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Israeli foreknowledge seems to come part and parcel with so-called “Islamic terror”. Remember on 9/11, at least TWO ISRAEL-BASED EMPLOYEES OF ODIGO received warnings of an imminent attack in New York City more than two hours before the first plane hit the WTC.

by Scott Creighton (H/T Jack)

Sometimes when someone lets the cat out of the bag a little bit, MSM reporters have to go back and fix the history of their articles, like Winston Smith did at the Ministry of Truth.

On Twitter, Jack pointed out one of these “fix it” moments at The Times of Israel. It seems they had an article which featured an interview with a French person of the Jewish persuasion saying they were warned the morning of the Paris attacks that something was likely to happen that day. They have since scrubbed that story to exclude that particular remark.

But thanks to Jack, we have a nice little screenshot of the original article and can compare it to the current version. The before and after photos are published here. Enjoy watching how prescient George Orwell was back in 1949.

Before (click on image for larger view):

After (the Ministry of Truth version):

You can tell the difference in the time frame of the before and after versions by looking at the shares and tweets in the social media sharing area. They didn’t change the time of posting, as if the new version was the original, but the social media section gives it away.

The Times of Israel says they edited the original post “for clarity”.

Combine this news with the fact that a mass casualty drill took place just hours before the shooting and you have an interesting expose on just how “surprising” the Paris attacks were to all sorts of Parisians.

Of course, Hollande was looking for a reason to step up attacks inside Syria the week before, as his one aircraft carrier was steaming toward the country.

And since Israel is the main recipient of that stolen oil from Syria that “ISIS” likes to sell on the cheap, I guess it makes sense they might know “ISIS’s” next big plan.


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9/11: Israel’s Grand Deception

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  • I wonder why she world reveal Serco with her record ? Perhaps caution is required with any info of hers . Lest we forget Abby Martin of Russia Today and her dramatic and totally staged attack on Russia that ended her RT career. Her statements about Russian involvement in Ukraine, the lines of tanks, the invading armies, now consigned to the trash heap of history as Kiev has descended into a brutal police state justifying its existence with continual imaginary invasion threats.

  • Centcom Emails Seized in ISIS Intel Doctoring Investigation
    Inquiry Grows Into Evidence of Bogus Reports
    by Jason Ditz, November 22, 2015
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    Pentagon officials have been tight-lipped in recent weeks about the status of an ongoing investigation into Centcom deliberately doctoring intelligence of the ISIS war to mislead policy makers about how the war was going. This weekend, it was revealed the probe has not only continued but is growing precipitously.

    The Pentagon’s Inspector General, in charge of the investigation, seized a massive number of Centcom emails from military computers, along with other documents related to the intelligence. The Inspector General has also added a significant number of new investigators to the once small inquiry.

    Reports on Centcom’s activities first emerged publicly back in August, when the Inspector General informed Congress that the intelligence they’d received on the ISIS war was likely “reworked” by senior officers to sound more upbeat than reality was.

    Complaints got to the Inspector General by way of the DIA, the Pentagon’s internal intelligence agency, as workers there complained that their reports and conclusions on the ISIS war were taken by Centcom, and the conclusions totally rewritten before being passed on to Congress and the White House. They said Centcom had made it clear to them that bad news “wasn’t welcome” in their reports.

    Centcom officials have offered a mixed array of public statements on the matter, with some denying any edits were made and others insisting that since the ISIS war is in their theater of operations they were permitted to change the intelligence to say whatever they wanted.