice Bashkin’s lingo though. “Halakhic”. Meaning Halakha. Meaning “Torah”. And verily, much to the astonishment of this writer, the Forward goes to the “Torah” for “wisdom” as well, bringing up “Tamar, who disguises herself as a prostitute and successfully solicits her deceased husband’s father for sex, so determined is she to have a child by that bloodline. Her father-in-law moves to have her burned to death for prostitution, until she reveals that she was the disguised prostitute he slept with. Not only is Tamar praised, Judah looks foolish.” Then the Forward invokes Rahab, who “shelters Israelite spies in her home, and in turn is saved when the Israelites ransack the city.”

Great examples admittedly, and an inadvertent nod to the relationship between Jewish women (or female agents of Jewry) using sex for espionage, but a smokescreen regardless. For the Forward, in typically deceptive fashion, is leaving out the Grand Mack Momma of ’em all. The one that started everything. The Mother of Jewry. The Matriarch of ‘Israel’. And the world’s very first “elite” prostitute. The Forward didn’t dare mention her name because that would cast a rather wrath-incurring and all-consuming light on the very foundation of Jew-Deism, now wouldn’t it? We of course are talking about “Sarah”, the wife–and, disgustingly enough, sister–of “Abraham”, who, in this context, can accurately be described as the world’s first pimp.

Please go to Mouqawamah Music to read the entire article.


Source: The Ugly Truth

The Story of Israel as a ‘state’ and as a people in a 60 second ad for woman’s underwear

March 8, 2019

ed note–apologies ahead of time to the viewers for the risque’ images, but there is actually an important point to be found here, even if not intended by its creators. The video is an ad for women’s underwear and features a young She-Brew who–driving through the desert in a sports car bearing a license plate that reads ‘dressed to kill’–pulls up alongside another young woman stranded in the desert and trying to hitch a ride.

Apparently, (since we don’t speak Hebrew) the driver demands that the hitchhiking young woman surrender the pretty white dress she is wearing and the young woman refuses. What then follows is a 20 second mad drive through the desert with the original She-brew ‘wandering’ aimlessly and being followed by a flock of ravens–scavengers who feed off of dead bodies. The video ends with the scene of the young Hebress planting a shovel in the spot where she has just buried the young hitchhiker who refused to give over what was hers. And in this 60-second ad for women’s underwear, what the viewer encounters is the story of ‘Israel’, both as the ‘Jewish state’ in the Middle East today and as the covetous, thieving, violent people described in the bible.

Whether it is those tall tales featuring Abraham and his wife Sarah conspiring to use Sarah’s sexuality to ingratiate both of them into the royal court of Pharaoh, or a jealousy-driven Sarah sending Hagar and Ishmael out into the desert to die of exposure, or Jacob conspiring with his mother Rebekah to rob Esau of his birthright, to the invasion of Canaan and the massacre of all the people there as described in the Torah, to the modern-day Holocaust of those Ishmaelites, Amalekites, and Canaanites represented by the Palestinians and others whose lives have been destroyed by organized Jewry, the story is the same–A covetous, thieving people who will resort to any trickery, chicanery, or violence necessary in taking from others what they themselves desire.

Please go to The Ugly Truth to read the entire article.



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