Jews Are Losing Control of the Narrative

Ed. note: Jews are losing control of the narrative. How do we know this? Because anyone who questions Israel and Jewish motives is an “antisemite.” It is deteriorating now to the point in America that Trump came out and said the Democrats have become “an anti-Jewish Party.” And in the UK Jews in the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn are harassing non-Jew labour activists. For kicks, now go over to the New York Times and notice the picture of US Attorney General William Barr. He is standing in front of who appears to be a Chabad Lubavitcher Rabbi as though Barr is consulting with him. What scares us is that now that Trump is losing credibility, the Ziocon empire will push the US into war. Don’t suppress this discussion or it will become like a pressure cooker and at some point explode. Is it any wonder Jews want their third temple built immediately, we’re headed towards apotheosis fast. Will the new biblical “Esther” get the job done for them?

Mr. Trump- Rebuild the Third Temple

The antisemitism bogey man:

The Media Smoothed the Path to British Soldiers Using Corbyn as Target Practice

Definition of antisemitism: A trigger word used to force Jews to Israel.

Source: E. Michael Jones

Some things never change do they? Hey, Kristol, got any logos?


Jewish Power Rolls Over Washington

Remove Trump? Nah. RussiaGate Was a Trojan Horse for Censorship All Along

What’s the connection to Google?

Leaked emails suggest Google is a leftist cult

Meet your masters:

With AIPAC in Town, US Elite Line Up to Pledge Loyalty to Jewish Power

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