John Nelson Darby Weaponized Dispensationalism Creating Christian-Zionism

Ed. note: The case is growing against dispensationalists in America who are blindly fueling Israel’s lethal expansion and power. No better example of this is Vice President Mike Pence who is a toxic and potentially very dangerous creation of this biblical war narrative under Christian-Zionism originating from the devious psychopathic apocalyptic mind of John Nelson Darby. If Americans truly care about making “America great again”, then a concerted effort must be made to disengage theological schools in America from this deadly religious eschatology of Dispensationalism leading to Christian-Zionism. We as a people, a nation and a country need to collectively walk away from this disastrous abyss. Donald Trump isn’t coming to your rescue, only you can do that made all the more apparent with Trump’s obedience to Israel. Who wants a war over a temple?

Israel’s Stranglehold on American Politics

Top Israeli Rabbi Believes Trump Will Build Third Temple in Jerusalem

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As Israel’s power and territorial expansion increases under Benjamin Netenyahu turning to the far right to retain power, this will only encourage Christian-Zionists in America like John Hagee’s outfit CUI and theologian John Piper to pressure Jews to move to Israel escalating the potential for all out war in the region. War with Iran is moving closer as Israel expands its territory despite opposition. Americans are under “great mental and emotional distress” from these “addicts of Old Testament Judaism–the Torah-based roots of modern Jewish/Israeli terror and in particular, the Old Testament-based militarism”. Mike Pence will serve that toxic concoction up on a silver platter to Americans and make it sound as though it is an inspiration from God. This is the reason Pence was elected and positioned as vice president. If Trump is removed this lunatic Pence will become president, a move Israel’s Benjamin Netenyahu would welcome.

Donald Trump Says He ‘Called’ the Crash of mid-September 2008, But Here’s What Really Happened

Is a War with Iran on the Horizon?

Jews would be foolish to trust Mike Pence or the Christian right

TUT Broadcast March 10, 2019

Don’t be fooled again by these saprophytic politicians like Joe Biden, or with Pence’s position on Donald Trump…the warning here is to stop empowering these people like Mike Pence.


Source: Staś

The Bible commands war. The Bible is a book of Military victory stories.

By Staś

The Lord is a man of war

Exodus 15:3

It could be argued that the Christian West bases a lot of its thinking on a “sanitized” Version of the Old Testament. That is to say the violent and warlike narrative of the OT and turns it into inspirational material.

For instance Exodus 15:3   The Lord is a man of war I take this Bible verse to simply mean what it says. It is talking about a war god.

Christian scholars and teachers  worldwide would say  that is not what that means and they would give you a lesson on how this and everything

They turn the violence war, extreme cruelty and raw sexuality of the OT Bible into a clean set of stories for children and old women somehow.

It is understandable that a Christian would become hostile regarding any and all criticism of the OT. Because that is the teaching of the Christian churches.

Not to mention the constant barrage of attacks on them by liberals, atheist, Pagans, Wiccans and what have you. (Who we should note  attack only the “Christian” bible.)

So it is understandable that some people get offended when others attack them for a belief in god and that get defensive and defend all aspects of the Bible the Old and the New Testament combined.

However, let us set aside the emotion involved in that and look at the Bible’s secular function.

In my opinion as a manual to inspire its people to win in warfare. I don’t think any other culture has so many inspiring war stories.

Joseph  Campbell who studied all the myths and Religions of the world found them all to have something wonderful to offer except the OT. He is often called out as antisemitic.  Why?

That the main purpose of the Torah is to inspire its people to defeat all of their neighbors in warfare.

It is perhaps overly simplistic to say it this way but the Bible could be considered a  war storybook.

The key figures in the OT are warriors. King Solomon, King David, Moses and of course Gideon were all militaristic.

All of them offer stories to inspire the warrior to win.

In fact, these charters of the Bible inspire a form of pure militarism.

The reward is “the Promised Land”. the “Land of Milk and Honey” Of course this promised land would have to be taken militarily.

The Bible contains within  stories of  war that somehow the Christians have removed the blood  and guts from

If a student of the Bible wanted to give their Paster a hard time they may ask. Paster Bob. “What about God/Yahweh’s cruelty against the Midianites?”

Yes, Yahweh ordered Moses to kill all the Midianite men, boys, and little children, but to keep alive their virgin women for himself and his army. Kill all the people and take the women.

That would be something you promise your Army. The good book is a book of military propaganda.

But it is a lot worse it contains human sacrifice and Slavery. Yet, the Gentiles cover it up. They become entangled in endless and pointless emotional battles with non-believers.

The good book inspires victory without mercy.    There is missing within the Bible any military honor as the children of God do what it takes to win.

Please go to Staś to read the entire article.


Readers are highly encouraged to listen to this wise assessment given by Rick Wiles of TruNews exposing what has led to the dangerous teachings of John Nelson Darby and how those teachings have almost destroyed Christianity with a completely false and disastrous religious eschatology.

Today on TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles and Doc Burkhart examine modern-day Evangelicalism in America and compare it to the willful blindness of the teachers of the Law in Jesus’ day. Has the Church been hypnotized to believe a false narrative of DPPZism (Dispensational, Pre-Millennial, Pre-Tribulation, Zionism)? In this godcast, the case is made of the ongoing influence of John Nelson Darby and how his teachings have led prominent Christian leaders and millions of believers down a road of deception. Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart, Kerry Kinsey.

A critical examination of John Darby is required if you are a “Christian” after listening to Rick Wiles discussion in the above video clip.

Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary – CRITICAL BOOK REVIEW –For Zion’s Sake: Christian Zionism and the Role of John Nelson Darby by Paul Richard Wilkinson – by Darren M. Slade March 21, 2016


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