Jewish Oligarch Tom Steyer Out to Get Trump

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Tom Steyer Calls for Trump Investigation, Ignores Own Ties to Russia

Climate activist Tom Steyer (photo via NextGen Climate)

March 01, 2017 • by Erin Mundahl

During the 2016 campaign, California billionaire Tom Steyer donated nearly $90 million to Democratic candidates but got a poor return on his investment. The very next morning, the Los Angeles Times began asking if he might be prepping for a gubernatorial run in 2018. Steyer has yet to make an official announcement on the race, but his poll numbers have hovered around 5 percent, 21 points behind the frontrunner. With the future of his potential candidacy looking rocky, Steyer opened up a new public relations front on Twitter. Steyer’s tweets ignore his own ties to Russia while calling for investigations into the Trump administration.’ Investigating the Trump administration for ties to Russia is one of Steyer’s favorite tweet topics. In the past week, he brought up Russia nearly every other day.

Steyer’s Twitter followers hear less about the billionaire’s own ties to Russia, where as the lead in hedge fund Farallon Capital Management, Steyer made millions from investments in petroleum companies. One of these investments involved dealing with a Russian energy czar who was a confidant of Vladimir Putin.

In the early 2000s, Farallon Capital Management, the firm where Steyer served as managing partner, invested in Geotech Services, one of the largest oilfield exploration companies in Russia. Geotech was one of the companies most responsible for the development of Russia’s energy resources in the post-Soviet period. In 2010, Farallon Capital sold a portion of its stake in Geotech Services to the Volga Group, a privately-held Russian investment group. The Volga Group specifically manages the consolidated assets of Gennady Timchenko, an associate of Putin who has been investigated for money laundering.

After the invasion of Crimea in 2014, the U.S. Treasury Department announced that it was placing sanctions on the Volga Group for “materially assisting, sponsoring, or providing financial, material, or technological support” to the Russian government. Steyer’s connections to the Volga Group and Timchenko, as well as Russian oil, were enough to spark a divestment campaign by college students whose university endowments invested with Steyer in 2004.

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Some of Steyer’s Farallon Capital investments are linked below. Something else is going on here considering Steyer’s father worked for the quintessential “deep state” law firm of Sullivan & Cromwell. That’s the same law firm the Dulles brothers slithered out of at the time of Kennedy’s administration. The CIA was alleged to have first spawned out of Sullivan & Cromwell. If anything, Steyer needs to be investigated for investing in Russian firms and possibly Israeli high tech firms that are transferring technology (American technology?) between Israel and Russia. This means that whatever is going on here with the “deep state” (the disappointing aspect about Peter Dale Scott’s work is he doesn’t look at Israel) and Trump, it is more than likely connected to Sullivan & Cromwell. Mentioning the “deep state” in the same breath without mentioning Israel is pointless.

Sullivan & Cromwell: The Dulles Brothers, Corporate Power and the Birth of the CIA

Jewish oligarchs like Steyer can buy off journalism with their “charitable works” foundations like Steyer’s TomKat Foundation. Those “biases” paid for through Steyer’s foundation are meant to protect Steyer’s personal and financial interests.

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TomKat Charitable Trust – Buying Bias

More money headed to Israel. This is what BDS is all about. Israel is afraid its spigot to technology and investment will be compromised. The more the attention is focused on Trump and Russia, the less attention is focused on Israel where it should be placed. Trump-hater Steyer definitely from the record plays by his own rules. What you would expect from an oligarch?

Leaked Memo: Tom Steyer Lied About Funding Take Down of ExxonMobil & Coal

As the following article is read readers may want to distinguish the fact that Rachel Maddow of MSNBC is Jewish which gives us a pretty clear indication why she deceived her audience.

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More unsavory political nastiness going on and it’s gong to get a whole lot worse.

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Hey readers, remember the BIRD? Take your eyes off Israel and keep them on Russia. Did you feed the BIRD? The Binational Fund did.

Binational Fund to Invest $7.3 Million in Joint US–Israeli Innovation Projects

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