Jordanian King Cancels Romania Trip Over PM’s Plan for Jerusalem Embassy

Source: Haaretz

Romania’s prime minister told AIPAC that the country would move its embassy in Israel, but the statement was strongly contradicted by the country’s president

by Jack Khoury | March 25, 2019

Jordan’s King Abdullah II at the Jordanian Royal Palace, March 24, 2019. AFP

King Abdullah II of Jordan has cancelled his planned trip to Romania in response to the Romanian prime minister’s announcement that the country plans to move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

Romanian Prime Minister Viorica Dancila said during a speech before the AIPAC conference in Washington on Sunday that her country intends to move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

The statement was strongly contradicted by the country’s president, who opposes the move and has a final say on foreign policy issues.

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President Klaus Iohannis called Dancila “ignorant” for making the statement, which had received strong applause from those attending the pro-Israeli conference.

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Jared Kushner and his friend Saudi crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, have been working closely together developing the “peace plan” between Palestine and Israel. This developing relationship between Israel and Saudi Arabia (Sunni) is leading to a coalition against Iran (Shiite). The present course considering the diplomacy going on between the US, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Iran is moving gradually towards war. The Saudi regime is going for a record year in executions with Jared Kushner’s friend – and Israel’s close partner – at the head of the House of Saud.

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