Israel Hatzolah’s Bataclan Shock-Photo

Carnage at the Bataclan: the Shock-Photo Was Posted from Jerusalem

December 15, 2015

SCOOP. Panamza has traced the origin of the controversial photograph of the Bataclan victims. Surprise, surprise: this shot was leaked by an organization based in Israel and headed by an American neoconservative.


Sunday, November 15, there was turmoil on social media networks. Many users of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram had been outraged by the publication of a shock-photo: that supposed to represent a score of bodies strewn across the floor of the Bataclan and cut down by the terrorist attack committed two days earlier. The national police and Christiane Taubira had reacted immediately.

Christiane Taubira @ChTaubira

“I learned of the posting of images of bodies. I appeal for respect of the dignity of the deceased people, of their families.”

National Police @PNationale

Out of respect for the victims and their families, don’t contribute to the posting of the photos of the crime scenes. #ParisAttack #shooting

Relayed by the foreign press, this image was further the subject of commentary in France without its being published. One could thus learn that the Ministry of the Interior had demanded – beginning November 15 and by judicial requisition – its removal from Facebook and Twitter.

Problem: NO media from the traditional press tried to learn more about the origin of the photo. On the contrary: in concert with the government and the police, the majority of licensed journalists and editorialists contented themselves with denouncing the posting of the image, without undertaking the slightest attempt at decrypting the genesis of its propagation.

Take the example of Adrien Sénécat, formerly with L’Express and editor of the site Buzzfeed. In his article, the young man concentrates, like his colleagues, on the inconvenience of contacting the moderators of social networks and deleting the photo, without ever considering its exact origin.

It was nevertheless possible to track its history, especially when one is supposed to do one’s job in online journalism.

Panamza attempted to solve this mystery, step by step.

On November 15, the British daily The Telegraph specifies that this photo was published on Twitter by Bart Nijman, Dutch and Islamophobic blogger.

By checking his Twitter account, the tweet in question is easily accessible.

One can thus note the exact moment of its publication: 10:35.

Let us recall that the majority of French journalists indicated – incorrectly – that “the shot appeared Sunday afternoon on Twitter”.

Let us go further: in the “comments” section of his tweet, Bart Nijman was asked by many people – including journalists – about the origin of the photo. After having settled for stating he found it on “the internet”, the man finally revealed to the reporter Bosch van Rosenthal (alias @eelcobvr) the source of its publication:

Name of the account: “Israel News Feed” run by “@IsraelHatzolah”.


At precisely 9:51, about 40 minutes before the Dutch blogger, this account had been, in reality, the first on the Web to post the photograph.

On its Twitter homepage, this account – which, curiously, published its exclusive photo without including its own name, thus facilitating its collection by anyone – indicates it is “affiliated with United Hatzalah” – an Israeli NGO that collaborates fully with the army.

And who heads – on the international level – this paramedical organization?

The American Mark Gerson.

His characteristics?

Admirer of the Republican ex-President George Walker Bush, this New Yorker is a star figure in neoconservative circles whose drive for geopolitical domination is centered on the Washington–Tel Aviv axis.

Key detail: Gerson was the executive director of a well-known think tank named Project for the New American Century. This ultra-rightwing organization (that was present in the Bush Administration and that played a major role in the manipulation of 9/11 against Saddam Hussein) was itself based on the framework of a memorandum commissioned in 1996 by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and destined to develop a Middle Eastern strategy in favor of Israeli interests.

As of now, it remains to be discovered in detail what route was taken by this photograph designed to strike terror – and whose authenticity is much debated on foreign forums – to turn up in the account of a webmaster based in Jerusalem.

No surprise, in any case, that the Jewish Defense League – a small group connected with similar networks of the Israeli far right – had posted the shot immediately afterward on its site.

Without incurring – evidently – the wrath of Bernard Cazeneuve, Minister of the Interior especially complaisant toward the schemes of the Zionist movement and those of its operational arm in France: the Mossad.

Every citizen reflexively resistant to the theory – though corroborated by numerous historical precendents – of an Israeli attack committed in the heart of Paris under an Islamic false flag should remember the statement by one of the foremost experts on the secrets of the Fifth Republic: the former Minister of Foreign Affairs Roland Dumas.

“The Israelis do what they want in France and mobilize the intelligence police as they see fit in the name of ancient practices.”

Update of November 13, 2017: the article above led me to become the subject – on February 22, 2016 – of a wrongful detention in police custody for 7 hours.

Hicham Hamza


Brussels Attacks: the Israeli Witness Is from the Group That Posted the Bataclan Shock-Photo

March 25, 2016

INFO PANAMZA. The Israeli who captured a video of the passengers confined in Brussels Airport is part of United Hatzalah, an organization – connected with Mossad – that was the first to post the photograph of the Bataclan carnage.

{Introductory warning: the “coincidence theorists” will not miss the chance to bark on social media networks by denouncing a so-called “conspiracy theory” in the lines that will follow…}

Tuesday, March 22, at “10:00” French time, two hours after the explosions that occurred at Brussels Airport, an Israeli organization – named United Hatzalah – posted this tweet:

In it is reported a statement made by Yaakov Yeret, presented as an EMT (emergency medical technician), who – present at Brussels Airport – tells of having been “praying at the synagogue [when] we felt the explosion”.

To an Israeli television station, he also made it known that the sound of the first explosion was “familiar” to him as an Israeli. In an Orthodox Jewish community media outlet (VIN News), Yeret – presented as a United Hatzalah “volunteer” on his way from Israel to the United States – explained that he and his colleagues “were assisting paramedics who came to treat the injured”.

Moreover, he sent to the online media outlet his own video captured from the holding center for the surviving passengers.

Ichud Hatzolah Vol. at Brussels Airport

The singular interest of this testimony?

It is the second time that the name of this Israeli organization (United Hatzalah, “Ichud Hatzalah” in Hebrew, literally “United in Rescue”) appears in relation with jihadist attacks committed on European soil.

The first illustration had been revealed by Panamza – on December 15 – in an investigation dedicated to the origin of the posting of the Bataclan shock-photo.

And guess who attended – two days before the Brussels attacks – the AIPAC conference, well-known annual meeting in Washington of the nebulous Zionist International?

A certain Mark Gerson, neocon boss of United Hatzalah, as this tweet by Dov Maisel, director of international operations, illustrates.

The “head” of the francophone division of United Hatzalah, named Jonathan Chiche, recently congratulated himself, moreover, on the donation of “a half-million dollars” to his organization by Donald Trump, ultra-zionist candidate for the White House.

Hatzalah, les secours au plus près des drames

Les secouristes Hatzalah racontent l’attentat de Jérusalem

Binyamin Netanyahou appelle à soutenir Hatzalah

Detail to underline: the Facebook page of “Hatzalah France” paid a glowing tribute, on Thursday, March 17, to “a hero of Israel, strong supporter of Hatzalah, and member of the international committee of United Hatzalah”: the deceased Meir Dagan, longstanding “war criminal” become the director – from 2002 to 2010 – of the Mossad.

Reminder: the designation of United Hatzalah as being the organization at the origin of the propagation of the Bataclan shock-photo led the author of these lines to be taken into police custody.


“I’m Safe”: the Facebook Tool Was Developed by an Israeli from Military Intelligence

November 17, 2015

On the night of the 13th to 14th of November, Facebook deployed its “Safety Check” tool on the Paris area.

More than 4 million users had thus indicated via the social network that they were safe after the terrorist attacks. 360 million people later received an automatic message concerning their friends.

This app – previously tested during earthquakes but used here for the first time in relation to an attack – was developed in the Israeli office of the Facebook enterprise, based in Tel Aviv.

The identity of the developer (whose blue-white-red photo comes from his Facebook account)?

Ro’i Tiger, founder of the controversial app Onavo (vacuum for private data), graduate of the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya (a recruiting base for the Israeli secret services), and ex-soldier trained within the elite Unit 8200 (formidable installation of the Israeli army dedicated to cyberwar and hacking).





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