Is RCMP Alert to “Spectre” Threats of an Attack on Justin Trudeau and the UN Climate Conference in Paris?

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LEAKED: Internal RCMP Document Names “Violent Anti-Petroleum Extremists” Threat to Government and Industry 

By Carol Linnitt • Tuesday, February 17, 2015

An internal Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) document (provided in full below) warns “violent anti-petroleum extremists” driven by an “anti-petroleum ideology” pose a criminal threat to Canada’s oil and gas industry. The document, reported on today by the Globe and Mail, reveals growing concern within the RCMP about opponents of pipelines or fracking and “violent aboriginal extremists,” suggesting they have the ability to incite criminal activity across the country.

Yet representatives from Canada’s broad environmental movement say the document is another example of the Harper government’s efforts to criminalize legitimate civil dissent such as peaceful climate activism and pipeline opposition.

The document, a Critical Infrastructure Intelligence Assessment report from early 2014 originally obtained by Greenpeace, provides “intelligence and/or information” that “may be used to assist in the protection of Canada’s [critical infrastructure],” such as pipelines and other oil and gas infrastructure. In recent years, discussion of Canada’s critical infrastructure (CI) has shifted from a focus on digital and electricity networks to energy-related infrastructure.

The RCMP intelligence report suggests growing opposition movements against pipelines should be seen and treated as criminal security threats although groups mentioned in the report are quick to point out the document fits into a much larger strategy, led by the Harper government, to beat back pipeline or oilsands opponents.

“This is absolutely the criminalization of peaceful protest,” Keith Stewart from Greenpeace Canada, one of the groups named in the document, said.

“The striking thing is that the U.S. has identified climate change as one of the greatest threats to national security, yet here in Stephen Harper’s Canada it is the people trying to stop climate change that are identified as the threat.”

Stewart pointed out that in 2012, the Harper government called people concerned about climate change ‘radicals’ and ‘money-launderers.’

“And now we are being called ‘anti-petroleum extremists,'” Stewart lamented.

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  • Ex-PM Stephen Harper (don't let the door hit your fat gay ass on the way out) and so-called "anti-petroleum extremists" (i.e. Big Oil provocateurs and dupes) are guzzling from the same trough. The name of the game is energy monopolism (Rothschild, Rockefeller, Bronfman… the usual slimy suspects). A number of the more rational greens in Canada are calling for refining facilities to be built at the Alberta oil sands. What a concept! National energy self-sufficiency! Everybody should try it. And let's free up those suppressed energy patents and get innovating while we're at it.

    We're nowhere near peak oil – in fact, it is a fraudulent concept – but we may be at peak bankster….

  • Thats right radicals paid by big oil to keep the profits high , they dont come any bigger than Rockefeller in oil . You never hear the idiots say a word about CHEMTRAILS because it was them at the UN who pushed it . They took over the real enviroment movement who lost its way and got too power mad .

  • Greenpeace has to be an intel mob , they get away with everrything even in Russia , tell me anyone who could take the French intel to court and win ?? No one except another more powerful intel operation . yOU COULDNT BUY THE AMOUNT OF PR THEY GET . = CDP .

  • GOOD TRICK THEY LEAK THEN Trudeau Instructs Minister of National Revenue to Free Charities from Political Harassment

    Environmental and left-leaning charities can breath a sigh of relief now that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has instructed Minister of National Revenue Diane Lebouthillier to modernize Canada’s archaic charity law and clarify rules around allowable “political activity.” , GOT TO BE RIGGED .

    The ministry should “allow charities to do their work on behalf of Canadians free from political harassment,” Trudeau wrote in a ministerial mandate letter Friday, “with an understanding that charities make an important contribution to public debate and public policy.”

    The new mandate signals a remarkable change in tone from the at times aggressive stance of the former government.

    In 2012 the Harper government allocated $13.4 million to the Canada Revenue Agency for the audit of charities to determine if groups were in violation of rules that limit their spending on “political activity” to 10 per cent of resources. The program also instituted new reporting for charities receiving foreign funding.

  • Bad as Harper migght have been at least he had the radicals pegged right . They are economic terrorists paying no tax via non profits demanding more taxes off evrryone else, with Goldman SACHS THE LEADER .

  • American Journalist Serena Shim murdered for exposing the Turkish government assisting ISIS with munitions supplies through UN World Food Program. In this video Luke RudkowskI in Lima, Peru exclaims US under-reporting and censoring exposure of this assassination.

    American Journalist Murdered By Western Ally For Exposing ISIS Ties


  • You have to know the End Game of the Fat Controllers in order to understand what is going on. They are aiming for techno-feudalism, which means they do not want the serfs to have a modern economy, so they must make the abundant oil and gas reserves off-limits to us. Hence the genocidal environmental movement with their fake AGW scam and overpopulation lie. Think Al Gore and Gaia worship.

    Check out Constance Cumbey's work to see where this is going. Berit Kjos also has a great website covering both political and spiritual sides of globalism. For make no mistake, we are in a spiritual struggle, as Field McConnell points out.