Israel-Iran Rivalry Is Fake

Ed. note: First up, a refresher. Then onto the news. News that actually means something way more significant when observed in the context of history, mostly because nothing happens by coincidence. Anyone for some real American issues getting distracted into non-issues, a non-world and a non-existent harmony? “Non-existent harmony?” That wouldn’t be like Harrison Ford pontificating on the need to move on global warming would it? Yuri Bezmenov will have some great examples for us as ruling political dynasties control America for their own ends.

Need an example of what Yuri Bezmenov was specifically talking about in that short clip? Sorry, a review of the preceding interview with Yuri Bazmenov is required before you can continue. Think hard now? Yes, that’s right, David Icke. Not American yes, but there are enough Americans looking to Icke and others for their world view. It’s like going to an Indian guru to “seek harmony” while the guru charges you $500 per session.

We’ve come up with the probably the best Soviet yet in America that Yuri Bezmenov talks about in his interview. If anyone has been to this politician’s political rallies where all those Americans are screaming and chanting, “Bernie, Bernie, Bernie“, they might have gone to see some Indian guru for “balance” and non-existent harmony.

Bernie “the Soviet” Sanders

The Magic Socialist

Now on to the news as we see the beginning outlines taking shape of cooperation between Israel, China, Iran and Russia, while America increasingly gets shoved off to the side. US leadership probably sees itself now in its last act of defiance in the initial stages of possibly attacking Venezuela. Hassan Rouhani is an Iranian politician serving as the current and seventh President of Iran since 3 August 2013. During the 1990s Hassan Rouhani was a post-graduate student at Glasgow Caledonian University. Hassan Rouhani holds dual nationality citizenship in Iran and in the UK. It is probably more than likely Hassan Rouhani maintains contact with high level British diplomats including Jack Straw and Lord Levene for Iran’s future direction.

Hassan Rouhani

When Hassan Rouhani goes to work he attends cabinet meetings and meets with the Iranian Parliament inside this building with 33 windows.

Well, as they say, welcome to the brotherhood. Archive footage of President of Iran Hassan Rouhani receiving his doctorate from Glasgow Caledonian University in 1999 titled something ending with the “Iranian experience.” Does anyone wonder for a moment whether or not Hassan Rouhani hung out with Jack Straw and Lord Levene while he was in Britain? Hey Jack, feel any winds of change? Maybe that “wind” is blowing in from Israel? Mahmoud Ahmadinejad reached out and he did it legitimately, but it was said by no doubt UK sources, that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad “kept Iran isolated.”

He reached out to Egypt, Hamas and Saudi Arabia but apparently at the time, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad reached out to the wrong people. And has anyone taken a good look at Hassan Rouhani’s cabinet? Iran’s presidential cabinet has more members with PhDs from American universities than the U.S. cabinet. Iran is accused of running terrorist plots all over the place in the Middle East and Iran’s cabinet is loaded with cabinet members holding PhDs from American universities?

Probably won’t be any surprise to learn that Iran banks through Switzerland to get around US sanctions. The British are concerned about what is going on inside Iran using the “nuclear program” as the pretext to coordinate with Israel on Iran’s activities. Truth be known, the vast majority of the Iranian people could care less about Israel, the tension is only maintained superficially as increased activity will be going on to bring Israel, Iran, China and Russia closer together for their respective roles in building out China’s Belt & Road Initiative. What will Russia be testing out as it goes off the internet temporarily? New cybersecurity systems?

Israel Will Never Do Harm to ‘Friendly Iranian People’ – Ex-Diplomat

Pro-diplomacy groups urge Congress to rein in Trump’s hawkish Iran policy

Russia is going to disconnect itself from the global internet–temporarily

Source: Sputnik News

Two Rivals, One Bloc: Analyst on How Israel, Iran Will Work With Russia-Led EAEU

February 19, 2019

Israel, one of Washington’s key allies in the Middle East, refused to impose anti-Russian sanctions and is seeking to sign a free trade agreement with the Russia-led Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), Israeli publicist Avigdor Eskin told Sputnik, explaining how Iran’s plans to ink a similar pact with the bloc may affect Tel Aviv.

Israel’s free-trade agreement (FTA) with the Russia-led Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) is likely to become a focal point of the upcoming talks between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, scheduled for 21 February in Moscow, says Avigdor Eskin, sn Israeli publicist and political analyst.

“Israel is one of the world leaders in the areas of high-tech, intelligence, military, agriculture and medicine. We can offer our partners in the Eurasian Economic Union best products,” Eskin stressed.

In April 2018 Tel Aviv resumed negotiations with Russia on free trade with the EAEU which initially started in October 2015, nine months after the bloc’s official establishment on 1 January 2015. According to the Israeli publicist, this development “is very natural”.

“There are around million and a half Russian speaking Israelis today,” Eskin pointed out. “Many of them are very successful in the areas of high-tech, science, arts. And they are very successful also in politics. For example, the current Knesset speaker, Yuli Edelstein, won the first place in the primaries of the Likud list for the next elections. He is a former resident of Moscow, former prisoner of Zion and his father is a Russian Orthodox priest until this very day in Kostroma area”.

“Check, how many daily flights are between Moscow and Tel-Aviv,” Eskin remarked. “Therefore this is only natural to strengthen and develop these ties. I also want to mention a great job on this matter of Russian ambassador to Israel Anatoly Viktorov”.

When asked whether the US had signaled displeasure over Tel Aviv’s negotiations with the Russia-led bloc, the commentator stressed that “there has been no sign of any dissatisfaction from Washington so far”.

Please go to Sputnik to read the entire article.


The limits of Russo-Israeli cooperation

Iran fights to get around US sanctions in Iraq, Turkey, Russia and Syria

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was the last chance for any meaningful cooperation between Sunni and Shiite in the region. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was surrounded with criminals and under his presidency there were constant bombings, internal attacks and Iran’s nuclear facilities were hacked into. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad went to Egypt in 2013 and attempted realigning Egypt and Iran in the first visit of a high ranking Iranian since 1975. The Israel government keeps their population in line with constant threats Iran will attack Israel. And that includes Hezbollah complete with their extended right hand “Nazi” salute and goose stepping.

It now looks as if China, Israel, Russia and Iran are working together towards Israel’s Greater Israel Project and China’s Belt & Road Initiative. Without the constant military threats between Israel and Iran the military technology cannot continue to be developed. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was actually a pretty cool humble guy who thought he could bring reconciliation to the region. Reconciliation? Are you nuts? Nobody profits from reconciliation, so let’s just keep the threats coming. And those threats include those nasty Iranian drone attacks over Israel. Good shooting, Israel. Mr. Zarif, is this your drone? That’s some technology you have there Iran. The US is preparing the check book for another $3 billion this year for Israel’s defense. Have a look at China’s new fighter while considering the ramifications of all this with no country achieving parity (“game theory is a bitch“).

Hassan Nasrallah about Hezbollah’s Precision Missiles: Netanyahu is Lying to his People

Chinese Jet Shows X-Ray Vision System Only Seen on US Jets

Saudi Arabia plans to introduce Chinese into the curriculum at all education levels

A lot of blustering going on, even Pat Buchanan is starting to think war is coming with Iran as Israel preps their expensive F35s. So while these countries are all pelting big rocks at each other in public, there is actually high level coordination going on to build out the technology and military hardware. How is Iran receiving the technology? Simple. It receives a data link maybe from Israel on a US drone to shoot it down using a “glitch in the navigation system” as the offical reason. Lockheed Martin was fairly pleased with the “shoot down” of this advanced US drone, they get a new contract to develop an even more advanced drone.

So what might be going on here? It very well could be to destroy Saudi Arabia and the gulf states to force them into a deal with Israel which is already happening. So the Russians and the Iranians are threatening the region while Trump says he is withdrawing. This leaves Saudi Arabia wondering what they are going to do forcing them to make a deal with Israel. Maybe we will see Iran get pushed back within its boundaries concerning Trump’s “hawkish policies” towards Iran in the article linked above? Israel will then move its Greater Israel Project all the way to the Euphrates while Iran will work with all the stan countries for China’s Belt & Road Initiative. There will be nothing left of Syria and Iraq when this is over, both countries will be left completely shattered.

Saudi/Bahraini FM’s dodge reporters after first-ever public meeting with Israeli PM – English subs

Israeli companies talking to Saudi Arabia about $500b. ‘Smart City’

Ever think very seriously where Israel has received all of its military technology to achieve its total military dominance in the region? Watch this short clip pulled out of YouTube randomly, then go to the links below to start putting together what’s been happening for the past 60 years or so in America. It goes back even before the 1980s with Yuri Bezmenov’s discussion above on how the Americans have been neutralized. The guy doing this video clip forgot to include where Israel has obtained all its technology from. As far as Israel is concerned, this isn’t about “terrorism”, this is ultimately about economic and social control.

When the Technology is In Place Then We Will Have Our Holy War

Last Country to be Removed from the Chessboard: Iran – Russia and Israel Coordinating in Syria – Greater Israel Project and China Belt & Road

Dual-Use Technology Transfers Through a “Chain of Investment Holding Companies”


Netanyahoo Asks Arabs to “Advance The Common Interest Of War With Iran”

Last Country to be Removed from the Chessboard: Iran – Russia and Israel Coordinating in Syria – Greater Israel Project and China Belt & Road

Zionists Playing Islamophobia and Anti-Islamophobia Groups – Linda Sarsour – George Soros Backing

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