Is someone hacking our 7th Fleet? Navy to investigate after USS John S McCain collision

Source: Fox News

By Edmund DeMarche • August 22, 2017

A top U.S. Navy admiral on Monday called for a swift and thorough investigation into Monday’s collision of the USS John S. McCain into an oil tanker near Singapore– marking the second deadly mishap that occurred in the Pacific in the past three months.

Adm. John Richardson ordered an operational pause in all the fleets around the world  while the Navy works to determine the factors behind the collision. Richardson tweeted that the Navy will conduct a wide investigation, including a review into the possibility of “cyber intrusion or sabotage.”

Adm. Phil Davidson, the head of the Navy’s Fleet Forces, will lead the investigation.

Richardson made clear that there is no evidence of a hacking at this point, but some cyber experts have raised to possibility given the location of the warships.

Jeff Stutzman, an ex-information warfare specialist in the Navy who works at a cyber threat intelligence company, told McClatchy that “there’s something more than just human error going on.”

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