Israel Chooses Nikki Haley for President in 2020

Ed.’s note: But, but Nikki, there is ongoing increasing technological exchange and investment between Israel and China. No “Israeli bashing”, Nikki, we just want to know how the most technologically advanced country in the world like America, that was once capable of producing technological advances such as the SR71 and Boeing Aircraft, to a backwards dysfunctional third rate manufacturing country compared to Israel (the “start-up nation”) which has become a technological-military juggernaut?

Trump’s US-China Trade War Designed to Strengthen Israel and China?

U.S. Senate Warns Israel Over Deepening Ties With China, Citing ‘Serious Security Concerns’


Source: The State

Nikki Haley is one of the most admired women in America, study says

By Emily Bohatch | July 19, 2019

[Video above] Former South Carolina Gov. and current United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley was named the 2018 Citizen of the Carolinas on Tuesday, November 27, 2018 in Charlotte, NC. Haley expressed her love for the two Carolinas during her acceptance speech. By Jeff Siner

Nikki Haley was named one of the most admired women in America, according to a new study by market research group YouGov.

The former South Carolina Governor and U.N. Ambassador ranked at No. 9 in the study, joining the ranks of women like Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Queen Elizabeth II and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The annual study is conducted by YouGov by collecting nominations from panelists from 41 countries, according to the study’s methodology. A month later, YouGov used the nominations to create a list of popular figures, which they used to ask participants who they admired most.

The most admired woman in the United States was Michelle Obama, a spot she claimed in 2018 as well. The most admired man was Barack Obama.

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Source: Global Research

Israel’s Choice for U.S. President

Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley is the most ardently pro-Zionist GOP politician and surely Israel’s Choice for president.

By Philip Giraldi | Global Research | July 19, 2019

In late June, President Donald Trump flailed away with his own particular brand of nondiplomacy at the G20 Summit in Japan, but it is worthwhile noting on the plus side that his administration is so inept that it could not even plan and execute a proper coup in Venezuela. Nor has it been able to concoct sufficient lies about Iran effective enough to create a casus belli and unleash the B-52s. There is a certain comfort in knowing that the United States is now governed by the Three Stooges—”Larry” Trump, “Moe” Pompeo, and “Curly” Bolton—which means that starting new wars might just be beyond their cognitive ability to make mischief.

The real irony is that stupidity is both bipartisan and contagious in the federal government. The Democrats have not quite figured out that instead of playing identity politics, talking about reparations, gay rights, “undocumented migrants,” and free college, they should instead be discussing more important issues, notably the impending nuclear holocaust being stumbled into by the Trumpsters, which just might bring to an end life on this planet as we know it.

A college friend recently asked me what my nightmare scenario for a totally dysfunctional foreign and national security policy might be. I responded without thinking that it really is all about war and peace, that the worst case would be the impeachment of a bumbling Trump and his replacement by a much more capable and vicious Vice President Mike Pence, who actually wants to end the world so he can be raptured up to heaven.

But my answer was wrong. Trump is unlikely to be impeached by a Senate in which the GOP holds a majority, so Pence’s ascent to the throne is not currently plausible unless the president suffers a cardiac arrest after ingesting too many cheeseburgers. The real danger is what comes after Trump, in 2024. The preferred candidate by Israel and its lobby, and therefore the prohibitive favorite, is Trump’s former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley. If you think Trump is blindly and blatantly pro-Israel at the expense of American interests, just wait until you see Haley’s naked self-interest at work.

Haley resigned from her position at the UN last October. Like many others in the foreign policy establishment, she was all for Israel because she understood that leaning that way provided instant access to money and plenty of positive press coverage. Completely ignorant of possible consequences, she declared that Washington was “locked and loaded,” prepared to exercise lethal military options against Syria and its Russian and Iranian allies, seen as enemies by Israel. Immediately upon taking office at the United Nations she complained that “nowhere has the UN’s failure been more consistent and more outrageous than in its bias against our close ally Israel” and vowed that the “days of Israel bashing are over.” Not surprisingly, she was greeted by rounds of applause and cheering when she spoke at the annual meeting of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) last March, saying, “When I come to AIPAC I am with friends.” Nikki Haley for President? “So it’s Israel All the Way for Haley

Haley’s embrace of Israeli points of view was unrelenting, including blocking any investigation of the Israeli army’s slaughter of unarmed Palestinian demonstrators in Gaza. She also led the effort to cut funds going to the agency providing critical food and medical assistance to millions of Palestinian refugees. In February 2017, she blocked the appointment of former Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad to a diplomatic position at the United Nations because he was a Palestinian. In a congressional hearing she was asked about the decision:

“Is it this administration’s position that support for Israel and support for the appointment of a well-qualified individual of Palestinian nationality to an appointment at the UN are mutually exclusive?”

Haley responded yes, that the administration is “supporting Israel” by blocking every Palestinian.

Not surprisingly, Haley consistently took a hard line against Iran, aggressively supporting Trump’s abrogation of the agreement to control its nuclear weapons, and she famously warned that Washington would be “taking names” of countries that don’t support its agenda in the Middle East. If Haley were a recruited agent of influence for the Israeli Mossad she could not have been more cooperative than she apparently was voluntarily.

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Thursday, July 18, 2019 – How to Confront an Advancing Threat From China – Getting Tough on Trade Is Just the First Step by Nikki Haley

Yup, definitely Nikki Haley in 2020. So, who is going to vote? Nothing like a woman’s touch.

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